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New Arrival Sarees to Glam Up This Wedding Season

By Manthan Dhameliya | On 12th January, 2023

7 Trendy New Arrival Sarees to Glam Up This Wedding Season

Six yards of elegance, charm, and grace is the simplest way to describe a saree. A saree represents India’s everlasting traditions, legacy, culture, and artisans’ unique artistry. The sari, often written ‘saree,’ is an unstitched piece of beautiful cloth that is usually five to nine yards long and is worn as an essential attire by an Indian woman. The Pallu is the final strip that is generally longer than a meter long. It is traditionally combined with a gorgeous blouse. Depending on the origin of the saree, wedding saree...

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Ethnic Wear Ideas for Makar Sankranti

By Manthan Dhameliya | On 7th January, 2023

Traditional Meets Trendy: 9 Ethnic Wear Ideas for Makar Sankranti 2023

As we arrive in the New Year 2023, we have one of the most anticipated Indian holidays, Makar Sankranti, just around the corner. Why not? The auspicious holiday of Makar Sankranti is celebrated with great satisfaction and pleasure in all parts of India. The first New Year’s festivity occasion backs us to our happy childhood memories and excites people of all ages. But wait a second. Have you decided on which Indian traditional clothing you are planning to try on this day? Choosing the appropriate ethnic wear for the...

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Anarkali Suits

By Manthan Dhameliya | On 27th December, 2022

9 Gorgeous Anarkali Suit Styles to Amp Up the Fashion Game in 2023

Anarkali suits are among the most popular Indian outfits and the most fashionable and widely used clothing in India. It is well-known for its beautiful patterns and innovation in Indian attire. This look is ideal for various settings, including weddings, celebrations, and workplaces. It goes well with gathered pants or churidars. Anarkali churidar is constructed of pleasant fibers such as cotton, Lycra, etc. Anarkali patterns vary based on the engraving and design. However, they look lovely and stunning when sewn with thin fabrics such as georgettes, silks, chiffons, tissues,...

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Indian Ethnic Outfits for New Year's Eve 2023

By Manthan Dhameliya | On 22nd December, 2022

8 Indian Ethnic Outfits for New Year’s Eve 2023 with a Glam Look

New Year’s Eve has the reputation of being the most glittering night of 365 days. As a result, the dress code is often elegant dresses, sparkly gowns, and blingy jackets, but if your tastes are more ethnic, there is no reason to feel confined for the year’s glitziest night. You may wear traditional ethnic dresses to any event, whether at a dinner party or a night of dancing; all you need is the correct decision. It is a fantastic opportunity to test out trends you have been hesitant to adopt...

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Trendy New Arrival Salwar Suits to Chic Up This Season

By Manthan Dhameliya | On 21st December, 2022

13 Trendy New Arrival Salwar Suits to Chic Up This Season

Indian clothing has established a stronghold in the fashion world, and it is unlikely that it will disappear soon. Ethnic salwar suits are one type of Indian attire that most ladies love to wear worldwide. However, when it comes to emphasizing the sweetness of Indian ladies, no other style does it better than stylish salwar suits embellished with beautiful needlework, flares, and a flying dupatta. Designers have updated salwar suits regularly with a western dash, making this fashion trend timeless. Many celebrities can be spotted wearing indo-western salwar suits...

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Party Wear Lehengas with The Stylish Blouse

By Manthan Dhameliya | On 20th December, 2022

Amp Up Your Party Wear Lehengas with The Stylish Blouse

When it comes to ethnic party clothing, the lehenga choli is your best bet for looking like the life of the party. These party wear lehengas are not only stunning to look at, but they are also really comfortable to wear. Indeed, one look at those trendy designer party wear lehengas demonstrates how dynamic they are and how readily they may replace even the most traditional party dresses for ladies. Indeed, this ultra-glamorous attire displays that the Indian party wear lehenga choli is one of the most flexible ethnic...