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style layered lehengas with different blouses


The Lehenga Choli, sometimes called the ‘layered lehenga skirt’, is a three-piece outfit made up of a long Indian dress known simply as the lehenga that Indian ladies wear. Lehengas are worn typically at weddings, festivals, and ceremonial events. They are fastened at the waist, leaving the midriff uncovered. It is typically decorated, patterned, or embroidered and paired with a form-fitting blouse known as a “choli.” In addition, the lehenga choli is worn with a “dupatta,” which functions as a sari pallu and covers the head and midriff, depending on the occasion.

How are layered lehenga skirts made?

Depending on the fabric and embellishments, the delicate sewing of a lehenga choli dupatta set and a ghagra choli takes at least twenty days. Hand-stitched and hand-woven Lehengas take longer to complete because of their intricate craftsmanship. Communities specializing in designing lehengas may have specific jobs assigned to them as part of the production process. Lehengas make a staple wedding outfit, irrespective of whether it’s for the brides or the bridesmaids.

Difference between a lehenga and ghagra:

Except for a few minor variations, Indian lehenga choli and ghagra choli are incredibly identical. Before the glamor and elegance factor that surrounds them today, these dresses were put on regularly. In the past, women used them daily since they were comfortable and easy to wear.

In many other northern regions, including Gujarat, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, and Uttar Pradesh, they remain the predominant ethnic clothing. They both make beautiful drapes, come in various designs and styles such as the floral lehengas but you should consider what, where, and how you might utilize them before choosing one.

Lehenga and Choli:

Choli and lehenga are two components of one outfit. The lower portion of the outfit, known as the lehenga, is worn beneath the navel. It is supported by an elastic band or thread known as “Nada” in Hindi. The upper portion of the garment, known as the Choli, is typically in a contrasting or similar color. For example, a stole known as a Dupatta is worn with a lehenga or Choli included with that.

Due to their widespread use in Indian cinema and among celebrities, lehengas have gained immense popularity. Today, lehengas rule any wedding event. This stunning Indian garment is made from silk, crepe, velvet, and net, among others. These days, double-layered lehenga skirts are a trend and sought-after piece. Lehengas with a jacket are another trending options currently.


Although the ghaghra is the lower portion of the outfit, one doesn’t need to wear it below the navel. Even women and girls can swaddle it over their navels. In Ghaghra, using nada to support them is a regular practice. The Choli, on the other hand, is the upper portion of the outfit and is typically a plain item with no decoration. Wearing a dupatta with it is considered a must.
Although famous, earlier, ghagra and Choli were worn by women from lower socioeconomic classes. Even in Indian cinema, most of the scenes or songs with a rural theme will be made up of Ghagra and Choli.

Ways to style your layered lehenga skirt

Fashion styling is easily one of the critical components of looking good. With endless possibilities for styling just one set of lehenga choli, we have condensed some of the most stylish and attention-grabbing tips. They are:

Switch the blouse:

An old-school method of re-styling your old lehenga is by switching the blouse. This is a highly budget-friendly option that will effortlessly change the whole look of your lehenga. Within this, there are multiple ways you can do it.

  1. Use a blouse that belongs to the same color family as the lehenga.
  2. Use a contrasting color blouse to team with the lehenga.

Lehenga with a cape-style blouse is another eye-catching trend currently. This marvelous design accentuates the shoulders and instills a sense of royalty. This is also great option for party wear.

Pair it with a shirt:

Wearing a lehenga with a shirt may sound weird. However, this combination will massively upgrade your look. This is the perfect go-to option if you are looking to create an indo-western look. Pairing golden and silver hue silk shirts with lehengas is currently trending and makes an unmissable combination. In addition, you may add a wonderful brooch to the shirt’s collar to enhance the look.

Convert it into an Anarkali:

Yes, you heard it right. Secure your lehenga around your chest like you would do for your blouse, and use a belt to snitch the fabric around your waist. You can pair this look with sneakers, a choker, and a jacket. This style is perfect for someone willing to try something out of the box and who wants to be comfortable.

Combine a thin pleat dupatta with another simple dupatta:

This styling approach will work well for you if you have a richly embroidered blouse that you’ll want to show off even when wearing the suit. However, you must be careful since it will not work for you with a large upper body. Its second dupatta, which you may manipulate by dragging to the front rather than leaving it at the rear or sides, is the primary source of flexibility. If you want to wear it with a larger upper body, you can give the appearance of a more diminutive form by concealing one side of your second dupatta.

Style your layered lehenga skirt with a kurta:

You don’t have to be upset and donate the lehenga suit if you gain weight following the festivities and discover it no longer fits. All you need to do is wear a Kurta, preferably one with graduate work, with a lehenga. This is one of the most fashionable looks you can wear, and you can pick the Kurta that best compliments your figure, even if it has a vertical net front slit. This also applies to lehengas for weddings.

Style your lehenga with a jacket:

This is something that never goes out of trend. Style your layered lehenga skirt with an elaborate jacket. This simple addition to the outfit will massively uplift your business in ways you didn’t know was possible. Remember that this idea is contemporary and works exceptionally well for bridal lehengas. Wearing a transparent jacket with intricate embroidery is another way to demonstrate your fascinating side. Wearing a coat that contrasts with your lehenga suit allows you to verify your strong sense of uniqueness.

Final word:

You shouldn’t keep your lehenga suit in your closet just because you’ve worn it a single or a few times. As long as you know how to dress it imaginatively, it always stays in style and will suit you on various occasions.

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1. what to wear with lehenga skirt?

There are endless ways you can style your lehenga skirt. Pair it with a beautiful satin shirt or an elaborate embroidered blouse. You can also style it with a jacket.

2. How to style layered skirt?

Layered skirts are the latest trend. The best way to style a layered skirt is by knotting a shirt securely and letting the layers be the highlight. This ensures that the shirt isn’t grabbing attention from the gorgeous layers of the skirt.

3. How Much Fabric Do I Need For a layered lehenga Skirt?

Depending on how full you want the skirt to be, you will need a certain amount of cloth. To achieve that fullness, all you have to do is double the circumference of your waist. You will typically need 3 yards or slightly more of fabric for most gathered skirts.

4. How many layers do lehengas have?

Lehengas have multiple layers. The flare depends on the layers. Hence, the mermaid style lehengas barely have about 2-3 layers while the elaborate ones have about 5-6 layers easily.

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