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Red Bridal Lehengas


A red bridal lehenga for wedding is one of the most traditional styles a bride can select for her wedding day. Red has traditionally been a popular choice for Indian brides. However, they have made a slight turnback with the introduction of pastel colors and pink bridal lehengas—only a little one. Nevertheless, red is still one of the most popular colors for bridal lehengas and continues to rule the wedding world. Take inspiration from recent Bollywood weddings that have gained popularity. Since red is such a timeless color, you can customize your red bridal lehenga for wedding in any way you choose.

Why is red bridal lehenga for wedding preferred among Indian brides?

Each color has a special meaning and stands for a distinct area of your life. This is why Hinduism places a high value on colors. For example, red is frequently associated with passion and love. In Hindu culture, red is also connected to the rising sun. Mars has a red colour, and in astrology, Mars is also thought to be responsible for marriage. This is the rationale behind why most Hindu brides don red clothing. In addition to all of this, the color red is also linked to prosperity. We know that Indian weddings require several traditions and can span several days. Every ritual, from the mehndi ceremony to the Haldi ceremony, is carried out meticulously and has significance. You will see the color red in various forms throughout these rites, which is one thing they have in common. The red bridal lehenga choli is thought to protect against the evil eye and bring wealth to the home. Other than this, the bride and groom are together during the wedding, and currently, the brides wear colored attire to symbolize the couple’s strength and joy. The color red is not required for weddings. You are free to wear any color you like. Your pleasure is far more critical than any color since it is all that matters.

Top red bridal lehengas in Kreeva:

Did you not foresee yourself wearing a crimson bridal lehenga as a young girl or teenager on your wedding day? In Indian tradition, red has great significance as a marriage symbol. The color red is used to denote something lucky. Additionally, sensuality, purity, and fertility are thought to be indicated by it. That is why we must wear a crimson tika on our foreheads during religious ceremonies. Many Indian ladies prefer to wear red sarees or red bridal wedding lehengas on their wedding days for the same reason.

Here is a list of the top red bridal lehengas in kreeva:

1. Splendid Red Colored Silk Bridal Designer Embroidered Lehenga Choli:

This elegant silk lehenga is nothing less than dreamy. This designer red lehenga for wedding is embellished with sequins, Resham, Zari, Dori, and stones that expert artisans carry. In addition, this red lehenga choli is intricately detailed, making it highly royal.

You can style this with a simple hair updo and minimal jewelry. The outfit is blingy enough to emit the main character’s energy.

2. Heavy Resham Work Maroon Bridal Lehenga:

This gorgeous lehenga comes with yellow traces, making this piece stand out from the others. Moreover, the lehenga falls under the unconventional red lehenga, which is perfect for brides looking for something different.

With intricate Resham embroidery done all over the lehenga, this one is bound to make you feel like a queen on your D-day.

3. Enticing Red Color Soft Net Base Lehenga Choli:

This lehenga is a gorgeous twist for modern brides. With sheer fabrics seeing a significant rise in trend charts, one cannot go wrong with this design. This simple yet dynamic lehenga is such a powerful denotation of a bride, and we are down for it.

Another benefit of a plain red net base lehenga is that it can be styled in multiple ways without restriction or limitation. As a result, this outfit is one of our personal favorites. The outfit oozes royalty and class effortlessly, and we love it.

4. Designer Silk Base Red Color Embroidery Work Lehenga Choli:

Have you always dreamt of being a Sabyasachi bride but have severe budget constraints? Well, don’t worry. We got you! This elaborate silk embroidered designer lehenga is close to a Sabyasachi lehenga and will make you feel like a diva. With a plunging neckline and intricate embroidery on the lehenga, the designer royal red bridal lehenga’s vibe is impeccable.

The soft net base dupatta balances the lehenga and creates a perfect blend of royalty and simplicity. Brides can style it with elaborate jewelry and sandals.

5. Red-Shaded Crush Lehenga Choli:

Ombre lehengas are one of the most popular trends of 2023. The gradient creates a beautiful contrast that is an aesthetic delight. The colors are seamlessly blended into each other to create a visual of a burst of colors. This outfit falls on the simpler side of bridal wear and is the perfect option for brides who want to keep it simple and elegant.

Final words:

Every bride getting married in India or abroad chooses a red bridal lehenga. Given that red comes in various hues, including tomato red, blood red, maroon, and other dyes, it is crucial to choose the right shade of red for your preferences when purchasing a red bridal lehenga. For their wedding, Indian brides typically choose a red bridal lehenga, with lighter hues like golden or pink preferred for the reception or other wedding events like sangeet and mehndi. You may now be desperate to obtain a unique crimson bridal wedding lehenga like this! So where are you going to look for one? Not to worry! Visit our website, here, you can find tons of options for you to choose your ideal dress.

We also provide free worldwide shipping, alterations, and customizations. What’s more? We have you covered for all your wedding functions and more!

Frequently asked questions:

Where to buy red bridal lehenga?

If you are into online shopping, Kreeva is the answer for you. With 100% quality products at minimal rates, they also provide customization and alteration options along with free shipping worldwide.

How to reuse red bridal lehenga?

Some ways you can reuse your bridal lehenga is by:
Pairing it with a plain, simple blouse
Pair it with a crop top or denim jacket for a fusion look
Mix and match the blouse with other pair of pants

Why do brides wear red bangles?

Red bangles are often considered to be a significant part of an attire. It holds cultural and symbolic significance in quite a few religions.

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