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Best Eid Dresses to Select


We are nearing one of the best celebrations of the year. Peace, love, and mouth-watering biryanis are part of the Eid festival’s lore. You anticipate feasts after a month of strict daily fasting and dazzling fashion wear to dress up and look your best. As Eid approaches, offline marketplaces and online businesses display their latest Eid collection. Kurtis, shararas, lehengas, Anarkali, salwar kameez, and sarees are some of the popular Ramzan special dresses.

With online shopping, your attire can arrive at your doorstep long before the festival begins. You save a lot of time and have a lot of style possibilities when you buy Eid special dresses online. It’s crucial to keep your style light and simple while still maintaining a hint of glitz. The proper choice of fabric and colour blend in your Eid dress design is essential for a well-styled Eid celebration.

What Patterns Should You Look Out For In Your Eid Dresses In 2022?

Eid Dress with Patterns

The asymmetric style, in which the shirts of varying lengths have no prominent borders, has garnered much attention and is one of the coolest trends. Low-high shirts are also a popular style of this trend. An asymmetrical pattern in an Eid special dress with flower applique work or hints of embroidery around the neckline is worth a try. Digital mixed pattern prints are always in style. These prints for suits have a common theme and design across the shirt, bottom, and dupatta.

However, the print patterns on single shirts are more varied and distinctive. The juxtaposition of regal and casual reflects in wearing digital print patterns. The enticing colors and simple block printing has made neon displays increasingly popular. These abstract prints are also popular in Eid dresses for girls. You can accessorise such clothes with your favorite accessories and jewelry in a minimalistic style.

The Trendiest Eid Dressing Styles That You Need To Start Following

1. Dress in kurtis and frock tops

Frock Top Dresses on EID

Kurti is more comfy and convenient than other types of clothing for ladies. The Eid kurti comes with various options of bottom styles, allowing you to create any combination you like. A long frock top kurti with a scoop neck exudes an exotic vibe. Short frock tops look fantastic on women of all heights, and these frocks tops look good with or without the dupatta. To exude glamour, pair them with magnificent jewelry and rhinestone-studded shoes.

Integrate exquisite sleeve motifs and neck embellishments into your plain kurtas to provide a stylish touch. You can also wear kurta sets with zari or rich stonework and accessorise with simple jewelry and little makeup. Be it an indoor event or celebration like Eid, special kurti collections with floral or simple designs make it perfect for every setting.

2. Love for lawn fabric Pakistani dresses

Latest Pakistani Eid Dress

People from both sides of the border share a mutual love for Pakistani suits, forming an unspoken sense of connection. White Eid dresses are the most popular choice among Pakistani Eid dresses. The infamous white fashion is all the rage these days, and it seems like the ideal choice for the summer heat. It is worth trying new and fresh designs in the collection of Eid Pakistani dresses available online.

You may even buy Pakistani Eid dresses online for your little girls, rocking them to the iftar parties as a twinning duo. Pakistani suits come in various styles and fabrics, but the lawn suits from Pakistan stand out the most. The lawn fabric is airy, light-weight, and smooth-textured, making it perfect for all of the summer season’s festivities.

The Eid salwar kameez, glistening Eid sarees, contemporary style modern Eid gowns, and richly adorned Eid lehengas are part of the Pakistani Eid dress for women collection. These star-studded Eid dresses are suitable for women of all ages. Pair Indian jewelry with these Eid outfits to make this Eid even more special for you.

3. Reinvent sharara with style

Latest Sharara Eid Dress

For switching up your look, wearing a sharara suit for Eid is a great alternative. You can wear a solid-colored sharara with a patterned kurta or vice-versa. Pairing your shararas with embroidered kurtis also makes for a great look. Wearing a knee-length kurta with shararas is a great way to make yourself appear taller. If you prefer plain sharara suits, you can pair them with dupattas lavishly bordered with laces, zari, or mirror work. If you want to look taller, go for a monochromatic style.

With a monotone sharara ensemble, you can also wear a similar contrast dupatta and accessorise with a great hairstyle. There are a lot of stylish Eid dresses available, ranging from traditional sharara suits to western fusion styles. Alternatively, a sharara with an A-line top and full-sleeve jacket overlayer without the dupatta is a great option. Avoid picking a heavily wrought jacket if your sharara set already has a lot of embellishments on them.

By adding balloon-style sleeves and puffy designs, you can create a gorgeous peplum look with your shararas. Peplum blouses or kurtis coupled with shararas have already made a fashion statement, so this festival season, give it a try. Also, knowing which colors are suited for you helps you perfect your sharara look.

4. Salwar suits back in trend

Trendy Salwar Suits

Embroidered salwar is increasingly popular and is available in nearly every store. Salwars aren’t too baggy, and their style isn’t too trimmed. They go well with peplums, medium shirts, and kurtas. The color and the type of the top you choose will determine how well your salwar look is balanced. Adding waistcoats of the latest designs to your Eid salwar suit will also help you get a picture-perfect look.

If your salwar suit is plain, you can choose a waistcoat with rich embroidery while picking waistcoats for your Ramzan dress. And when the salwar suit already has a lot of needlework, you don’t need to go overboard with the waistcoat. A plain waistcoat will suffice in this situation by balancing your look.

5. Dress in vibrant color palazzo suits

Vibrant Palazzo suits for EID

The palazzo suit is a comfy dress and one of the most comfortable dresses you may wear for as long as you like. You may believe that this is a common choice among women. But by choosing bold colors, you are sure to stand out from the crowd. And when it comes to looking gorgeous while remaining comfortable, a palazzo is a woman’s first choice.

Palazzo suits are great for any formal event, but they are best suited for Eid. There are many different palazzo styles to choose from right now. Palazzo sets with detailed embroidery or zari work are appropriate for any occasion. Choose from palazzo sets made of jacquard silk, zari, or georgette. Wearing palazzo suits for Eid will attract attention and add to your appeal.

6. Statement outfit – long Anarkali suits

Long Eid dresses are a must-have. Look for long dresses with draped style or elegant maxi gowns with embroidered details. Cowl draped maxi dresses or full-flared long Anarkali dresses with an embellished waistline belt can spruce up your Eid fashion look. Abaya style Anarkali outfits are one of the best newest trends.

For a special occasion like Eid, wear a floor-length kameez with contrasting churidars made of georgette, chiffon, embroidered skirts, or velvet. You’ll look like a princess walking down the street in one of these flowing floor-length Anarkali suits for Eid. Georgette Anarkali sets, particularly those with improved embroidery and stonework, might satisfy your need to wear anything with excellent needlework. Anarkali suits with a fashionable front-cut can also help you look elegant on Eid.

Need Help Picking Out The Best Suited Fabrics For Your Eid Dress?

Silk Fabric Dresses for EID

1. Exquisite chiffon

Chiffon has a texture that moves us all. Whether it’s designed with embroidery or in monotone shirts, it’s the ideal choice for your Eid collection dress. These dresses also look great in white and its many hues. Flared bottoms are a good match for basic embroidered tops. Dresses made of mixed medium chiffon are also suitable for special festive occasions such as Eid.

2. Timeless silk

Silk fabric is another synonym for elegance and sophistication. Silk has always been a symbol of beauty. There are a variety of silks available, including art silk, pure silk, and cotton silk. Women of any body type and shape will benefit from wearing soft light silk fabric. Silk tunics with off-shoulder necklines and bellow sleeves are appealing and in trend. Because silk is a traditional Indian fabric, silk tunics offer an ethnic vibe. It is best to choose silk tunics with bold, striking prints for Eid.

Make Your Pick Online From The Trendiest Eid Dress Collection 2022

With so many popular options to try this Eid, you can pull together a gorgeous ensemble in no time. We at Kreeva provide Eid dresses online shopping, India-based. Thanks to our fantastic deals, shopping online has never been easier, allowing you to buy Eid attire for everyone while staying within your budget. From sarees to Eid salwar kameez, girls’ Eid Kurtis, and even festive clothes for men, our fantastic clothing collection has something for everyone. The diversity will astound you, and the prices we’re offering will make you swoon! To learn more about the Eid offers, please visit our website.

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