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Indian Designer Wear Shopping In USA For 2023


In recent years, Indian designer clothing has become incredibly fashionable in the USA. Global fashion fans have been drawn to the distinctive patterns, minute details, and vivid hues of traditional Indian attire. Indian designer clothing stands out from other fashions because it combines traditional artistry and contemporary flair. More and more individuals are adopting Indian designer clothing and incorporating it into their daily fashion choices because of Indian culture’s growing influence in the USA. Further boosting its appeal is that Indian designer clothing is now more widely available in the USA and more approachable to the public.

Top designer wears from Kreeva USA:

1. Off white Kashmiri silk saree with weaving:

Kashmiri saree is a visual aesthetic delight that one cannot truly take eyes off. White representing royalty, class, and elegance must be a must-have in wardrobes. Kashmiri sarees are often made from pashmina wool, a soft, warm material that gives a luxurious feel. These sarees are available in various shades, pastel being the most popular. The saree’s beautiful craftsmanship and rich cultural heritage are well-liked in India and among fashion fans worldwide. Women who want to add a dash of sophistication and elegance to their wardrobe should consider Kashmiri sarees. Their softness and elegance make it a timeless piece we believe every woman should own.

2. Heavy peach silk Kanjeevaram saree:

Every single Kanjeevaram silk saree is a work of art, made from only the finest mulberry silk. It is the ideal fusion of exquisite southern silk and Gujarati pure gold and silver Zari. The threads are soaked in rice water and dried in the sun before use to maintain the fabric’s thickness and stiffness. The intricacy and royalty are what make this elegant and stunning. Kanjeevaram sarees are perfect for weddings and extravagant functions and will grab on-lookers’ attention.

3. Black colour Banarasi silk saree:

One of the most popular sarees among Indian ladies is the Banarasi sarees, made in the historic city of Varanasi or Banaras. They wear Banarasi sarees to accentuate their traditional look, which lends grace, whether for a lavish wedding or a huge event. These sarees’ intricate patterns, rich base colours, and elegant broad silken borders give them a timeless appeal. Even with only a few accessories, these sarees are inherently beautiful.

4. Grey organza saree:

Organza sarees are thin, lightweight, and sheer with plain-weave patterns that resemble checkerboards. These sarees are matte because they are tightly woven using silk, nylon, polyester, or all three fibres at once. There is nothing as classy and stunning as organza sarees. These sarees are beautifully crafted with intricate details. Organza sarees are also known to drape beautifully, which will help in achieving a clean and put-together look. These are perfect for formal events or weddings.

5. Maroon colour patola saree:

A double ikat woven sari, known as a patola, is typically made of silk and is produced in Patan, Gujarat, India. The singular term is patola, while the plural is patola. They were once considered extremely expensive and reserved for members of royal and aristocratic families. However, currently, these are super trending and come in an affordable style. This is our favourite since it delicately creates an aura of royalty and class.

Tips for Shopping for Indian Designer Wear in the USA:

It’s always scary to make purchases from websites that are not local. Here are certain things you can remember when purchasing from an international website.

  1. Do Your Research: Research the newest fashion trends in Indian designer wear, well-known brands, and retailers that offer genuine Indian designer wear before you start purchasing. This will assist you in making wise decisions and avoiding fake goods.
  2. Verify Authenticity: When purchasing Indian designer clothing, be sure the items are real. Consider small elements like labels, tags, and fabric quality. If you need clarification, check the product’s validity online or with the salesman.
  3. Check the Sizes: Before completing your order, thoroughly review the size chart because sizes for Indian designer clothing may vary from what you are used to. If you need more clarification, ask a salesperson for advice or measure yourself at home to determine the correct size.
  4. Shop from the right place: The right places to shop for Indian designer clothing include traditional brick-and-mortar stores and internet businesses. Make sure you only shop from trusted companies or websites with positive reviews.

At Kreeva, we ensure you are delivered nothing but a quality product. With tons of options to choose from, you will never fall short of choices. We are 100% authentic and believe in quality supremacy.

How to take care of your Indian wear clothes:

Indian wear can sometimes be expensive owing to the intricate details and enormous amount of handwork. Therefore, it is essential to keep your collection carefully to avoid damage. Some ways you can do this are:

  • Pay close attention to the washing and dry-cleaning directions.
  • Drying Fancy Indian Traditional Clothing
  • Keeping Your Clothes Organised
  • Treat your stains right away; don’t put them off.
  • Make sure to avoid applying deodorant, sprays, or perfumes to your clothing.
  • Don’t wash your beautiful Indian clothing every time you wear it.
  • Before storing your clothes, make sure they are clean and dry. You can use cloth bags to do this.
  • To prevent the cloth from tearing from the creases, you can constantly adjust the folds.


In conclusion, Indian designer clothing is becoming more and more well-liked in the USA. Indian designer clothing embodies the ideal fusion of traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge style with its distinctive designs, exquisite details, and brilliant colours. Shopping for these magnificent and high-quality goods has never been simpler thanks to Kreeva, an online store specializing in Indian designer clothing.

You may have a seamless shopping experience and locate the ideal items to add to your wardrobe by following basic guidelines like researching, verifying authenticity, trying on clothing before purchasing, and caring for your Indian designer to wear appropriately. Kreeva’s enormous range of Indian designer clothing is sure to have something that catches your eye, whether you’re shopping for a special event or want to add some cultural flair to your usual wardrobe choices. So, start your exploration now to learn more about Indian fashion’s beauty!

Frequently asked questions:

Where to buy Indian clothes in USA?

Kreeva is without a doubt the best online store to buy Indian clothing in the USA where you can find the newest trends in traditional Indian wear if you’re looking for reasonably priced yet fashionable and elegant ethnic Indian outfits.

Can you wear ethnic clothes in USA?

Yes, you can wear ethnic clothing in the United States. Wearing ethnic clothing is a wonderful way to appreciate and accept this diversity because the USA is renowned for its cultural diversity.

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