Stylish Fancy Sarees You Must Own This Wedding Season

By Kreeva Store | On 19th July, 2021

9 Best Stylish Fancy Sarees You Must Own This Wedding Season

With the festive and wedding season around the corner, nothing can look more captivating than a saree. A saree has always remained an eternal beauty that withstood generations and is still the most fancied choice of every Indian woman. Sarees hold an inherent grace and charm in them that is hard to find in any other attire. A perfect combination of style and elegance, a fancy saree has the potential to bring out your inner charm at every wedding and festive occasion. Be it a romantic wedding or just...


Drape A Half Saree To Look Stylish and Gorgeous

By Kreeva Store | On 28th June, 2021

How To Drape A Half Saree To Look Stylish and Gorgeous

A saree is a timeless ethnic beauty that personifies the culture and spirit of Indian tradition supremely and has continuously remained open to transformations and up-to-date designs. This is the reason many modern women keep on experimenting with this attire and fancy opting for stylish half saree designs that are recently in vogue due to their stunning fashion appeal. This 6-yard ensemble filled with grace and elegance brings out the traditional and ethnic side of a woman in a way like no other outfit does. Gone are the days...


Stylish Backless Blouse Designs

By Kreeva Store | On 14th June, 2021

Best 8 Stylish Backless Blouse Designs That Will Astound You

A blouse is an eternally classic piece of garment that got a place in womens’ closets years back and continues to be an indispensable part of it. Even though it was earlier simply a normal garment piece that covered the body from shoulders or neck to the waistline, it has now entirely unfolded and holds a comprehensive scope of creating a fashion statement. Placing their best fashion foot forward, a lot of women in modern times are entirely ditching their dupattas and carrying their designer and embellished blouses as...


Best Ghagra Choli Designs

By Kreeva Store | On 7th June, 2021

7 Stunning Ghagra Choli To Style Up Yourself To Look Extremely Lovely

A lot of us tend to burn a good amount of cash on our dressing styles in order to appear to be unique and in vogue. This, most of the time is not equivalent to the measure of time you take to design and choose the ideal mix of texture, color, finish and feel of your dress. It is the dream of every young lady to look stylish and exquisite especially when it comes to a traditional look. With more prominence on traditional looks these days, ghagra choli has...


Stylish Designs For Anarkali Dresses

By Kreeva Store | On 28th May, 2021

Trending Stylish Designs For Anarkali Dresses

Anarkali dress looks graceful and suits every woman. Anarkali suits are classics that are never out of fashion. It gives an elegant and stylish appearance to the women wearing it. That is an ideal dress for women of all age groups. Anarkali dress design originated from the Indian subcontinent. Anarkali suit is made of a long frock-style top, paired with a slim fitted bottom. The word Anarkali came from a renowned courtesan of the Mughal Empire. Although there are many choices of dresses, Anarkali dress for women is considered...


Stylish Party Wear Saree

By Kreeva Store | On 21st May, 2021

10 Stylish Party Wear Saree To Suit Every Occasion

Not every occasion demands indo-western dresses or gowns. There are events where a wearer wishes to make a style statement with the latest designer party wear sarees. A saree is an outright perfect ethnic wear that has been carried by Indian ladies for generations. This six-yard charm has not simply withstood the test of time but has further emerged as one of the most chic ensembles in up-to-date times. Being an exceptionally comfortable garment, it has continually stayed open to modifications and modern spell. This is the reason many...