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Every bride dream of looking gorgeous on her special day. Women begin planning their perfect lehenga choli months in advance! Whether you are attending a wedding or planning your own, with wedding season right around the corner it is time to start looking for the best lehenga designs. While we often spend days and months searching for the lehenga blouse with the perfect colour, patchwork, embroidery, and make it, we do not always consider if we are choosing one that best fits our body.

latest lehenga designs


Every year, the latest lehenga designs keep changing to keep up with the newest trends in the market. This leaves you with hundreds of lehenga choli designs to choose from! In order to choose one that best fits you and your body type, it’s important to understand which body type you belong to.

Identifying Your Body Type Before Buying the Perfect Lehenga Choli

Now, let us try and determine which body type you belong to so you can purchase a new lehenga choli that makes you look like the belle of the ball this wedding season!

There Are Five Main Body-Types

1. Apple Shaped:

Also known as round or circle shape, apple-bodied individuals usually have a less-defined waist and curvy body.

2. Rectangle Shaped:

With all of the measurements equally balanced, rectangle bodied women usually have a slightly straighter torso than the others.

3. Hourglass Shaped:

hour glass lehenga choli

Women with hourglass bodies have a clearly defined waist and a balanced hip to shoulder ratio.

4. Pear-Shaped:

Also called the triangle shape, the pear-shaped body types have broad hips, typically broader than their shoulders.

5. Inverted Triangle:

Women with an inverted triangle shaped body have shoulders that are broader than the hips.

Based on the category you fall into, you can choose from the latest lehenga collection, the one that suits you best!

Selecting The Best Lehenga Choli For Your Body Type

Now that you’ve understood your body type, let’s see which wedding lehenga best suits yours. There are two ways to spot the perfect bridal lehenga according to your body type, one is to search exclusively for your type and the second way is to go through the latest lehengas that suit more than one type and choose one that best suits you.

Choosing A Lehenga According To Your Body Type

Apple Bodied and Inverted Triangle:


Bridal lehenga

If you have an apple-shaped or an inverted triangle body, it is best to choose a lehenga skirt that is layered and flowy. Bridal lehenga designs made of softer and lighter fabrics with pastel colours will emphasize the waist and make you look beautiful on your special day. For the top of the blouse, choose necklines that are wider and do not emphasize the upper body. For the lehenga chunni, choose a lighter fabric, similar to the skirt, and wear it as a veil or around your elbows instead of on your shoulders or over your neckline as this might make your upper body look heavier than usual. The best choice for this type is ruffled or flared lehenga with a jacket or peplum top.

Rectangle Shaped:

For women with an H- shaped or a rectangle body-type, the lehenga must bring out the curves in your athletic body. So, you choose a long choli lehenga that has a skirt with embroidery or noticeable designs and is made of a rich stiff fabric like raw silk and is heavily flared. For the blouse focus on a deep necked blouse whose plunging neckline creates an image of curves on your upper body. Choose a dupatta that is soft and flowy (preferably transparent fabric) that completes the outfit. The best choice of lehengas for this type is A-line lehengas or high-waisted skirts with cropped tops.



Pear-shaped lehenga

Pear-shaped bodies are those with a heavy lower body and usually a very small upper half. So, you should try and choose a simple lehenga choli with the skirt made in plain fabrics and is very flowy in nature. The blouse should be the highlight of the ensemble so go for heavily embroidered or brightly coloured blouses that bring out the beauty of your clavicles and arms. Try wearing a cape-like dupatta that emphasizes your upper body and isn’t too heavy or long, as this may make the hips look larger than they are. The best choice for this body type is to get flared lehengas with a top-heavy pattern.

Hourglass Shaped:

Hourglass bodies are the easiest to choose for since almost all dresses look good on these women! With an X-shaped or curvy figure, the best wedding lehenga choli for this type is A-line lehengas with flowy skirts made of fabric like Velvet or Chiffon that isn’t stiff but instead compliments your curves. When it comes to the blouse, choose one that is short, flaunts your waist, and emphasizes your upper curves. Any sort of dupatta works for you but ensure that you do not cover up your waist. When it comes to the best choice for you, the list is endless! You could try experimenting with various styles and ones like the fishtail type or a lehenga saree would look great on you.

Lehengas That Suit More Than One Body Type

While you can set out with the best lehenga in your mind according to your body type, if you’re one to enjoy a little experimenting, here are some lehenga choli designs that go with more than one body type.

● A-line Lehenga:


A-line Lehenga

Perfect for hourglass, pear-shaped rectangle body types, A-line lehengas focus more on the blouse and the dupattas and are usually made of lighter fabrics, making them easier to carry and an elegant choice for brides.

● Mermaid Lehenga:

Many party wear lehengas follow this style and it is perfect for rectangle-shaped and hourglass bodies. The Mermaid lehenga beautifully accentuates the hips and the waist and adds the oomph to the entire look.

● Straight Cut Lehenga:

Great for apple-shaped and rectangle body-types, the straight cut lehenga flows with the shape of the body and brings out the curves, creating a balance between the upper and lower halves of the ensemble.

● Jacket Lehenga:


Jacket Lehenga

Jacket Lehenga is quite versatile and expertly hides or creates volumes wherever required, making it the right choice for apple bodied and inverted triangle types.

● Sharara Lehenga:

The sharara cut lehenga is a great choice for all the body types as it is elegant, comfortable, and easy to wear. It is usually heavily embroidered and gives a balanced look to the entire body. Its special feature is that it is a trouser in the form of a skirt, hence making it a comfortable outfit as well. This makes it an ideal choice if you’re looking to buy a lehenga online since size issues are generally not a problem with this one.

Shopping For The Perfect Lehenga Online

Once you’ve decided which kind of outfit you want to wear that best suits that body type you have, it’s time for some lehenga online shopping! Online shopping also helps you compare the prices, designs, and collections of various designers all from the comfort of your home. If you’re planning to buy lehenga choli online, make sure you get it from professional e-retail sites like Kreeva, which not only offer the latest lehenga choli designs but also ones with exceptional quality and a variety of sizes. Kreeva lifestyle also has a beautifully segregated user-friendly website, with each lehenga type offering plenty of collections, making it easy for you to choose on for your body type.


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