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Punjabi Salwar Suits Online

By Kreeva Store | On 20th October, 2020

How To Shop For Traditional Punjabi Salwar Suits Online

Salwar suit is the traditional clothing for both men and women in Punjab. Originally, the salwar was loose-fitting and flared, and the kameez was similar to a short shirt. The Punjabi salwar suit is paired with a dupatta or scarf, draped over the left shoulder and under the right shoulder. The Punjabi suit design is comfortable and easy to wear. It is suitable for almost all occasions, from weddings to casual outings. Paired with the right accessories, this original, authentic salwar kameez is a staple for women’s wardrobes across...


Different Types of Lehenga Choli

By Kreeva Store | On 16th October, 2020

Different Types of Lehenga Choli For A Jaw Dropping Look

Lehenga choli is the classic wedding attire and not just for the bride. No family function or a festive occasion is ever really complete without this traditional outfit. However, as with many other attires, lehenga, too, has evolved over the years. Be it fusing them with western elements or mixing up two distinct Indian ethnic wear, cholis have changed a lot just like our preferences. When you set out for some lehenga choli online shopping, you will be bombarded with a wide variety of options. However, you may not...

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Traditional Navratri Look With This Amazing Fashion

By Kreeva Store | On 12th October, 2020

Ace Your Traditional Navratri Look With This Amazing Fashion Tip

The nine days of auspiciousness, fun, and excitement are on their way here. Navratri days have a certain vibe in the air, loud, energetic music, Garba dance with high festive spirit, people dressed in beautiful attires, and dangling colorful lights all around. The days of Navratri mark the days of fasting and worshipping most importantly, but they also mark the days of the competition for dressing in the best way possible. Every girl has the desire to dress in the best traditional yet stylish way on the Garba nights....

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Lehenga Choli Styling Tips

By Kreeva Store | On 30th September, 2020

8 Stunning Lehenga Choli Styling Tips For The Indian Brides

It is hard not to notice the Indian brides’ twirling around in their stunning lehenga choli to get that perfect picture!’ Decking up in a gorgeous pair of bridal lehenga is what every bride dreams about since her childhood. A swirl of dazzle and colors, the Indian lehenga is amongst the most elite and the most elegant silhouettes of the Indian culture. Being a deep-rooted ethnic garment, the evolution of lehenga dates back to ancient India, but it still has not lost its charm as it is an on-going...


Kurti Suit Designs

By Kreeva Store | On 28th September, 2020

10 Trending Kurti Suit Designs For A Stunning Look

When it comes to ethnic Indian clothing, the only word that every woman can think is comfort. One of the most loved outfits under Indian apparel is the Kurti. Most of the Kurti Suits designs are beautiful and suited to fit the body frame of an Indian woman. In the current scenario, Kurtis comes to the rescue for all those women who cannot tuck and pleat their saris impeccably before leaving out for work or going to attend a function. Being easy to wear and comfortable, Kurtis can seamlessly...


Look Stylish In Silk Sarees

By Kreeva Store | On 25th September, 2020

8 Ways To Look Stylish In Silk Sarees

If you think a silk saree is too boring for you to wear or for the older crowd, you probably have not seen the ultra-modern ways in which they can be worn. No garment can be draped in as many unique styles as soft silk sarees. A lot of women from all over the world want to try cotton silk sarees for special occasions as it not only suits all body types, but it also enhances their looks and makes them look stunning. However, a good chunk of women...