Reusing Wedding Lehenga Choli

By Kreeva Store | On 5th May, 2022

10 Best Ways to Reuse Your Wedding Lehenga Choli

Do you still look at your old wedding photographs and find yourself reminiscing about the glorious night when all eyes were on you? When you married the love of your life in your gorgeous lehenga choli that you picked with such great care and thought? Every girl has different preferences when it comes to how she wants to get married, where she wants to get married, when she wants to get married, and to whom she wants to get married. But the one common thing most women wish for...


Bridal Lehenga Choli Trends for the wedding season

By Kreeva Store | On 20th January, 2022

10 Best Bridal Lehenga Choli Trends for the wedding season of 2022

The new year has just kicked off with lots and lots of things changing around us. One of the most shocking changes can be seen in the bridal industry. The pandemic has had a defining effect on the way weddings are happening. But one thing remains constant; the bride will be out there sporting the best outfit in the entire hall. Brides are to wear the outfit that leaves guests speechless. It is almost a sacred truth that a woman’s inner beauty cannot be accented any better than by...


Tips To Follow While Shopping For Your Bridal Lehenga

By Kreeva Store | On 14th January, 2022

10 Tips To Follow While Shopping For Your Bridal Lehenga

Shopping for a wedding lehenga is exciting but stressful for every bride as this outfit helps one look the best on their big day. A lehenga dress has the power to enhance your overall look and make you picture perfect in every wedding photo. Yet, to look perfect from all angles, choosing a lehenga style, colour, and design that suits your skin complexion, body type, personality, etc., is crucial. Then what can you do? The answer to avoid last moment dress disappointments, is to consider a few things and...


Embroidered Saree Collections

By Kreeva Store | On 19th November, 2021

Traditional Embroidered Saree Collections For Bridal Wear

Women all around the world adore embroidered sarees because of their lovely and majestic appearance. By weaving designs with thread and zari, embroidery work enhances the elegance of a sari. A saree’s appearance is defined by its embroidery. Its attractiveness can be amplified several times by exquisite embroidery that is weaved with accuracy. You can wear a saree with embroidery work in any season. An embroidered saree is appropriate for any occasion. Weddings, celebrations, and festivals are perfect occasions to wear a  fancy embroidery saree. Net embroidered sarees are...


Best Red Bridal Lehengas For This Wedding Season

By Kreeva Store | On 12th November, 2021

The Best Red Bridal Lehengas For This Wedding Season

The wedding bells are ringing, and people are getting ready with their pens and papers, making their shopping lists for a dreamy wedding. But the ultimate title for the most important attire goes to the traditional red bridal lehenga for the bride. Adorned with beads, laces, and patches, red colour lehengas for brides have always been the centre of attraction in weddings and a great talking point for the ladies. So, if this wedding season you are looking for something that makes you feel like a queen on your...


Stylish Printed Saree Designs For Wedding

By Kreeva Store | On 24th September, 2021

Stylish Printed Saree Designs For Wedding To Look Gorgeous

Fashion is a dynamic industry that changes regularly with time. This guideline applies to sarees as well. And today, printed sarees are the most preferred wedding outfits that hit the market. These are popular among women of all ages because of their classy yet traditional appearance. This versatile piece of drape, in which she drapes her cultural being, appears lovely to the heart of an Indian woman. A saree is a piece of apparel that has a sleek and outstanding appearance. There are many different sorts of sarees to...