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Ethnic Fashion Trends

By Kreeva Store | On 27th December, 2019

Top 7 Ethnic Fashion Trends For 2020 Upcoming Festive Season

Fashion is never constant; it is ever-changing and ever-evolving. New trends are always usurping the old ones only for the latter to come back later. In a way, fashion trends are rather cyclical, proving the adage “Old is Gold” true every new season. This remains true even for ethnic fashion trends in India. Every year, be it the spring or summer season, we will see at least one of the old fashion trends make a dazzling and innovative comeback. Even during our current situation, we are quite the fashion-conscious...


Lehenga Choli Online

By Kreeva Store | On 20th December, 2019

10 Reasons Why Buying Lehenga Choli Online is Best

Lehenga choli has always been the go-to party wear for women. One can feel like a princess when wearing a fine lehenga choli, and that is why there is so much demand for these, even today. From parties to pujas to social functions like marriage, lehenga choli dress is the top choice. Why? There is something so appealing about a girl adorned in a heavily embellished lehenga skirt and blouse with a beautiful dupatta that is just so Instagram-worthy. However, buying these 2-piece beauties is not as easy as...

Fashion Faces

Choose The Best Saree

By Kreeva Store | On 16th December, 2019

Tips to Choose The Best Saree As Per Your Body Shape

Sarees are one of the best womens clothing that brings out the natural beauty and curves. For years the 6-meter long clothing has been the center of attention in the Indian fashion industry. Interestingly enough, the appeal of a saree remains as strong as ever, and by the looks of it will remain that way in the future. Over the years, this Indian traditional wear has undergone many changes and experiments. To name a few would be the readymade sarees and fusion sarees. The evergreen saree manages to stay...


Indian Dress for christmas

By Kreeva Store | On 2nd December, 2019

Why Choosing An Indian Dress for Christmas is Your Best Option

There is a long time for Christmas to come around, about seven more months. Wait, it is only seven months away! While it is still quite early to plan your outfit for your Christmas party, we do have quite a lot of time to plan the perfect Christmas wear. Speaking of your dress for Christmas, it is the unspoken rule to dress in Christmas-y colors and look great while doing that. Whether you are going for a formal office party, getting together with close friends, or heading to the...


Bridal Lehenga Choli For the Indian Wedding

By Kreeva Store | On 17th January, 2019

How to Select the Right Designer Bridal Lehenga Choli For the Indian Wedding

A wedding is a special occasion in our lives. We make promises for a lifetime while imprinting the vivid colors of the day in our memories for years to come. The importance of the day and our appearance on the day is immeasurable. Choosing the best wedding attire which makes us look beautiful and is comfortable at the same time is a perfect match made in heaven. When it comes to wedding outfits, a popular choice among women is designer bridal lehenga choli. Be it in traditional red or...