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All About Selecting An Indian Designer Gown Online

By Nikunj Vaghassiya 14 days ago 32 Views No comments

When it comes to selecting the best wardrobe options for any occasion, we Indians are blessed to have a plethora of options available to us that range from suits and sarees to designer gowns and dresses. Even though the idea of wearing a designer gown to an Indian function may seem a bit odd, a lot of Indian designers have given it an Indo-western look, and therefore, make it an ideal and classy dress that you can wear in every Indian function. A designer dressing gown is the latest and most trendy version that the majority of Indian women choose to wear to various functions. Not only do these gowns give a chic look, but they are also very comfortable for women to roam around without worrying about their saree pleats!

Make Fashion Statement With Anarkali Suits

By Nikunj Vaghassiya 16 days ago 29 Views No comments

Whenever you think about wearing Indian wear, your mind will stumble upon wearing the ever graceful Anarkali Suits. Amongst all the Indian outfits, the Anarkali dress is a statement worthy of ethnic attire. This statement piece is popular amongst most of the celebrities and fashionistas because of its iconic, modern, and designer look. You will get to spot various fashionistas and movie actresses wearing Anarkali suits, making this piece even trendier amongst the other women. Since every woman wants to own this stunning piece, it is important to know about styling it and making it a fashion statement. This enchanting suit has intricate detailing and elegant artwork and comes in different designs and styles to suit the different needs of women.

Designer Sarees - An Essential Part Of Women’s Wardrobe

By Nikunj Vaghassiya 20 days ago 46 Views No comments

Sarees have been known to be women’s favorite because of the endless styling possibilities they come with. You could drape them in so many ways and have a new ensemble ready in no time. All it takes to do that, is the perfect saree and a little bit of styling. Designer sarees especially enhance these styling possibilities because of their prominence of design and the work done on them. Reputed global designers today are experimenting with the drape of a saree and how it could be the revolutionizing factor in the fashion world.

Tips For Choosing The Perfect Salwar Kameez Suit For Different Occasions

By Nikunj Vaghassiya 22 days ago 55 Views No comments

Salwar Kameez suits are a wardrobe staple designed for women for a very long time. The salwar kameez suits were introduced in India and Pakistan during the late 12th century. The suit is influenced by Mongolian and Persian styles. Salwar suits are the ethnic go-to wear regardless of the occasion. You can find a wide range of salwar suits online that are made of different materials ranging from cotton, brocade, velvet, satin, polyester, chiffon, crepe, georgette, and silk. Make sure you choose the right Indian salwar kameez, that will bring out your desi avatar and make you look stunning.

How to Select The Perfect Lehenga Choli According to Your Body Type

By Nikunj Vaghassiya 26 days ago 58 Views No comments

Every bride dream of looking gorgeous on her special day. Women begin planning their perfect lehenga choli months in advance! Whether you are attending a wedding or planning your own, with wedding season right around the corner it is time to start looking for the best lehenga designs. While we often spend days and months searching for the lehenga blouse with the perfect colour, patchwork, embroidery, and make it, we do not always consider if we are choosing one that best fits our body.

10 Stylish Party Wear Saree Blouse Designs That Will Amaze You

By Nikunj Vaghassiya 2 months ago 121 Views No comments

Partywear saree blouse designs are as important as the saree you drape. While your draping style can completely transform your outfit, the blouse plays an equally important role. Each day, fashion experts at Kreeva work to bring new designs to your doorstep. Match the party wear saree with a designer blouse from the latest collection and look your stunning self wherever you go. It is a tried and tested solution to keep all eyes on you. With these easy ideas up your sleeves, feel more comfortable and stylish.

Beautiful Wedding Salwar Kameez Suits to Wear For Marriage

By Nikunj Vaghassiya 2 months ago 99 Views No comments

Marriage is the most exciting part of a woman's life. It is the most beautiful moment as they begin a new journey with their significant other. It is only natural that women take the utmost care in curating their wedding look. From the bridal makeup to the attire, everything is chosen with the minutest detail in mind.

Interesting Facts About the Evolution Of Anarkali Suit

By Nikunj Vaghassiya 2 months ago 98 Views No comments

Anarkali suit first became popular in Mughal's ancient times, and it got its name from Anarkali, a renowned Mughal Empire courtesan. As it evolved, floor-length mid-length Anarkali’s became popular. Its demand eventually grows and is one of Salwar Kameez's most common style garments. It is popular because of its long and flowing kurta that completes any woman's look in an elegant way. Legends say Anarkali has dazzled everybody, particularly Prince Salim, but their story is tragically ending. But her love is immortalized, and that is the beginning of the pattern of Anarkali suit. Women in the Mughal Era wore this suit because it's made of luxurious fabric clothing as it has the power to enhance their beauty.

Lehenga Cholis the First Choice for the Indian Women

By Nikunj Vaghassiya 2 months ago 36 Views No comments

The lehenga choli is one of the most stunning outfits that Indian women wear on multiple occasions. One of the best choices for festivals and Indian weddings, ladies love to twirl in the flowy skirts and shimmery blouses. Kreeva is the best place for lehenga choli online shopping, where you can find many colors, patterns, sizes, and price tags. The simple motto is that there is something for every buyer. Continue reading ahead to know the latest lehenga choli that you can buy.

Best Tips to Select The Stylish Dress for This Eid 2020

By Nikunj Vaghassiya 2 months ago 78 Views No comments

Eid is the perfect time to wear new clothes and look your best. After a month-long of daily fasts, Eid is the day when you can relish delicacies and try out stylish Eid dresses. But picking an outfit can be quite confusing with so many trending options. With Ramadan ending, you look forward to parties, feasts, and stunning fashion wear. Shop for perfect ethnic wear outfits, Iftar dresses, and more. Grab your chance of celebrating and enjoying Ramzan to the fullest. Continue reading ahead to find out the top tips on how to choose the latest Eid outfit and show off your style during Ramzan.