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Ultimate Diwali Dress Ideas

By Kreeva Store | On 21st October, 2021

The Ultimate Diwali Dress Ideas For This Festive Season

The time has come for everyone’s favorite festival of lights, get-togethers, delicacies, bright evenings, and stunning ensembles. Dressing up in a traditional dress for Diwali has its own allure. As a result, now is the ideal time to begin your Diwali dress online purchasing. However, along with the excitement and festivities comes the difficult chore of selecting traditional Diwali attire. You’ve got your work cut out for you with so many possibilities available online. But don’t worry—we’ve put together a selection of the most excellent Diwali clothes for ladies...


Traditional Ethnic Outfits To Wear Diwali Festival

By Kreeva Store | On 20th October, 2021

Infographic: Traditional Ethnic Outfits To Wear Diwali Festival

With the festivals of lights around the corner, you might have started prepping for your fun and happy Diwali gatherings. This is when every woman aspires to look their best this festive season and keep up with the latest Diwali outfits to get the desired look and shine bright this festive season. However, while going for Diwali dress online shopping, many women tend to get confused with the latest fashion trends and usually find it hard to choose the best traditional dress for Diwali. Amp up your style with...


Women’s Designer Ethnic Wear For Diwali

By Kreeva Store | On 14th October, 2021

Latest Women’s Designer Ethnic Wear For Diwali

With Diwali on the way, it is only natural for women to decide their attire in the coming days. The choice between traditional or contemporary, bold or minimalistic festive ethnic wear can be challenging. This is because choosing what to wear during such an occasion requires you to take into consideration several things. In addition to this, there is the question of what is in trend at the moment. This is an especially important consideration to make if you are going for a more contemporary approach to your Diwali...


Slit Cut Salwar Suit Designs

By Kreeva Store | On 12th October, 2021

Different Slit Cut Salwar Suit Designs for Women To Look Gorgeous

Women can never get enough of a designer salwar suit, which is the principal reason why the latest styles and patterns of this ethnic outfit keep flooding the market. With every coming wedding and festive season, women get a unique purpose for amping up their ethnic wardrobe and make some beautiful enhancements to their salwar suit collection. Several stylish salwar suit designs for women are prevalent in the market, ranging from heavy embroidery stylish slits to vibrant shades and luxurious fabrics. These latest trends leave women with choices to...


Navratri Outfit To Wear This Dussehra

By Kreeva Store | On 8th October, 2021

Infographic: Perfect Navratri Outfit And Accessories To Wear This Dussehra 2021

Fashion has evolved a lot in recent years giving us wider choices in clothes and accessories. Despite all this evolution, traditional clothes are something that makes us look the prettiest. When it comes to ethnic wear Indian women have got plenty of options due to the diversity of culture here. With the upcoming Navratri season, what to wear with what is the question of concern. Most people have trouble deciding what to pair up with. If you are also concerned about your Navratri outfit, you are in the right...


Complete Style Guide For Navratri Traditional Wear

By Kreeva Store | On 4th October, 2021

A Complete Style Guide For Navratri Traditional Wear

Navratri is a Hindu festival hosted to worship Goddess Durga and spans nine days. Each day is dedicated to a different incarnation of the Goddess. It is a joyous occasion of celebration and is marked by tradition, fashion, music, fun, and frolic. Like other traditional festivals, it is an occasion to don your new outfits and look your absolute best as you participate in Garba and Dandiya, visit pandals and honor the divine feminine. The sacred occasion calls for new Navratri clothes. We have curated the following list to...