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Jodhpuri Suits for Men


The Jodhpuri suit, also known as the Jodhpuri dress, is an elegant, sophisticated, and handsome Indian garment used by men for parties, formal occasions, and traditional celebrations. The real draw of the Designer Jodhpuri suit for men is its seamless blend of western and Indian features. This costume combines the finest of both worlds into one rich, sumptuous bundle that makes the man appear and feel like a king.

Jodhpuri suits for men are among India’s most regal and opulent formal dress costumes, yet they are not as old or traditional as many people imagine. In truth, the Jodhpuri sherwani is a relative invention, created for the Maharaja of Jodhpur, who needed an outfit that combined all the richness and beauty of Indian designs with a sophisticated and modern western cut and silhouette (essentially, the amount of the western suit or frock coat outfit). Naturally, therefore, it’s called a Jodhpuri dress. But, of course, it has grown far beyond its humble beginnings and is now sought after in India and worldwide for its royal, dashing appearance.

What does a jodhpuri outfit typically include?

Jodhpuri Suits For men

The traditional Jodhpuri suits for men might be two or three pieces, depending on how intricate the garment is and how western the look required. A thick, coat-like sherwani (or kurta) with a bandh-gala (closed neck) that goes at least to the knees, worn over a plain shirt or kurta that is usually not seen, and a pair of matching trousers influenced by the close-fitting Indian churidars, would be the typical construction. A dupatta or stole was also sometimes worn.

Many guys nowadays prefer to wear closed-neck Jodhpuri skirts and trousers without any additional undershirt, kurta, or dupatta. This straightforward style produces a much more western silhouette. In addition, a vest is sometimes added to the outfit to further accentuate its expensive yet refined appearance.

10 Amazing Jodhpuri Suits for Men Styles

The latest Jodhpuri suit for men is a classic, timeless outfit that can be worn for any formal or ethnic occasion and still look fashionable. Nowadays, the influence of Bollywood and designer trends has made many unorthodox Jodhpuri clothing styles fashionable.

If you are an Indian man, your Indo-western wardrobe must include a few Jodhpuri suits. Need some inspiration or ideas? Look at these 10 Jodhpuri suits that epitomize the royal side of Indian ethnic men’s apparel.

1. Floral Bandhgala

For the longest time, men have avoided bright colors and floral motifs. However, a recent trend has embraced prints in all forms of men’s apparel. Floral designs have been popular on everything from formal shirts to suit jackets. The current interpretation of Jodhpuri Jackets features a dazzling array of colors and prints. The flowery motif, reminiscent of Fresh Spring Blooms, has lightened the look. It is ideal for a festive day with family and friends and may be worn with dress pants or trousers.

2. Indo-Western in Jodhpuri style

Jodhpuri suit sets for men

For special occasions such as weddings, men prefer Indo-western or ethnic costumes rather than entirely western ones. A Jodhpuri suit can be worn in any season and for various situations. If your color choices change with the seasons, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with endless black, blue, white, red, and many more. These indo-western jodhpuri suits for men are also available in various materials, including Banaras silk, brocade, velvet, jacquard, khadi, and silk. Purchase your favorite from our latest collection of Designer Jodhpuri outfits. Wear a textured blazer suits with glazed bottom churidar pants and a long kurti. Mixing and matching different fabrics and textures creates the proper style quotient.

3. Waistcoat in Jodhpuri style

Shalwar Kameez, Dhotis, and Trousers are examples of South Asian Fashion for Men. The Waistcoat is one aspect that is shared by many South Asian cultures. Bandhgala vests are becoming popular for most young people in Ethnic Men’s Wear for Festivals, Weddings, and Formal Events. The elegant clothing is timeless and may be worn in various ways. One example is printed floral waistcoats, which are ideal wear jodhpuri suit for men weddings.

4. Blue Velvet in Jodhpuri style

The choice of cloth is an essential aspect of every Bandhgala. Markets begin stocking up on Velvet Shawls, Waist Coats, and Bandhgalas in preparation for the Winter Season, making this style the best royal jodhpuri suit for men on any occasion this season. Likewise, the versatility and innovative ways of styling designer Jodhpuri suits for groom keep them fashionable. Together, the two constitute a magnificent pairing. The pale pants complement the royal blue well.

5. Double Breasts in Jodhpuri style

Jodhapuri Men Suit Fabric

It has a trouser bottom made of the same fabric as the top. You can wear the best Jodhpuri outfits for the wedding to any of your gatherings. It is best to wear a double-breasted Jodhpuri jacket with matching pants and shoes. Choose this stylish Jodhpuri jacket for men with matching slacks and shoes if you don’t mind taking fashion risks. Consider adding metallic buttons to make it stand out even more.

6. Elegant Ethnic Appearance

Royal Rajputana-inspired apparel is trendy in India, and many designers are producing it. Bollywood celebrities like Shahid Kapoor, Varun Dhawan, and Sushant Singh Rajput have all worn variations on the basic Bandhgala. This lovely Bandhgala jodhpuri suit for men is the ideal ethnic attire for the upcoming wedding season.

7. Angrakha in Jodhpuri style

Another innovative Bandhgala style is the Angrakha style neck, which was popularised by the Mughals and then subsequently in the early 1980s with the release of the Bollywood film Umrao Jaan. The sloping neckline is adorned with buttons that extend down. This style is ideal for when you wish to wear your Jodhpuri Jacket uniquely.

8. Jacket and Coil Kurta in Jodhpuri style

latest designer Jodhpuri suits for men

Jodhpuri jackets are frequently worn with a hint of the Kurta worn underneath. On the other hand, the most recent style makes the perfect statement by doing multiple twists on the Kurta that is worn underneath and choosing bottoms to pair it with. Fabric gathered at the hem to create a coil-like effect is a current trend. Coupled with a vintage Jodhpuri Jacket, the Coil Kurta gives beauty to the overall outfit.

9. Bandhgala with Embroidery

Embroidered Jodhpuris are the newest addition to the fashion market, with a formal jacket decorated with Resham and Zari threads and others kept plain with simple embroidered motifs. The pink coat is suitable for daytime events, and the white trimmings complement it well. Moreover, the white embroidered design is the right finishing touch that keeps the outfit understated. Try the jodhpuri bandhgala suit for men this wedding season to look unique and trendy.

10. Printed Jacket in Jodhpuri style

Printed Jacket in Jodhpuri style

Floral prints, digital prints, and self-printing should not be the sole options for printed jackets. The untapped fashion tab for men is the Block-Printed Pattern, which has yet to achieve prominence. Block Prints, which highlight and reintroduce past design trends, have recently witnessed a significant increase in popularity. This exquisite printed jodhpuri suit for men with a Jacket piqued our interest, and we haven’t stopped thinking about it. The faint pink and gold undertones appear to work well together. A vivid pocket square was used to create a stylistic statement. The jacket is ideal for the daytime because of its light hue.

Final words

Jodhpuri outfits for men come in a variety of styles. The wedding jodhpuri outfits for males are usually more ornately embellished, with zari, zardosi, cut dana, resham, crystal, and beads work. Plain, light-weight Jodhpuri dresses for men’s wear with a radiant and formal look that can be worn for formal meals and business meetings are also available. Browse jodhpuri suit for men online for the best collections and keep up with the latest fashion.

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