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6 Best Tips To Select The Right Jodhpuri Suit For Yourself


India is a country filled with a wide range of cultures and ethnicities. Our country has always been famous for its ancient traditions, cultural events, and many different ways of expressing ourselves. When all of this is going on, our outfits are the ones that play a crucial role in defining your personality. In India, along with the traditional women’s fashion, men’s fashion has also been constantly evolving; hence, the outfit called the Jodhpuri suit originated.

Regarding Indian ethnic wear, Jodhpuri suit sets for men are one of the most eye-catching ones. Jodhpuri suits are perfect for a formal as well as ethnic event, be it a wedding, an office party, cultural event, or any festivals, because they look extremely royal and elegant. Even though there are a variety of options available for Indian ethnic wear, choosing the perfect outfit for yourself may be an exaggeration.

Jodhpuri suit sets for men

No matter if you are attending a wedding, a party, or any casual event, you can wear a Jodhpuri suit for almost every occasion. This is because these kinds of suits are well-suited for ethnic as well as formal occasions. There is a huge variety of Jodhpuri suits for men for different occasions. Choosing the right Jodhpuri suit for every occasion is like winning half the battle.

What Exactly Are Jodhpuri Suits?

A Jodhpuri suit, also known as the Bandhgala suit, is considered one of the best picks for Indian wear. In the 19th century, the outfit originated in the ”Blue city,” Jodhpur. It highlights the imperial side of your personality and carries a traditional royal charm. It combines coats and trousers, creating the best indo-western look. Most of the Jodhpuri suits also come with a western-style vest, making them look more western. In short, Jodhpuri suits for men are the perfect blend of Indian styles with western tailoring techniques.

Why Are Jodhpuri Suits For Men The New Go-to?

Jodhpuri suits are the classic indo-western styles that are famous not only in India but also all over the world. Jodhpuri suits originated from the Royal Gharana in Rajasthan; hence, they are deemed to be a class mark. These are the best classic outfits that give you an impression of class and sophistication. If you are someone who desires to collect more elegance in your wardrobe, Jodhpuri suits are ideal for you.

As there are plenty of options, you might be confused about what to choose. Therefore, we have come up with a few tips and tricks to select the perfect and trendiest Jodhpuri suit for yourself.

Tips On How To Select The Right Jodhpuri Suit For Yourself

No one can deny the fact that the Indian ethnic wear market has been growing expeditiously in the recent year. However, with a variety of options to choose from, most of you might end up choosing the one that is not appropriate for you. We have come up with a small guide on how to buy the right Jodhpuri suit for yourself and the following tips will help you in doing the same.

1. Select The Fabric

The first step while choosing a Jodhpuri suit for yourself is to select the right fabric of your choice. If the function is during the winters, silk, synthetic chiffon, or velvet fabrics are the best pick for you. It gives you the feel of luxury with a pinch of ethnic royalty. If the event is to be held during the summers, going for light-weight and comfortable fabrics like cotton and silk would be perfect for you.

Jodhapuri Men Suit Fabric

For summer weddings, chikankari fabric is also one of the trendiest options for you to choose. Jodhpuri suits with quilted fabrics are again the most appropriate ones for a reception or engagement party. If you want more of a traditional look, try opting for Jodhpuri suits with Resham thread works and traditional embroidery.

2. Know The Various Type Of Jodhpuri Suits

One of the most important aspects while opting for the Jodhpuri set is knowing the different types of Jodhpuri suits, as there are various options available in the Indian market. The latest Jodhpuri suits that are in trend right now include the Royal Jodhpuri suit, Blue velvet suits, Floral suits, Regal Ethnic suits, Angrakha suits, Indo-western suits, etc.

Nothing’s better than the elegance of the royal Jodhpuri suit for men. Floral Jodhpuri suits are well suited for casual occasions in summer. Apart from these, you can always go for a regal ethnic Jodhpuri suit that gives you that indo-western look. This look is extremely famous among celebrities like Shahid Kapoor, giving you that royalty feel.

3. Look For The Latest Styles

Before opting for a Jodhpuri suit, make sure to check out the latest styles and trends in the market. So, to start with the latest trends, coil kurtas, jute jackets, gold prints, double-toned suits, quilted fabrics, etc., are on the top of the list of the latest trendy styles.

If you want to look modern yet traditional, Jodhpuri suits with coil kurtas are perfect to showcase your personality. Bandhgalas with jute jackets are the most comfortable and easy-breezy way of wearing the Jodhpuri suits during the summers. Also, double-toned Jodhpuri suits for men with the ombre effects are perfect for slaying this season. If you are not satisfied with any of these, always opt for a golden Jodhpuri suit for yourself, as gold never goes out of trend and is perfect for traditional and semi-traditional events or occasions.

4. Select The Colours

Just like the trendy styles, looking for the trendiest colours is also extremely important when selecting that perfect pair of Jodhpuri suits for men. Generally, for wedding receptions or engagement parties, black-coloured Jodhpuri suits with golden buttons have always been in trend. Other than that, Jodhpuri suits look extremely elegant in colours such as grey, charcoal blue, cool-toned blues, royal blues, etc.

If you want more of a classy yet elegant look, going for colours like beige, white, ivory, etc., may work for you. Other than these, you can also try opting for various pastel shades. Apart from that, getting a tiny little butta design on your Jodhpuri jacket can enhance your entire look. Long kurtas and jackets with achkan cuts are also deemed to be the trendiest for the year 2022.

5. Try Opting For Different Kinds Of Prints And Embroidery

Floral and tropical printed Jodhpuri suits for men are perfect for traditional events, festive occasions, or even thematic parties. If you want to get that royal feel, try opting for hand-embroidered Jodhpuri suits for men.

The designer Jodhpuri suits for men with the latest trendy embroideries, such as zari work, sequinned work, embellished work, etc., will make you shine this year. Well-tailored horizontal panels can also fascinate you in many different events. If you get the embossed detailing on the shiny fabric, you will have a mesmerising experience.

6. Check Out The Fittings

No matter how much money you spend on the fabric, you will not get that royal feel without a pair of Jodhpuri suits that fit you perfectly. Hence, it is essential to get your Jodhpuri suit tailored perfectly. Everything depends on the way the outfit fits you. So, to make your entire look perfect, you should always visit a good tailor and check out all your measurements before buying the same. This may help you from getting into trouble and will save a lot of your time.

Look Stunning With The Best And Latest Jodhpuri Suit For Men Online

latest designer Jodhpuri suits for men

In India, there’s no doubt that we have adapted every traditional dressing style. Even when it comes to men’s fashion, Indian men have never gotten back to adapting to the latest styles in the traditional sense. The same is true for Jodhpuri suits, as they are considered one of the classiest ethnic and formal wear for Indian weddings. In recent years, a wide range of extravagant Jodhpuri designs has been introduced in the Indian market, giving it a unique touch. With the latest designer Jodhpuri suits for men, get that royal yet easy-breezy style for the season.

At Kreeva Fashion, we have a collection of the best trendy designer Jodhpuri suits for men. So, if you want to buy the latest Jodhpuri suits for men online, you have landed on the right page. Check out our collection of all the designer traditional wear for men. With our latest collection of a variety of Jodhpuri suits, be the center of attraction wherever you go.

The Bottom Line

In recent years, as Indian men’s fashion has constantly been evolving, the latest Jodhpuri suits have made their way to capture the Indian ethnic wear market during the year. Due to its uniqueness and the perfect blend of ethnicity, the latest Jodhpuri suits for men have gained huge prominence recently. With all the latest trends, Jodhpuri suits have been ruling the world of wedding outfits. So, make a royal impression of yourself with the latest collection of the best designer Jodhpuri suits for men.

When it comes to creating the best of your royal yet elegant look, Jodhpuri suits for men have proven to be the perfect pair of outfits to slay the event. Kreeva Fashion offers a wide range of premium Jodhpuri suits for men online at an extremely reasonable price. Groom yourself in parties, festivities, and weddings with our latest collection of designer Jodhpuri suits for men. So, without wasting any of your time, get your hands on our latest traditional wear collection for men. For more information, contact us at 0806 849 4224 or

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