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Women’s Designer Ethnic Wear For Diwali


With Diwali on the way, it is only natural for women to decide their attire in the coming days. The choice between traditional or contemporary, bold or minimalistic festive ethnic wear can be challenging. This is because choosing what to wear during such an occasion requires you to take into consideration several things.

festive ethnic wear

In addition to this, there is the question of what is in trend at the moment. This is an especially important consideration to make if you are going for a more contemporary approach to your Diwali ethnic wear this year. This article will act as your guide into the current trends in ethnic wear and what the designers include in their creations this year.

The Basics Of Choosing The Latest Designer Ethnic Wear For Diwali

The most recent designs for festival ethnic dresses have displayed a dramatic change in style compared to the previous years. Designers are now designing outfits that prioritise the comfort of the woman wearing it rather than anything else.

  • Comfort: The comfort factor is receiving more importance now due to the number of activities a woman has to participate in during the five days of Diwali. Whether participating in family religious gatherings or engaging in fun activities like bursting crackers and more, you should allow comfort to influence your choice of ethnic wear for Diwali this year.
  • Fusion: In addition to comfort, the latest ethnic dresses for Diwali are also sprinkled with shiny sequins or adorned with intricate embroidery on more modern clothing. Some Diwali Lehenga designs combine traditional Indian wear with a modern twist as well.
  • Back to basics: You will also find that some designer brands are offering more simple ethnic wear for Diwali. However, although the design may be simple, the material, style, and accessories you pair with it will give you the wow factor you deserve.

In short, this Diwali, you should expect to find designs that combine comfort with current traditional fashion trends.

Latest Trends In Designer Diwali Dress You Should Not Ignore

From sarees to Kurtis for Diwali, women now have more options than ever before. In addition to this, there have been drastic changes in the overall style of traditional ethnic wear. Therefore, if you are searching for Diwali outfits online or at your local designer store, you might see some of the following trends that are popular this season.

1. Flared Festive Anarkali Suits

Flared Festive Anarkali

In case you wish to wear something that is low maintenance and does not require many accessories, consider opting for an Anarkali set this Diwali. With this form of Diwali traditional wear, you are sure to stand out throughout the day.

To make more of a statement, you can consider wearing a variant of the typical Anarkali style like a Flared top with a big border as well as a high slit. This slit allows you to show off the intricate designs present at the bottom of your pants as well.

2. Silk Patiala Suits

Silk Patiala Suit

For a more toned-down but still elegant look, a Punjabi silk Patiala will do just the trick. Not only are they extremely airy, but they are also a unique option that you can choose to wear during the festivities. If the silk does not have many embroidery designs, you can use some extravagant earrings and necklaces to elevate the look. Finally, to bring the look together, you can choose to sport a heavily sequined pair of heels or a pair of traditional juttis.

3. Cigarette Pant Suit

Cigarette Pant Suit

This variant of the ethnic pant is the perfect bottom wear if you wish to go with a more contemporary look or add a spin on a traditional outfit. For example, cigarette pants paired with a flowy Anarkali can be a sleek look to go with for a formal or even casual event during the festival.

If you have a maxi dress from a Diwali dress collection, you can choose to pair it with these pants to add a sense of complexity or layering to the outfit. This works best when the top has deep slits and the pants have embroidery or a design at the end.

4. Fusion Diwali Sarees

Fusion Diwali Saree

If you want to stick to the traditional Diwali saree but still want a dash of freshness or a modern twist, you can choose from the range of the newest saree designs. The current trend in sarees is to use ethnic saree materials like that of Kasavu or Kanjeevaram sarees along with a heavily embroidered top which will help to give the saree a completely different look.

In this way, you can choose a top that makes your saree more unique while retaining the traditional look you desire.

5. Short Anarkali Collection

Short Anarkali Collection

Another trend that has arisen in the past few years has been the popularity of variations of Anarkalis. The most popular variation is the Short Anarkali. Its origins date back to women living in the royal palaces of the Mughal empire.

These also make a great statement outfit during the Diwali festival as they are not only as comfortable as a normal Anarkali, but the decrease in the length will also mean that it is less likely to get dirty through the day. So if your Diwali celebrations are taking place in the great outdoors, you should consider choosing this royal option.

6. Elegant Palazzo Sets

Elegant Palazzo Sets

Palazzo suits are one of the most versatile options that you can choose. This is because palazzo suits tend to suit any woman and will, therefore, always be a safe option to go with. In addition to this, when it comes to ethnic wear for women for Diwali, Palazzo sets are a surprisingly fresh option for a festival as big as Diwali.

These outfits usually come with a pair of flowy pants and a crop top covered with beautiful beads or sequins. In addition to this, you can also add on a transparent net dupatta or a long chiffon jacket to complete the look.

7. Dhoti Kurti Set

Dhoti Kurti Set

If you want comfort along with an authentically Indian aesthetic while wearing traditional Kurtis for Diwali, you can choose to go with a kurta-dhoti pant set. This combination can even make a simple kurta more interesting as well as more shape because of the volume of the dhoti.

For a more formal look, consider wearing dhoti pants that have gold or an embroidered pattern on it. In addition to this, you should also look for a more flowy chiffon material in contrast to lycra or silk material to create a better silhouette.

8. Cape-Top Sarees

Cape-Top Sarees

Cape sarees are now all the rage in the current fashion world. From actresses on red carpets to brides on their big day, these sarees are making their appearance. And rightly so, as they can be used to add detail to the saree as it is embellished with sequins and embroidery. In addition to this, it adds layers to the saree, making it seem like a different outfit altogether.

Wearing this type of saree will also mean that you will not have to put too much effort into your makeup and accessories. You need not give much attention to your hair, as the cape and the saree gives your new Diwali dress the right amount of attention it needs.

9. Elegant Sharara Suits

Elegant Sharara Suit

This designer ethnic women’s wear option is one of the most interesting outfits that, as a bonus, also provides a great deal of comfort. These outfits differ slightly from Gharara suits which are just as fascinating. The only difference is that Sharara suits are fully flared starting from the waistline giving a more royal silhouette.

One of the most popular designs for Sharara suits is a three-piece sharara suit involving a jacket, top and characteristic pants. The two-piece sharara suits most commonly have a peplum top to give you a better look. You can go for pastel colors to completely commit to the elegant look when it comes to the colors.

10. Gotta Embellished Kurtas

Gotta Embellished Kurta

Born in the workshops of traditional royal weavers of Rajasthan, Gotta Patti is one of the most exquisite embroidery options you can choose to go with. The embroidery is usually done with gold or silver thread so that the design stands out. In addition to this, it looks best on Georgette or Bandhani materials.

This option is perfect for both formal as well as casual occasions, depending on the top you are wearing. In most cases, a Sharara suit with this embroidery is perfect for a more formal occasion. However, if you have a casual or semi-casual event to go to, consider sporting a short kurta having this embroidery with your choice of pants for a refreshingly traditional look.

Get Trending Festival Ethnic Dresses Online!

There are essentially two categories that you can choose from when you are deciding to buy Diwali ethnic wear for women’s collections, traditional and contemporary. However, within these two categories, you will be able to find hundreds if not a thousand unique looks either online or in in-person stores.

Considering this fact, it can be challenging to find an outfit that you truly like. Through Kreeva, you can choose some of the best trending outfits online to rock this festive season. Whether it is a flowy lehenga or a printed maxi dress, you will find your perfect outfit with Kreeva.


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