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Look Slimmer When You Dress in Salwar Kameez


Salwar kameez is a staple for Indian women. It has remained popular in recent times as it allows us to portray our culture while being extremely comfortable. But due to the availability of a wide variety of options today, it can be difficult to choose a particular style during salwar kameez online shopping. So, we have cut your workload and created a comprehensive guide to finding the right type of salwar kameez for you.

Why Should You Wear A Salwar Kameez Suit?

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A high-quality salwar kameez dress is the best crossover between comfort, style, and tradition. It is perfect for all ages and is easy to procure at affordable prices. Furthermore, a salwar kameez is versatile and can be used for different occasions, formal or informal. They are perfect for daily use.

There are also practical benefits to wearing salwar kameez. They are not as constrictive as sarees and are suitable for workplaces. A salwar kameez is easy to wear and handle. Additionally, they are low maintenance as compared to sarees.

How To Find The Right Salwar Kameez Design?

Wearing a beautiful salwar suit and feeling like your best self is great. However, some salwar kameez suits can be more flattering, and choosing the right type can be important for feeling and looking your best.

Here are some important things to keep in mind while looking for the best salwar kameez to complement your beautiful curves.

1. Length Of The Kameez

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The length of the kameez is important. If you want a slimming effect, a long salwar kameez should be avoided as it makes you look shorter. A kameez that reaches down to your knees is perfect as it makes you look relatively taller and leaner.

2. The Fitting

The fitting of the salwar kameez is also very important. Tight-fitting salwar kameez can look gorgeous. But it may even make you feel uncomfortable on a hot day. In contrast, a loose-fitting salwar kameez is more comfortable and versatile. In addition, it makes your concerns about how you look in a tight-fitting dress redundant.

3. A-Line Shape

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If the general shape of the dress is A-line or flared at the bottom, it will certainly look good on anyone. Dresses like the anarkali salwar kameez, which include a frock-like top, can be very flattering on pear-shaped body types.

The anarkali dress cinches at the waist and flares with a lot of fabric at the bottom. Hence, making you feel and look slimmer than before. In addition, anarkali salwars have a certain richness that makes you look royal.

4. The Dupatta

Dupattas are an important part of the Indian salwar kameez as they help add a splash of colour and style to the outfit. A cowl-style dupatta drape can look very elegant and suits everyone. But it is also important to remember that bulky dupattas can add volume, and therefore, you must avoid wearing them if you want a slimming effect.

5. Shades And Colours

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It has been scientifically proven that darker shades produce a slimming effect. A dark salwar kameez can have a slimming effect and hide imperfections. A white salwar kameez, on the other hand, has the opposite effect.

However, you don’t need to restrict yourself to dark shades only. Stylists say that adding a few pops of lighter shades in accessories or shoes makes the outfit stand out. Furthermore, monochrome colour schemes create a seamless line from head to toe, making you look slimmer.

6. The Pattern

It is a popular belief that vertical patterns are slimming as they add verticality. However, the truth is that a horizontal salwar kameez pattern makes you look thinner due to what is called the Helmholtz illusion. This illusion isn’t limited to stripes, any horizontal pattern, be it floral or mandala art, will produce the same slimming effect.

7. Sleeve Length

Full-length sleeves are the go-to option for most people as they look graceful and make your arms look toned. Even a simple salwar kameez can look stylish and chic with long sleeves. Bell sleeves or long slit sleeves are some common sleeve designs that everyone must experiment with.

8. The Neck Cut

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Deep neck cuts add verticality to the outfit and take attention away from the width of your shoulders. This offers a slimming effect as it gives you a seemingly smaller silhouette. However, if you want to highlight your neck and collarbones, a different salwar kameez neck design like Bardot necklines may suit you better.

9. Frills And Embroidery

Frills and embroidery are also a way to add volume to your body. If you want to get a slimming effect, you might want to avoid frills and embroidery.

However, you should consider frills and embroidery in places that you want to attract attention. Embellishments like frills on the neckline, ruffles on the sleeves, and sequins are some common ways that will help you stand out from the crowd and take your outfit up a notch.

10. Accessories

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The right accessories to go with the salwar kameez are good ways to make your outfit go from good to great. Moreover, accessories like sleek bangles and bracelet watches make your wrists look thinner. If you want to look slimmer, you must try to avoid accessories like heavy necklaces as they tend to add weight to your look.

Heels and stilettos add more height, and they complement a short jacket style salwar kameez perfectly. The combination of the short jacket and heels makes you look much taller. Therefore, creating an overall slimming effect.

What Are The Best Hairstyles To Wear With Salwar Kameez?

Hairstyles can make or break a look. Making your hair into a bun can make your head appear smaller. In general, we recommend letting your hair loose because this tends to create a slimming effect on the face while adding a bit of youth to your look.

Hairstyles are also important to the overall silhouette of your body. Different hairstyles go well with different types of salwar kameez. For example, if you are about to don a partywear salwar kameez, you can try braiding your hair as it also provides a nice slimming effect.

The Material Of The Salwar Kameez Matters

The type of fabric used to make your salwar kameez can impact the way it feels and looks. In general, fabrics with a stiffer texture or heavier will add bulk. In contrast, lightweight fabrics will make you look leaner. If you want to appear slimmer, you must avoid salwar kameez suits with heavy fabrics.

The important thing is going outside your comfort zone and experimenting to find out your own preferences. Some common types of fabric you can experiment with are as follows.

  • Silk Salwar Kameez

main product photoThe silk salwar kameez is currently enjoying a surge in popularity due to its usage in movies and TV shows. They are gaining prominence as they are breathable and hence preferred by people having to deal with humidity.

Silk always has a glistening sheen to it and adds a touch of richness to all the outfits made with it. Silk is a fabric that is thin and almost weightless. It makes your salwar kameez look flowy and delicate, giving you a slimming effect.

  • Chiffon Salwar Kameez

Chiffon is used to make elegant traditional anarkalis, sharara suits, and Pakistani salwar kameez. It has a very graceful and royal look that drapes the body well. They are extremely comfortable, breathable, and have a chic appeal to them. They are also often embroidered very delicately, upscaling the fabric further.

  • Georgette Salwar Kameez

Georgette is a type of crepe fabric. It is known for being lightweight while having a tough texture. This allows the salwar kameez to support heavy embroidery. Additionally, it isn’t as sheer as chiffon, making it a perfect fabric for salwar kameez. Chiffon and georgette are two fabrics that flatter all body types as they are very light and free-flowing. They, consequently, will make you feel and look weightless.

  • Cotton Salwar Kameez

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Silk is highly demanded for festivities, but cotton is the most popular for daily use. This is because of certain properties that cotton has. It is soft, absorbent, and breezy, which can help you deal with the hot and humid summers.

Another advantage of cotton is that it can be dyed into a number of gorgeous colours. It is heavier than chiffon or georgette fabrics, but it can make you look slimmer if dyed in darker shades.

Shop For Salwar Kameez Online Today

The salwar kameez is the most popular traditional dress in India today as it is worn by women of all ages. It provides great utility as it is versatile. It can be worn for daily use, festivities, and social gatherings.

The easiest way to look slimmer in a salwar kameez is by wearing darker shades and using horizontal patterns. Accessories and other embellishments on the salwar kameez can also help to make you look much leaner and chic. You should choose embroidery and the type of fabric for the salwar kameez according to your needs and preferences.

The popularity of online shopping has been growing steadily since its emergence. Since the pandemic, the number of online shoppers and online stores has skyrocketed which allows you to shop from a wide variety of products.

Now on the Kreeva website, you can shop for different types of beautiful salwar kameez from the comfort of your home. They offer clothing at affordable rates while maintaining very high quality. So why wait? Shop for your dream salwar kameez at Kreeva today.

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