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Look Slimmer When You Dress in Salwar Kameez

By Manthan Dhameliya | On 9th March, 2022

Wondering How to Look Slimmer When You Dress in Salwar Kameez?

Salwar kameez is a staple for Indian women. It has remained popular in recent times as it allows us to portray our culture while being extremely comfortable. But due to the availability of a wide variety of options today, it can be difficult to choose a particular style during salwar kameez online shopping. So, we have cut your workload and created a comprehensive guide to finding the right type of salwar kameez for you. Why Should You Wear A Salwar Kameez Suit? A high-quality salwar kameez dress is the...

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Perfect Jodhpuri Suits For Men

By Manthan Dhameliya | On 24th November, 2021

Make Perfect Fashion Statement With Jodhpuri Suits For Men

We live in a country with a diverse background, rich culture, and unique way of expressing our joys on occasions, cultural events, and parties. Besides women dressing up in traditional attires, men are also known you have developed a liking and taste towards such outfits. In fact, in India, men have always adapted to the traditional dressing sense without hesitation, it comes naturally to them. The Jodhpuri suit is by far one of the most popular ones, known for its exquisite glamour and beauty. With a wide range of...

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Gorgeous Salwar Suits

By Kreeva Store | On 22nd February, 2021

Revamp Your Wardrobe With The Gorgeous Salwar Suits

This comfortable and quintessential form of style originated in the era of Mughals. Salwar suit or salwar kameez is the most popular choice for traditional wear in India. Known for its style and ethnicity, a Salwar Suit is the go-to outfit for many Indian women in case of emergency or doubts, be it office, college, or a party. Everyone has a few amazing salwar kameez pairs to charm up the situations when jeans, pants, or dresses refuse to work out. This never-ending trend of Salwar Suit was kept alive...

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Pakistani Salwar Kameez

By Kreeva Store | On 25th January, 2021

Top 10 Trending Designs In Pakistani Salwar Kameez

Pakistani clothing mainly refers to ethnic clothing expressing the culture of Pakistan. Pakistani salwar kameez being the national dress of the country is worn by both men and women. Salwar refers to short loose trousers or pyjamas and kameez with this referring to shirts. Typically, it is cut long and straight and paired usually with pants or churidar. The side seams are open below the waistline (the opening is known as chalk), giving the wearer greater freedom of movement. Women prefer wearing salwar kameez with a long scarf or...

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Backless Blouses Designs To Rock Special Occasions

By Kreeva Store | On 23rd December, 2020

Best 9 Backless Blouses Designs To Rock Special Occasions

Backless blouses are a style of women’s clothing that flaunts the wearer’s back. Wear it with a saree on any occasion or as evening wear or as wedding dresses; it’ll flaunt your looks and make you look confident and attractive. We live in a time where everyone is attracted towards modernity, and the same spark can be seen in ethnic wear, backless blouses are modern wear with a fit of a traditional look. Women are eventually more focused on how they look with these blouse designs. Be it any...

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Trending Salwar suit Designs

By Kreeva Store | On 10th December, 2020

10 Trending Salwar Suit Designs To Look Cool

Keeping up with the latest fashion trend has become essential for the majority of people to enhance their vogue and appearance. Different occasions call for different attire and style. But traditional attire like a salwar suit can be worn on multiple occasions. A salwar suit paired up with beautiful colourful dupattas will look stunning on every girl. There is an exquisite collection of salwar suit designs present that can upgrade your wardrobe. Salwar suits will provide a graceful and modest look for women of every age group. You can...