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Lehenga Cholis the First Choice

By Kreeva Store | On 12th May, 2020

Lehenga Cholis the First Choice for the Indian Women

The lehenga choli is one of the most stunning outfits that Indian women wear on multiple occasions. One of the best choices for festivals and Indian weddings, ladies love to twirl in the flowy skirts and shimmery blouses. Kreeva is the best place for lehenga choli online shopping, where you can find many colors, patterns, sizes, and price tags. The simple motto is that there is something for every buyer. Continue reading ahead to know the latest lehenga choli that you can buy. Why is Lehenga Choli Perfect Outfit...

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Stylish Dress for This Eid 2020

By Kreeva Store | On 6th May, 2020

Best Tips to Select The Stylish Dress for This Eid 2020

Eid is the perfect time to wear new clothes and look your best. After a month-long of daily fasts, Eid is the day when you can relish delicacies and try out stylish Eid dresses. But picking an outfit can be quite confusing with so many trending options. With Ramadan ending, you look forward to parties, feasts, and stunning fashion wear. Shop for perfect ethnic wear outfits, Iftar dresses, and more. Grab your chance of celebrating and enjoying Ramzan to the fullest. Continue reading ahead to find out the top...

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Banarasi Silk Saree

By Kreeva Store | On 24th April, 2020

Everything You Need to Know About Famed Banarasi Silk Saree

There is something magical about the richly and intricately woven saree from the holy city of Varanasi or Banaras. Maybe it is the rich history and culture that comes with the Banarasi saree or the oozing regality of its motifs and designs, but whatever it is, the silk’s place in the fashion industry is undeniable. From Jaya Bachchan, wearing elegant white Banarasi saree for the recent Ambani wedding, to the Intricate and regal red Banarasi saree worn by Anushka Sharma during her reception in Delhi, celebrities have sported the...


Palazzo Suits

By Kreeva Store | On 23rd April, 2020

Palazzo Suits A Fusion of Beauty and Fashion Which you Must Not Miss Upon

We all love our skirts, be it a flary or a pencil. They are airy, breezy, and go with anything and everything. However, moving around in a skirt, especially bigger ones, is not convenient at all times. For instance, you cannot run up a flight of stairs in a skirt, unlike when wearing pants. However, pants are not the best occasion-y clothing out there. That is where palazzo suits come in–the perfect combination of beauty and fashion! With a reminiscence to straight pants and a silhouette resembling a skirt...

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Drape Sarees

By Kreeva Store | On 20th April, 2020

How to Drape Sarees in Different Styles To Look Stylish

Sarees are always the best piece of clothing for women. From Marathi saree to Bollywood saree, women change their sarees preferences any time. Sarees do not go out of style as it is preferred by women around the country. From weddings to different festivals, Sarees are in common. Every region in our country is filled with colors and different cultures. From a Bengali style saree to a Gujarati style saree, Sarees are the common clothing material worn by all women. Sarees- Perfect Choice for Any Occasion:   Sarees are...

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Saree Trends

By Kreeva Store | On 17th April, 2020

Latest Saree Trends That Will Rule 2020 – Add Glamour To Your Style

The saree is a very traditional outfit that has evolved over the years in both styles and trends. Regarded as one of the sexiest outfits of all times, ladies love to wear sarees in India and abroad. It looks sumptuous, stylish, classy, anything that you want it to be. There are countless ways to drape a saree, and each day the fashion police are creating new trends. Continue reading ahead to know about the trending sarees of 2020. If you are someone who loves being updated with the latest saree...