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Diwali, the festival of lights, signifies upcoming happiness and prosperity in your home. Be it at home or work, besides indulging in feasts and creating memorable moments, dressing up for celebration is also inevitable to enjoy the exuberance of Diwali. And what would be better than the Diwali Lehenga choli that oozes the Indian ethnic-cultural vibe?

Are you searching for a distinguished Diwali lehenga online to flaunt this festival season? You may want to bookmark this blog. Diwali shopping for clothes has never been easy, especially when it comes to traditional attires. From playing safe to going out, read on to take inspiration on pulling off your poise look with a charming collection of outfits.

Tips For Selecting the Best Lehenga Choli Design

Best Lehenga Choli Design

From our perspective, the lehenga choli for women is the most eloquent way to express femininity and fashion. The outfit makes women proud of the rich Indian culture. Nonetheless, choosing the one for you could be a bit of a complex task. Here we have listed some basic tips to bring out the best in you.

  • Focus on fabric – The fabric of your Diwali special lehenga choli is the primary thing since it decides your comfort level. The choices are endless, from silk and net to georgette and raw silk. Furthermore, you should also take into account weather conditions and your body type.
  • Know your body shape – Before deciding on the designer lehenga, you should understand your body type to make an appropriate choice. For instance, if you have an hourglass body type, A-line and mermaid lehenga will be flattering options. On the other hand, a saree-style lehenga will make a round body shape visually rhythmic.
  • Concentrate on color – Another primary thing to look out for in Diwali lehengas is the color combination. Dark and rich colors, including red, deep blue, maroon, and black suitable for grand celebrations, while natural colors like pink, blue, white, and beige have opted for the minimalistic look.
  • Emphasize Embroidery – The next factor to focus on while choosing a Diwali lehenga online is its embroidery and embellishment work. A heavily embroidered lehenga will give you a regal look. While sticking to the simple embellishment details will add charm and grace to the entire outfit.
  • Welcome the WOW factor – When it comes to lehenga, it is always inevitable to maintain distinct and striking features in your outfit, to stand out in the crowd. Be it aesthetically made dupattas or customer-tailored blouse designs; you should make a difference in your dressing style to be the center of attraction.

Top 10 Exquisite Lehenga Choli Ideas

For centuries, the lehenga has been known as the most attractive and authentic outfit for work. With the evolution in fashion, the lehenga choli for Diwali online has undergone tantalizing transformations to meet the trends of the era and the people’s tastes.

With multiple gatherings lined up, you might be confused about choosing a unique outfit with multiple gatherings lined up. Hence to help you out, we went a step ahead and compiled some of the absolute hit Diwali lehenga choli ideas to make a mesmerizing style statement.

1. Straight Cut Lehenga – Seize A Touch of Elegance

Straight Cut Lehenga –

If you are on a mission to look stunning for the upcoming Diwali celebration, go for a straight-cut lehenga without any further ado. This is one of the stylish Diwali lehengas that is widely gaining attention, as it goes well with most body types.

The straight-cut lehenga resembles a wraparound skirt, with flare flowing straight from the waist to the bottom. When paired with a low-neckline choli, the attire can give your body a slim and mesmerizing appearance.

2. A – Line Lehenga – Sustain Some Spotlight

A – Line Lehenga

Have you been searching for the latest lehenga choli for Diwali online? An A-line lehenga could be the perfect pursuit. The outfit is suitable for a woman with a pear-shaped body due to its minimalistic flare.

Due to its definitive design of the alphabet ‘A’, the lehenga will look amazing with puffy-sleeved blouses, accentuating your appearance. The skirt is a perfect ensemble that blends traditional charm and modern caress when spread out at the bottom.

3. Panel Lehenga – Enchant Everyone with Elegance

Panel Lehenga

Are you seeking a stylish lehenga that gives you a slim and sophisticated effect? Panel lehenga is another best lehenga choli design that hides any extra flab in your midsection, making you look lean and lovely for the celebration.

The outfit is designed with countless panels that are stitched with each other to deliver a breathtaking appearance. When designed with contrasting fabrics along with plenty of embellishments and designs, the panels will add an impressive look.

4. Lehenga Saree – Drape in A Delightful Disguise

Lehenga Saree

Looking for the traditional fusion outfit to make an ethnic statement? opt for lehenga sarees, a perfect culmination of saree and lehenga in one outfit. This Indian Diwali lehenga choli design gives you a desi girl look, ideal for young girls. The lehenga skirt and saree Pallu in contrasting color combinations will give a graceful look.

The outfit stands apart from other types due to its different layers of the lower half and the attached dupatta, which can be pleated for Pallu. The embroidery and tone works are heavy or minimalistic and will empathies with the beauty of the outfit.

5. Mermaid Lehenga – Be the Breathtaking Beauty

Mermaid-Style Lehenga

Are you tired of witnessing the customary Diwali lehenga online? Then it’s time to make an innovative statement with a mermaid-style lehenga. The outfit is designed to accentuate the curves of a woman, sitting snugly to the knees while flaring out the rest gracefully.

The final look adds grace to your curves, resembling a fishtail at the bottom. Even though this lehenga seems to be pretty heavy, the new variety is preferred for modern fusion. It suits women best with hourglasses and even straight body figures.

6. Circular Lehenga – opt For Old-School Opulence

Circular Lehenga

Don’t you want to lose touch with our traditional dressing style? Make the smart choice with a circular lehenga. It is a classic lehenga design that is popular among women. This Diwali special lehenga choli is established for its broad and brilliant flares, which add great volume to your entire appearance.

The attire begins with numerous pleats near the waist and forms a circular shape at the base. Paired with simple short-sleeved choli, it will look good on women with apple-shaped bodies.

7. Indo-Western Lehenga – Fulfil Your Dream Of Fusion

Indo-Western Lehenga

Indo-western lehengas are for women looking for a cool combination of authentic Indian outfits with a touch of stylish western design. This best lehenga choli design doesn’t involve the tricky part of f dupatta.

When carved with embroidery and traditional works, the outfit will add more poise to your look. Choosing cholis with frilly sleeves, flared skirts, and trendy shrugs will give you an ultra-glam look with the lehenga.

8. Peplum Lehenga – Pose with Picture-Perfection

Peplum Lehenga

Peplum lehenga is the famous and fashionable lehenga trend right now. This Diwali special lehenga choli is for those who want to look modern and captivate attention on any occasion. Be it long or short, the expanded design of the attire is unique and comfy.

The blouse is made to cut to the waistline and flare at the bottom. Hence, you can flaunt your inner fashionista throughout the day without compromising on your convenience. You can opt for the freestanding collar, V-neck, ruffled sleeves, full sleeves, or even a scoop neck to match the outfit.

9. Crop Top Lehenga – Nail Your Look in A New Variety

Crop Top Lehenga

If you are in the task of selecting the trending Diwali lehenga online that matches the current fashion world, crop top lehengas are your best choice. It comes in various sizes and shapes, including an off-shoulder, boat neck, and frill top to give you a new look every time.

Moreover, the dress length is also longer than the normal cholis. When combined with a silk skirt, a printed sleeveless or plain full-sleeve crop top will make you look lovely for the daytime celebration during Diwali.

10. Ruffled Lehenga – Earn the Eternal Ethereal Ensemble

Ruffled Lehenga

Do you want a new look that is catchy and stylish? Then look no further than ruffled lehengas. Ruffles in the outfit give layering and elegance grace to your entire appearance. Simply put, this best lehenga choli design will make you look and feel like a princess.

The ruffles can be made in georgette, satin, net, and even chiffon fabrics with various styles and variants. Selecting a sheer or semi-transparent ruffle design will give you a trendy look even in traditional wear.

Shop The Best Lehenga Choli Design At Kreeva

Diwali is one of the poignant festivals celebrated with full pomp and grandeur. While the preparation for the celebration is one the spike, it is also a perfect time to refer to your wardrobe. Whether you are attending a pooja or festive dinner, elegant Diwali lehengas promise to create a vintage and vibrant look.

Haven’t zeroed down on your outfit for this festival of light yet? It’s time to search for ardent Diwali lehengas online at Kreeva, dressing up in stylish attires and stealing hearts. With classic colors, intricate embroideries, detailed embellishments, and a wide array of fabrics, we offer an exclusive collection of Indian lehenga choli, giving you a strikingly gorgeous and elegant look.

This Diwali, make sure to create a magnificent ensemble with an enchanting ethnic collection at Kreeva!

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