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Latest Lehenga Designs for this Diwali 2022


The latest designer lehenga is a stunning Indian outfit typically worn at weddings, festivals, and other special occasions. It is a three-piece set that includes a fitted blouse, a long skirt, and a dupatta. The latest Lehenga designs are always quite rich and ornate. Combined with the pleasant way it fits the body, it has made it a favorite ethnic outfit among Indian women and internationally. It is the most glamorous and sexiest Indian outfit while also being traditional; thus, for many women, this attire combines the best of both worlds.

Let Us Glance at The Latest Lehenga Designs In 2022 Diwali for A Glam Look, Shall We?

Latest Lehenga Designs

India is well-known worldwide for the numerous festivals held in various parts of the country throughout the year. India’s festivals are full of magic and joy. We never get tired of those festivities, family reunions, sweet treats, fun, and the glitter of happiness in the air. During the festival season, however, one thing always gets everyone excited. You guessed correctly. It is time to go shopping for a festival lehenga. Let us look at the 9 latest lehenga designs for Diwali 2022.

1. Jacket Lehenga

Jacket Lehenga choli

The jacket lehenga is one of the most popular and latest lehenga trends. These outfits have a mix of western and Indian designs. A sheer jacket with a richly embroidered lehenga blouse can give you the desired look for this Diwali or other event. Lightly embroidered jacket lehengas are not only exquisite but also simplistic, making them ideal for both day and night functions. They not only assist in bringing out the elegant and colourful personality but also reflect a perfect balance of tradition and modernism. The jackets of these lehengas are typically made of silk, chiffon, or soft net. Zari, sequins, stones, and beads are used in the light embroidery on these materials. Pink, blue, green, floral, grey, red, maroon, and aquamarine blue are some of the most popular colors for these alluring lehengas.

2. Panelled Lehenga

Panelled Lehenga choli

Panelled outfits have a glamorous look, making them one of the most beautiful latest lehenga designs worn by celebrities. These lehengas come in assorted designs and colors, which can be tried for any occasion. There are numerous styles of lehengas with panelled flares, which are horizontally attached pieces of fabric. The flare has too many fabric panels, which adds to its volume. Finally, color is incorporated into the design by using contrasting fabrics. Panelled lehengas are made from luxurious materials that are gentle on the skin and will allow you to dance the occasion night in complete comfort! You should wear this latest lehenga choli in traditional functions to look stylish.

3. Embroidered Lehenga

Embroidered Lehenga choli

Since the classical era, women in India have worn embroidered lehengas. India is a thriving center for producing and consuming this type of clothing. The embroidered style, traditionally the garb of tribal and rural women, is made of comfortable fabric and can be the latest lehenga for you this Diwali. The long skirt is feminine and graceful, with decorative stitching and mirror work. The short, shaped chole is also festively colored and embellished.

4. Sharara Lehenga

Sharara Lehenga choli

Sharara Lehenga always appears royal and elegant, which is famous for any momentous occasion. All the Sharara Designs are versatile and highlight the beauty of women. Though it seems like a lehenga, the structure is quite different. It consists of a long top worn over loose pants that flare out like a skirt from below the knees, like a kurta. The stylish sharara lehenga has been famous for several generations. These lehengas are available in both plain and embroidered designs. The sharara lehengas are timeless and come in assorted styles and patterns. They are ideal for numerous occasions, including weddings, ceremonies, and celebrations. Do not forget to pair your stunning latest lehenga with beautiful jewelry.

5. Fishtail Lehenga

Fishtail Lehenga choli

The fishtail lehenga is another latest lehenga choli designs right now. The Disney princess lehenga is very flattering on the eyes and is stunning. Fishtail gowns are not only fashionable but also exceptionally comfortable and body-flattering. The lehenga style gorgeously accentuates your curves and makes you look breathtaking. This type of lehenga comes in various fabrics, including georgette, cotton, rayon, silk, and many others. So, if you are looking to glam up for this Diwali function, we recommend wearing fishtail gowns like these real brides!

6. Crop Top Lehenga

Crop Top Lehenga choli

Crop tops with lehengas are presently ruling Indian events and are a must-have outfit for most celebrations. The size of the blouse defines this latest lehenga style. The lehenga that goes best with this is with a straight cut, A-line, or fishtail. With such a style, one of the Plain crop tops or a plain silk embroidered look is fantastic. One of the benefits is that both short and tall women can wear it. Crop tops and skirts are a wonderful way to style yourself effortlessly and look glamorous.

7. Broad Flared Lehenga

Broad Flared Lehenga choli

Broad flared lehengas are one of the most common and traditional styles of lehengas. This lehenga style is entirely conventional and one of the oldest yet most popular on the list. This latest lehenga has always been the most popular option for Diwali celebrations. As the name implies, this type of lehenga adds a lot of volume below the waist. Silk, crepe, brocade, and georgette are usually the best fabrics for this style. The use of off-white and multiple colors is quite trendy these days. As a result, you can select this stunning piece of clothing to make a fashion statement and complete the look in a statement.

8. Saree Style Lehenga

saree Lehenga choli

This latest lehenga designs give the appearance of a saree, but that is a lehenga. The draping of the dupatta, which we do in a saree, contributes to the illusion of a saree. However, this is far superior to a saree because you can wear this lehenga style comfortably and without difficulty. Furthermore, the flare of this stylish lehenga is the cherry on top. While there are many variants in color, material, and patterns, this latest lehenga style’s basic cut and silhouette are trendy. Enjoy the latest lehenga style with your saree this Diwali.

9. Indo Fusion Lehenga

Indo Fusion Lehenga

Fusion fashion incorporates many of the fanciful elements that style creates. The Off shoulder wrapped around cholis, long sleeves cholis, and a slightly different combination of lehenga and dupatta provide a unique look for various occasions. As festival season approaches, women are on the lookout for something new out of the ordinary. If you want to be a style icon at the Diwali event, try on an Indo-Western lehenga, which has a touch of both traditional and contemporary styles. So, what are you waiting for, ladies? Say sorry to the same-old lehengas and opt for the latest Indo-Western lehenga look for the upcoming Diwali and preserve them for future occasions.

Quick Tips on How to Select the Perfect Designer Lehenga Choli

Aside from being feminine and ladylike, lehengas significantly impact the wearer’s personality. The skirts and arcs of the bodices create an ensemble that delicately and gracefully exudes beauty. Every figure will look fantastic in lehengas. Below are the quick important tips for the latest designer lehenga.

You Must Know Your Body Type.

This is among the most essential steps in locating the ideal designer lehenga choli. Identifying and comprehending your body shape is critical for looking great on the big day. It is because distinct lehenga and saree styles complement and accentuate the flaws and strengths of each body type.

According to fashion experts, a-line lehenga skirts are better suited for pear-shaped women. In contrast, a petite woman would look fabulous in lehengas with clean cuts and more miniature embroidery. Identifying your body type can also assist you in determining the best draping style for your choli. Similarly, blouse styles only flatter certain body types. So, when selecting a lehenga, keep your body type in mind.

You Must Determine the Colors That Work for Your Skin Color.

You must choose the color of your lehenga based on your body shape and skin tone. Olive, for example, flatters warm skin tones more than pale skin tones. Furthermore, dark shades flatter curvy women more than slim body types. Certain shades, such as light blush pinks, peach, yellow, teal with blues and greens, and cream-white, are flattering on all skin tones.

You Must Consider Taking the Fabric into Account.

The cloth of your Designer lehenga choli determines how comfortable you will be on the big day. It can either make or shatter your entire look. As a result, it is a critical decision with significant implications. When it comes to fabrics, the options are virtually limitless. Silk, net, georgette, raw silk, and various other fabrics are available. When choosing a lehenga fabric, you should consider the weather, body type, preferences, and budget.

You Must Inspect Your Lehenga for Fit.

We usually buy our outfits a few days before the event. As a result, you may require lehenga alterations during the event. It is critical for the perfect look that your dress fits you well in all the right places and conceals any flaws. Therefore, no matter how many trials and fittings you must go through, it is preferable to deal with the hassle of wearing a lehenga that does not fit properly.

Final Word

Following that, these were some of the most elegant and fascinating lehenga styles worn on special Diwali festivals, especially with a perfect clutch, classy accessory, and, most importantly, trendy footwear. Do not be concerned and start shopping for your latest lehenga choli now!

Finding the latest Lehenga on the Internet

After determining the style of clothing that complements your physique the most, it is time to go lehenga shopping online. Comparing pricing, styles, and collections across multiple designers is a breeze when you purchase online. Make sure you only buy lehenga cholis online from reputable retailers like Kreeva, where you can get the newest lehenga choli styles and high-quality garments in a wide range of sizes. Kreeva Lifestyle’s website is meticulously organized into distinct categories to find the perfect and latest lehenga for your figure.

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