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Gown For An Incredible Look


Indian culture is known for its grand celebrations and the accompanying gorgeous decor. From Birthdays to weddings, it is safe to say India knows how to celebrate. But along with the music and the sweets, the women attending these functions turn up in intricately designed ethnic wear. A ceremony sees a wide variety of clothing styles and trends from Sarees to Gowns; the women are dressed in bright, radiant colours. Gowns are a common choice of attire for both formal as well as semi-formal occasions. Indian fashion is known for its variety in “Gown-Like” dresses as many women sport ghagras, anarkalis, lehenga cholis and more.

Gown Styles


Some Gown Styles To Know About:

Gowns have been a more recent addition to the wardrobe for ceremonies. The latest gown styles are known to be a mixture of western styles and the traditional Indian style. Gowns can differ based on the shape, length and material as well.

The Variations of Gowns Based On The Shape Are:

1. Ball Gowns:

Ball Gown


These gowns are known for their large volume. It is a common choice for brides around the world. Many brides who have opted to find their wedding gowns online choose this option. A typical ball gown consists of a bodice adorned with lace or embroidery, while the bottom consists of several layers of tulle or other light material. This is a great option for women who are tall and possess a substantial build. These gowns are perfect for a formal occasion.

2. A-Line Gowns:

A-Line Gown


Their A-shaped skirt characterises these types of gowns and sets them apart. The upper part or bodice of the dress clings to the torso while the bottom falls straight down. This shape can accentuate your curves while delivering a very elegant look. These party wear gowns are a common occurrence for evening soirees or semi-formal occasions.

3. Mermaid Gowns:

These gowns are perfect for women that possess an hour-glass shaped body and wish to flaunt it. The Mermaid dress is the perfect dress to showcase one’s undulations and bring the wearer a regal, delicate look. The characteristic feature of this dress is the enlarged bottom, similar to that of a tail of a mermaid. The style is a favourite among designer party wear gowns as it screams class and sophistication.

4. Empire Waisted Gowns:

Empire Waisted Gown


This gown style is known for its high waist. This gown is similar to that of an Anarkali when considering the shape of the gown. In addition to this, these gowns are a great option for women who are pregnant as it offers space and freedom around the stomach region. These gowns can also end with a small train and are heavily customizable. The train can add class to the gown more suitable for a wedding.

5. Straight Gowns:

These gowns are also sheath gowns. They are known for their linear shape. The dress is not divided into separate halves above and below the waist. Therefore, this new gown design is popular among more petite women who wish to appear taller. This kind of gown offers a more subdued look. For this reason, it will be a perfect option for a more casual social gathering.

Straight Gown


Among all the above options, the Indo-Western influence is most seen in the A-Line gowns. Therefore these gowns are commonly seen as party wear Indian dresses for a typical traditional ceremony. Most Indian inspired variations of this gown possess a dupatta along with the dress. The dupatta will contain embroidery that will add another dimension to the dress. The dupatta will be able to add more value to the dress around the neck or torso region.

Choosing From a Range of Materials:

The segregation of gowns can also be done based on the material that is used to make them. The most common types of material range from light and airy chiffon to a thicker Georgette material. In addition to this, A gown can deliver quite a statement by itself. However, accessories can always complete the look. The number of accessories you choose to wear can differ based on the occasion that you will be attending.

Readymade Gowns Online Consist of the Following Materials:

  • Silk

Silk is the most famous material to create Indian gowns online. The gowns made from silk have a voluminous lower region while the bodice clings to the torso. A variety of silk is used to make traditional gowns. A few variants are Taffeta Silk, Malabari Silk, Art Silk and more. With a printed pattern, these silks give each gown a regal look making it the perfect option for a formal outing.

variety of silk

Accessories: When it comes to pairing earrings and bags with these gowns, the job is easy. Silk gowns demand high-end accessories like traditional gold earrings with a significant length. If the dress possesses a wide boat neck, then adding a necklace can also better the look provided the earrings are not large.

  • Georgette:

The designer gowns made from the Georgette material is a great option for all seasons. The material is breathable and airy, which is perfect to bear the summer heat. It also has a soft texture that falls like that of chiffon. Therefore, you can achieve a more expensive look on a budget.


designer gowns

Accessories: Georgette Gowns require a bit more sprucing up if it is a formal occasion that you are attending. However, you can also opt for a more simple but elegant look and wear smaller, delicate jewellery.

  • Velvet:

This type of gown is usually found in the A-Line or Straight style. The material is thick and heavy and does not require too many layers. It is also a more simple design but still perfect for the nights requiring some classy outfits. Beautiful long gowns with sleeves made of velvet are a go-to option for winter weddings and social outings.

simple design gown


Accessories: Velvet gowns are said to be best left alone. That is to say, the material does the talking and will, therefore, not need too much jewellery as well. However, given the situation, you can add larger pieces to make more of a statement.

  • Cotton:

The gowns made from cotton are made for summer. The breathable fabric will prevent you from feeling claustrophobic. There is an element of freedom that also comes with a cotton dress. The print on the cotton gowns available online is intricate and unapologetically ethnic. Therefore, on the hot, summer days when the sun is glaring, cotton dresses are perfect.

Accessories: Cotton gowns will require bold jewellery to complete the look as the material is not very ceremonial. However, if the dress possesses a bolder ethnic print, it will call for a pair of conspicuous earrings and a beautiful necklace.

  • Satin:

Satin is a light material as well as shiny. Therefore, the new stylish gowns are made from satin more often than not. This material is interesting because the shine from the material can stand out, especially in the presence of bright lights. The gowns are also cheaper in comparison to others as well as lighter. The print is usually embedded into the satin and will not wash off easily. The material also possesses a youthful bounce to it. Therefore, you will emit a graceful look while donning this gorgeous gown.


gorgeous gown

Accessories: These dresses are quite the statement on their own. However, they do require a fair share of jewellery to bring the entire look together. In addition to this, most satin gowns come with a dupatta as well. Therefore, you can use this material to add more colour to the top part of the dress.

Perfect Occasions for a Gown:

There is no need for an excuse to wear a gown. It is probably one of the most classy options out there. However, most people believe that a gown can only be worn to formal black tie events, which is certainly not the case. As mentioned before, the type of material that makes the gown has a big influence on which type of occasion you are attending. Gowns are always a good option for weddings, sangeets, engagement and other social gatherings involving a prominent glam factor.

Perfect Occasions for a Gown


However, you can sneak into less formal events like birthdays with a flowy cotton gown. The birthday girl gets an unspoken free pass to put on a gown. A netted gown during a hot summer afternoon meeting is the perfect semi-casual outfit. A sheer chiffon designer evening gown online in India is also an unforgettable option for a fancy dinner on the shore.

Where to Get One?

However, the gown offers more comfort in comparison to these other options. One of the primary reasons for this is that gowns can cover up the midrib region, a preferred option for women who are not confident. Therefore, it is a more suitable choice for conservative women.

Gowns also offer a sense of comfort along with a class that is irreplaceable by other options. You can choose from various options regarding material and colour by searching up “Gown online shopping” and visiting the Kreeva Website for more information.



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