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Gorgeous Salwar Suits

By Kreeva Store | On 22nd February, 2021

Revamp Your Wardrobe With The Gorgeous Salwar Suits

This comfortable and quintessential form of style originated in the era of Mughals. Salwar suit or salwar kameez is the most popular choice for traditional wear in India. Known for its style and ethnicity, a Salwar Suit is the go-to outfit for many Indian women in case of emergency or doubts, be it office, college, or a party. Everyone has a few amazing salwar kameez pairs to charm up the situations when jeans, pants, or dresses refuse to work out. This never-ending trend of Salwar Suit was kept alive...

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Trendiest And Gorgeous Bollywood Designer Sarees

By Kreeva Store | On 23rd October, 2020

7 Trendiest And Gorgeous Bollywood Designer Sarees You Can Try

Sarees are the most beautiful attire we all have in our closets. Donning a saree can take a woman’s appearance a notch higher. They are deeply rooted in our Indian culture and make every woman look simply stunning and elegant. Moreover, one can wear a saree with either a traditional look or a modern twist and always look mesmerizing. Whether you are looking to wear it to a wedding or perhaps the upcoming festival season, you can swear by a saree. Our inspiration for sarees has always been our...

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Stylish Dress for This Eid 2020

By Kreeva Store | On 6th May, 2020

Best Tips to Select The Stylish Dress for This Eid 2020

Eid is the perfect time to wear new clothes and look your best. After a month-long of daily fasts, Eid is the day when you can relish delicacies and try out stylish Eid dresses. But picking an outfit can be quite confusing with so many trending options. With Ramadan ending, you look forward to parties, feasts, and stunning fashion wear. Shop for perfect ethnic wear outfits, Iftar dresses, and more. Grab your chance of celebrating and enjoying Ramzan to the fullest. Continue reading ahead to find out the top...

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Ethnic Fashion Trends

By Kreeva Store | On 27th December, 2019

Top 7 Ethnic Fashion Trends For 2020 Upcoming Festive Season

Fashion is never constant; it is ever-changing and ever-evolving. New trends are always usurping the old ones only for the latter to come back later. In a way, fashion trends are rather cyclical, proving the adage “Old is Gold” true every new season. This remains true even for ethnic fashion trends in India. Every year, be it the spring or summer season, we will see at least one of the old fashion trends make a dazzling and innovative comeback. Even during our current situation, we are quite the fashion-conscious...