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Trendy and Traditional Designer Sarees For Wedding


Every bride wants her wedding sarees to be extravagant and ultra-luxurious, making her look like royalty. They want sarees with complex, intricate designs, extensive embroidery, and stunning embellishments. However, finding perfect sarees for a wedding to look elegant is easier said than done. With so many options like zari work, resham, lace borders, thread work, stone embroidery, patchwork, and kundan work, choosing one saree seems impossible.
Don’t worry! We have created a list to help you find the best saree to make you look the most stunning on your special day.

The Latest Traditional Sarees For Wedding Functions Are A Few Clicks Away!

Latest Sarees For Wedding Functions

Go trendy, traditional, subtle, or dramatic with a wide range of designs and patterned designer sarees for weddings online. Besides the traditional red bridal silk saree, you can explore different fabrics and gorgeous designs in sequins, stonework, zari work, and timeless classic embroideries for your wedding. Don’t worry! We will help you decide the best!

Which Sarees For Weddings Are Best To Flaunt Your Elegance And Traditionalism?

With fashion evolving, our traditional sarees have also transformed stylishly. Today, designer sarees for weddings have intricate designs, cultural richness, and modern flavour. So, first research all saree types, including pattu silk, Assam silk, chiffon, satin, etc., fabrics and designs sarees before choosing your dream wedding saree. Don’t forget to check out brasso, brocade, cotton, and crepe silk sarees, as they are equally splendid too!

Best Traditional Sarees For Wedding Designs To Transform You Into A Glamorous Bride

It’s time to accentuate your traditional look with luxurious and regal traditional sarees like chanderi silk, leheriya, and much more. Don’t be confused! We have got it all figured out for you.

Below are the best eleven trendy designer sarees you can wear to look like a million-dollar bride. So read on to find your dream wedding saree!

1. Adorable Printed Sarees

Printed Sarees

There are various designer sarees for wedding party online, and you will find printed sarees favourite among those. The reason is that printed sarees are easy to carry, look incredible, and are the epitome of modern-day fashion. So, if you want to show your soberness and simplicity, cotton printed saree, silk printed saree, or chiffon printed saree can be your choice for daytime wedding occasions.

2. Feminine Ruffled Sarees

If you want to pick the latest fashion sarees for wedding day, don’t forget to include flirty, playful, and dance-friendly ruffled sarees to your list. These ruffled-style sarees are a winning choice for events like the mehndi or sangeet. Besides, they come with heavy mirror work and embellished blouses to shine like a princess. So, don’t hesitate to try something different and wear ruffled sarees confidently.

3. Subtle Shades Embroidered And Embellished Sarees

Shades Embroidered

Trends are changing! Today, the new trend of sarees for a wedding is not all in the customary red colour. Yes! Brides nowadays love soft pastels in tones, including mint, peach, and sage green sarees. Besides, pastel colour sarees come with stunning designs, zari, stone work, and a generous drizzle of sequins or crystal embellishments, making your look red carpet worthy. So, pair this type of saree with gemstone jewellery and look gorgeous during the daytime nuptials.

4. Fancy Bollywood Sarees

If you are searching for the latest sarees for a wedding function, fancy Bollywood sarees are best to bring your inner diva out effortlessly. A ready-made pant style saree, digital print satin silk saree, and modern design Kanjivaram sarees come under new-age Bollywood sarees. So, if you want to keep the Indian traditional charm and look stylish at your wedding reception party, wear a fancy Bollywood saree and get everyone’s compliments.

5. Traditional Banarasi Sarees

main product photo

Banarasi saree is one of the best traditional sarees for weddings and festivals because of its stunning designs. The gold and silver zari work, meenakari work, delicate floral work, and compact weaving make Banarasi sarees attractive. Besides, you have different Banarasi sarees, including Katan, tanchoi, Banarasi patola sarees, etc., to choose from if you want to wear a banarasi saree for your wedding. So, find what suits your style by scrolling the Banarasi saree collection online.

6. Flowy And Chic Chiffon Sarees

You are mistaken if you think chiffon sarees are only party wear outfits and won’t suit you on your grand wedding day. Yes! Chiffon may be a thin fabric, but it has an unmatchable alluring lustre you cannot resist. Chiffon woven from silk has a glossy look and is brilliant for weddings. These sarees come in various colours and designs enriched with stones, sequins, thread, and many other works. So, wear chiffon sarees to look like a stunning bride.

7. Breezy Organza Sarees

Organza Sarees

Organza sarees are a unique blend of conventional and contemporary Indian styles. So, organza sarees are the best if you want to wear a breathable saree to remain comfortable at your summer wedding. These sarees attract attention with delicate floral prints, geometric designs, and exquisite embroideries. Therefore, organza sarees have been in trend for a while and are here to stay.

8. Heritage Bandhani Sarees

Bandhani sarees reflect rich Indian tradition and new age fashion flavour with artful designs. These sarees are unique, brightly coloured with distinctive patterns, and come with Kundan or stone works too! So if you are looking for a colourful outfit to look like a royal Rajasthani bride, bandhani or leheriya sarees must be on your list.

9. Alluring And Royal Pattu Sarees

Royal Pattu Sarees

Mysore silk, Paithani silk, Kanjivaram silk, Patola silk, Tussar silk saree, etc., are some pattu or south silk sarees that make a bride look perfect at a wedding. These sarees come in different colours, designs, and prints to suit every bride’s personality. Besides, silk fabric has an elegance that adds to the beauty of the intricate designs of pattu sarees. So add pattu sarees to your wedding dress collection without hesitation.

10. Unique Half And Half Sarees

Half and half bridal designer sarees for wedding reception are attractive and innovative with two contrasting colours and designs in them. So, if you want to be different from other brides and set the bar for wearing sarees high, try dramatic half and half sarees.

11. Classic Net Sarees

Classic Net Sarees

Net sarees have a modern ethnic look and ooze a glamorous aura. They come with stone, mirror, zari, and stunning floral work, making them perfect for weddings. So, if you are not a fan of traditional silk sarees, give soft net sarees a try at a wedding after parties and rock it!

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1. Which Saree Is Best For Weddings?

For a traditional saree lover, silk sarees like Kanjivaram, Kanchipuram, and pattu sarees are best, and for modern women, designer chiffon and net embroidered sarees are an apt choice.

2. How To Decorate A Saree For A Wedding?

Earrings, armlets, gold or diamond bracelets, heavy neck chains, waistband, and finger rings are accessories you can use to enhance the look of your saree.

3. How To Drape A Pattu Saree For A Wedding?

There are many ways to drape a pattu saree, but the pant-style drape is the most popular. You can also wear it like a Lehenga and keep the Pallu in the front. Also, add a belt to your saree to look slim.

4. How To Choose A Saree For A Wedding?

Choose a wedding saree based on the quality, design, fabric, and personal liking. Go with simple print sarees if you prefer minimal design and want to enjoy more comfort. Buy a heavy zari or stone work saree if you like extra bling.

5. Which Saree Is In Trend Now For Weddings?

Designer sarees, including pastel colour georgette base sarees, satin, organza, and silk sarees are trending in 2022.

6. Which Saree Colour Is Best For Marriage?

Red and maroon are the go-to colours for many women, but pastel shades like buttercup yellow, mint green, and baby pinks are best in summer weddings too!

7. How Can I Look Slim In A Saree?

Dark colour sarees help to give a slim appearance. So, wear a dark colour saree to look slim instantly!

8. What Hairstyle Goes With A Saree?

A side wrap bun, Side fishtail braid, pretty halo braids, wavy-low ponytail, etc., look good with a saree. So, try these hairstyles out!

9. How Should Fat Ladies Wear Saree?

Overweight ladies should avoid cotton or silk sarees as it’s heavy, making them look even plumper. So, overweight ladies must go with fabrics that stick to the body like chiffon or georgette, giving them a slimming appearance.

10. Which Saree Material Is Best For Fat Ladies?

Lightweight sarees accentuate women’s figures, giving them a perfect feminine look. So, try Chiffon, net, and georgette sarees, and you will be good to go!

11. Can We Wear Shapewear Under A Saree?

Yes! Shapewear is best to wear under a saree as they help to flatter and flaunt your curves. So, wear it to enhance your saree look.

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