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Elegant Sarees Styling Tips


If you are someone who likes to make a fashion statement, dressing the same every time is simply not an option. And with the upcoming wedding season, it’s time to impress everyone with your outfits. Elevate your simple Indian saree look to something out of a fashion magazine with these appreciated customizations listed in this blog.

Elegant Saree

The History Of Elegant Saree Styles

We can draw the roots of sarees back to the Indus valley civilization when it was made purely of cotton. They were made nine yards long for the convenience of covering every body part, even our heads at times. But since then, there have been numerous developments to how we view saris and style them.

The first innovation in saree draping styles began with the arrival of foreigners in India when it was requested by Queens, princesses, and daughters of rich merchants to enrich their traditional cotton sarees with unparalleled works of art. In the form of embroidery, stones, and zari works, came development for better fashion statements.

Trending Draping Styles For Sarees

There is no better way to enhance your ethnic look than adding a twist to your pallu. Here are some exceptional draping styles for bridesmaids and other locations that call for innovation;

1. Charming Classics

traditional sarees

With the fashion trends changing every day, there is a lot of space for creativity in traditional sarees. However, India in itself has produced several classical draping styles that are well preserved even to this day.

  • The Bengali Atpoure Saree,
  • Seedha pallu from UP, Gujrat, and Odisha
  • Tamil Nadu’s Pinkosu, and Madisaru
  • Kappuli from Andhra Pradesh
  • Handloom Mekhela Chadar of Assam
  • Maharashtra’s Nauvari Saree (Marathi for 9 yards)
  • The Parsi drape (Gol Saree)
  • Coorg and Halakki Vokkaliga from Western Ghats (Karnataka)
  • A tribal’s favourite Kunbi Drape from Goa

Nothing beats a classic drape; a traditional saree wearing style is done right by using the following steps:

  • Start by tucking in the plain end just near your belly button, continuing from around you on the left side.
  • Complete one round and stretch out an arm’s length for making the pleats.
  • Start with one finger stretch from your thumb to the forefinger, and keep alternatively folding. Five pleats will be enough for the volume.
  • Pin your plates on the left side of the waist; this will keep your saree intact and stop the folds from loosening.
  • Hold the other loose end and complete another round, and pin it on your left blouse shoulder.
  • You have two options: let the pallu loose or pleat it for more organized wear. Repeat the same steps for pleating, and pin them together on your blouse.

2. Desi Dhoti Style

For women who like to experiment with their sarees and add different cultural touches, this Marathi-style drape brings a lot of character to your detailed embroidery 9 yards of elegance. Accessorise with heavy earrings and an ornamented or even fabric belt for a designer touch to the outfit.

3. Cape Drape

Cape Drape Saree

Wearing capes is pretty common these days, whether in a modern outfit or even a traditional one. Because it has a cocktail-ready appearance, people like to colour block with capes, usually taking it off on arrival. Planning to keep it on? The butterfly Cape is meant just for you. It compliments a stylish blouse perfectly. Since it will be covered in most of your neckline, go for heavy chandbali earrings to complete this trendy look.

4. Drama Dupatta

Saree-wearing styles can be so different and unique that you can change the entire genre by adding a little drama to your dupatta.

Well suited for bridal dupatta draping styles, adding a veil over your head for an extra traditional hint is undeniably fancy. Who remembers the popular look from Deepika Padukone’s wedding? Her white saree with heavy golden embroidery work all over it outshone everything else in this ceremony. You can also draw a similar reference and go all out; this is one day when you need to look your best.

5. Belt It Up!

wedding saree

Builds are very fluid fashion options; they go with jeans, casual or formal pants, and even sarees! Although the traditional version is an ornamented gold or silver chain across your waist, belts with rich zari work have made it to the market on demand. Everyone seems to love the concept, and it’s impossible to get just one belt while shopping. Take on options with casual and styles even suited for weddings, and make the best picks. Already own one that you were with a lehenga choli? You already know how diverse these belts can be.

6. Lehenga Style

Sometimes wearing your saree like lehenga choli actually makes sense. Since both of these have pleats and a pallu, unique saree styles can be easily drawn. With individual pleats tucked in to look like a skirt, combine the drama dupatta with it!

7. Trendy Jackets

Trendy Jackets

Some classic saree enthusiasts might oppose this heavily, but you cannot deny that an Indian traditional saree can be enhanced in various ways, even with jackets! As far as history has registered, ethnic jackets have always been worn all over India, but since they were not known as jackets, the concept seems new to many. Jodhpuri embroidered jackets have risen in popularity in the present times. But if you would like something more modern, pair your drapes with short blouse cut jackets.

8. Ruffles All The Way

Adding volume, ruffles are a fun way to upgrade a basic saree. You can either get ready-made ruffled sarees online or get yourself a tailor to get the job done perfectly. However, the latter is not usually preferred since the results might not be as pleasing in the practical sense. Chiffon and Georgette materials are best suited for frills. Everyone must understand the importance of fabric type.

9. Experimental Blouse

Experimental Blouse

Bridal wear always comes with experimental blouses. This is just another reason to get excited about your wedding! If you have absolutely no design in mind which will suit you well, try the three-quarter arm length with a classic drape style. When you have a rather simple silk Banarasi, an embroidered backless blouse is all you need to turn heads.

10. Saree And Sharara

Who would have guessed that unique sari styles like this even existed? popularised by trendsetters and celebrities, this is your opportunity to look modern as well as traditional at the same time.

Weddings always see a lot of shararas and lehenga cholis. This is how bridal dupatta draping styles took a new form. Surprisingly, one-shoulder blouses add the best style quotient to this out-of-the-box idea. If you aren’t confident enough, try a half sleeve blouse with an open back to add the same effect.

Inspiration From Designer Picks

You can find multiple designer sarees online beginning from Sabyasachi. They are known for producing the best ethnic clothes, where the bride wears is in popular demand. They have also greatly influenced the fashion industry since 2003. With their emergence in the market, the influence has been great, and the competitive market slowly bent towards them. Will you be the next person to make your pick from Sabyasachi Mukherjee? Visit their official website and find your dream saree today.

Manish Malhotra is the king of sarees for producing the best pieces popularly worn by many celebrities. With 30 years in the field, he specializes in unique sari styles that have never been seen or worn before. If it is a Manish Malhotra that you have planned on getting, get mesmerizing modern touches for imprinting this ultimate designer saree in yours as well as every wedding guest’s memory.

Other popular Indian artists known for exceptional traditional sari styles include Ritu Kumar, Satya Paul, Tarun Tahiliani, Hasan Shehryar Yasin, and Anita Dongre. Although Amazon is an all-rounder and can be surfed for looking up numerous study options, you can find the best of several types in

  • Zaribanaras: Handwoven, heritage, and Kanjivaram sarees
  • Karagiri: Trendy modern fits like pastel prints, organza Sarees, and ombre options.
  • Indian silk house agencies: Silk Banarasi and Mysore (Mysuru) silk
  • BharatSthali: Kanchipuram Silk sarees
  • Peachmode: Cotton casual wears
  • Koski: Traditional sarees, Matka print, and hand-embroidered sarees

Shop Elegant Saree Collections Online!

It is time to put away your worries of not being up to date with the latest saree draping styles for weddings. After all, it’s easy to get bored of the same look every time with the upcoming wedding season. Customize your saree to fit your desired look with the above list, and get ready to rock unique saree styles.

To shop your favourite look, check out Kreeva, the one-stop-shop featuring all the recent trends among saree enthusiasts. Don’t want to waste time checking out multiple stores on foot? Kreeva has got your back once again, with their comprehensive website sure to spoil you with choice. So, what are you waiting for? Amp up your fashion quotient today!





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