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Women frequently struggle with deciding what to wear to work. Those formal shirts and pencil-cut trousers look sharp, but after a few days they start to feel very monotonous. How long can you continue to wear plain shirts and trousers? You must give your work wardrobe some colour and flair, after all.

How to style your ethnic wear for work:

1. Palazzo:

My favourite ethnic outfit to wear to work is a palazzo. You feel incredibly liberated in its spaciousness and ease. Sometimes wearing western clothing seems so constricting that you are unable to remain comfortable over long office hours. Palazzos therefore come to your aid in such circumstances.

2. Set aside the dupatta:

We recognise that the dupatta serves as a means of tying your ethnic attire together, but you may decide not to wear it to work. Put on a jacket or a shrug in place of a dupatta. If you don’t want to get rid of your dupatta, you may add a contemporary touch to your overall appearance by using a stylish belt to hold it in place. Designer Kurtis with a lot of intricate embroidery are never a good idea, so go for simple, understated styles. Yes, you can occasionally wear Kurtis with elaborate decorations.

3. Wear ethnic jacket over Kurtis:

An excellent way to update your traditional look is to wear an ethnic jacket. Layer a jacket over a kurta or a long kurta to give your preferred appearance more structure. There are several different styles available, including quarter and full sleeves. Even in the winter, you can wear them.

4. Accessorising is the key:

You may give any outfit more charm by accessorising with traditional jewellery. If you want to add the right amount of blink to your outfit, whether it is a western or Indian ethnic dress, pair it with earrings, a choker, or some stacking rings. Select Subtle Earrings or Studs to avoid attracting too much attention. If you’re wearing a kurta with designs or a lot of details, use less accessories.

5. Pair your kurtas with jeans:

You could probably wear a kurta and jeans to work if there is no dress code. In any case, the shorter ones look nicer with jeans. It is not suggested to wear jeans and a kurta if you work in a very formal environment because they have a college-style appeal that is inappropriate for your workplace.

6. Do not miss your jutties:

Jutties are inexpensive, and you may purchase several pairs at once. It can be used as flip flops or shoes, and the options are endless! There are jodhpurs and then there are basic jutties. Even personalised jutties are currently available on the market!

7. Pick the fabric carefully:

To be comfortable at work, make sure your ethnic attire is not too heavy. Before choosing your clothing, consider the type of ethnic clothing you will be wearing. Among the materials that are cool on the skin and comfortable to wear in the summer are rayon, khadi, lawn cotton, cotton, and linen. You can dress in wool, faux fur, knitwear, fleece, cotton, and even khadi in the winter.

8. Pick the right saree and blouse:

When it comes to donning traditional Indian clothing, nothing looks as gorgeous as a saree. However, if you’ve had a long day at the office, it might be a little challenging to manage. A georgette or crepe saree is a safe pick if you’re considering wearing one to work because they are lightweight and don’t wrinkle easily. with a more fashionable appearance, you can swap out your bulky blouse with a tunic or kurta. Wear a unique crop top in place of your blouse for a playful style, or a saree with unusual prints to make you stand out from the crowd.

9. Experiment with different cuts:

With straight or cigarette trousers, high-low Kurtis look fantastic. Kurtas with printed culottes that are asymmetrical. Indian-inspired fit-and-flare dresses are ideal for the summer. A summer lunch with family is the ideal occasion for shararas and short kurtas.

Why is ethnic wear good for office?

Several factors make ethnic clothing a fantastic choice for business attire:

  • Comfortable and professional: Ethnic clothing can look professional while remaining comfortable to wear for long hours in the office. Examples include kurtas, salwar suits, and sarees. Many ethnic fabrics are comfortable to move in and are breathable, which makes them perfect for the office.
  • Cultural Identity: Showing off one’s ancestry and cultural identity by dressing ethnically at work helps foster a sense of camaraderie among co-workers.
  • Extremely versatile: Ethnic clothing is adaptable and may be worn in a variety of ways to fit various environments and events. One can tone down a plain kurta with jeans for a casual Friday look or dress it up with statement jewellery for a more formal occasion.
  • Fashionable and Trendy: Ethnic clothing can be both fashionable and trendy in addition to being traditional. There are many possibilities to fit various personal styles because designers are continually upgrading ethnic dress to include contemporary aspects and trends.

How to style Kurtis perfectly?

Without the ideal complement, nothing is complete. Whatever Indian ethnic wear you decide to wear, you must pair it with the proper counterpart to complete your look. It is advised to match your Kurtas with the appropriate dupattas; cotton dupattas make everything light and airy. Combine it with our white stoles and dupattas, which have lovely blue and red designs. You look chic and exquisite thanks to their excellent placement and lightness as they fall over your shoulder. If you want to keep it a little more casual and are searching for short summer Kurtis, you may go with white or any other summer colour palazzos.

Final word:

This blog offers suggestions and guidance on how to add professional and fashionable ethnic dress to your work wardrobe. The main ideas from the blog are to experiment with colours, accessorise thoughtfully with minimal jewellery and accessories, find the right fit and dress for the occasion, pair ethnic wear with western wear to produce a fusion look, and most importantly, wear the ethnic wear with confidence and grace. These are the key takeaways from the blog. By using these pointers, you can rock ethnic-inspired attire at work and make a fashion statement while still looking polished and professional.

Frequently asked questions:

How to look stylish in ethnic wear in office?

Opting for beautiful and professional ethnic clothes, experimenting with colours, accessorising strategically with statement jewellery and a professional purse, paying attention to fit, and selecting comfortable yet attractive footwear are all simple ways to appear stylish in ethnic wear at the office.

How to wear dupatta for office?

Dupatta can absolutely elevate your outfit. Some ways to wear dupatta to office are by:

  • Keep it simple.
  • opt the correct fabric.
  • Accessorise properly.

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