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10 Latest Trends In Bridal Lehenga You Should Know About


As we have entered the year 2022, it’s a chance to explore a few latest bridal lehenga fashion trends, particularly classic outfits like lehengas. While most of the world is embracing simple dress alternatives, Indian brides are going all out and playing with their bridal outfits. Every bride-to-be conducts much research in order to select the perfect lehenga. With so many options on the market, finding the perfect lehenga can be difficult.

In fact, the amount spent on wedding arrangements and the venue is far less than the amount spent on the bride’s outfits. Brides are all about appreciating unconventional choices and trends. The latest bridal lehenga for 2022 brides ranges from ornate OTT ensembles to subtle pastel tones.

The Most Trendy Bridal Lehengas You Need In Your Wardrobe

Please scroll down to view our dig into the increasing trends in bridal lehengas for 2022 to get a sense of what we anticipate seeing from our beautiful brides this year!

Serene White Bridal Lehenga

1. Serene White

When we talk or think about an Indian bride, the colour red and its relatives, such as orange, pink, maroon, and so on, come to mind. However, no one could have predicted that brides would wear white on their wedding day. However, as time passes, traditions vary, like those involved in weddings. As a result, we’re seeing more brides wearing white lehengas to their weddings. White bridal lehengas are both aesthetically pleasing and beautiful, and their whimsical aspects make them stand out.

2. Go Pastel

latest bridal lehenga with sober pastel

Today’s brides are not afraid to explore and openly pursue their wishes. As a result, instead of the typical bright reds, they are choosing pastel lehenga tones for their big event. Designers are now experimenting with amazing pastel colours and bringing traditional bridal ensembles to life. Pastel lehenga patterns have been a rage for several years, and we know they are here to remain. In 2022, grace your wedding ceremonies with the latest bridal lehenga with sober pastel colours like pink, peach, and pale green to defy customs.

3. Imprint with your Printed lehenga

Brides have preferred comfort above style when picking between the two, especially during pre-wedding gatherings. Brides are increasingly choosing printed lehengas for pre-wedding festivities such as Mehendi and haldi, leaving the primary fairy-tale sentiments for their wedding day. And just because these lehengas are more relaxed doesn’t indicate they’re any less lovely. Printed lehengas are one of the new latest bridal lehengas that appeal to us more because of their distinctive colours and vibrant prints. They are also the most easily repurposed.

4. Is the golden era back?

Golden lehengas are one of the party wear latest lehenga designs, and they may be worn from the wedding to the afterparty. Gold will be a popular choice for brides in 2022. If there’s one thing brides think about before going shopping, it’s the lehenga colours. Colours are important in Indian weddings, with a different one designated for each ceremony, like yellow for the haldi ceremony, green for Mehendi night, and red for the big day.

Of course, the typical colour listing has changed. This season, brides are exploring fascinating new lehenga colour combinations such as teaming up golden and light pink, orange, mint green, etc., giving the brides a gorgeous and subtle look. However, we are convinced that there will be plenty more in any designer’s collection this year.

5. Tale with Trail

A long or short lehenga trail is the latest trend of bridal lehenga that can lend a stunning queen-like aura to your wedding outfit. Several designers and couture labels have begun to include these sweeping trails in their lehenga patterns. And brides are obsessed with them! We expect a surge in this trend and want to see more spectacular lehenga trails in 2022.

6. Anarkali in lehenga

Anarkali Lehenga is an ethnic garment that will always be a popular and fashionable choice. Several Kalidar Lehengas designs are available, such as 8 Kalis, 16 Kalis, 32 Kalis, and so on, depending on how many flares you desire. Aside from this, the umbrella style is also appreciated for its flare. Anarkali Lehengas and Umbrella Lehengas have the most flare of any Lehengas.

Further, this style will never go out of fashion. Anarkali Lehenga is the ideal bridal gown for her special day.

7. Floral fusion

Floral Fusion Lehenga

Florals have always been a popular choice for brides’ wedding dresses because of the gracefulness they add. Florals can be customised to any preference, whether refined or aggressive, modest or dazzling. Nowadays, more brides are embracing flowery print and embroidery as a legacy.

8. Monochromatic Magic

If you want a modern style, stick to lighter shades or pastels. Darker colours look equally stunning when tailored in a monochrome style. Since the end of 2018, when Priyanka Chopra took a chance and demonstrated to the world how to slay in a monochrome lehenga, monochrome bridal lehenga has been at the top of the bridal fashion charts for a variety of reasons.

Several other celebrities have followed suit and donned dazzling monochrome gowns. Not only is the internet obsessed with monochromatic lehengas, but we are too. We strongly recommend monotone red and gold lehengas when selecting from monochromatic magic.

9. Dazzling Big day

The shimmer in any form, whether it’s mirror work, sequins, or metallic embroidery, will be a favourite choice among brides in 2022. The great part about these lehengas is that practically every designer and couture brand can make you a custom-made dress. You deserve to dazzle on your wedding day, which is why a sparkling lehenga should be your first option!

10. Colourful embroidery

Colourful Embroidery Bridal Lehenga

We’re focusing on multicolour since it’s a unique approach to adding a bit of dimension to a design. Multicoloured looks have been seen in fabrics, but multicoloured embroidery is especially lavish for the bride searching for an expensive approach to play on the colourful trend.

Styles Which Can Make You Stand-Out In The Crowd

These are the latest bridal lehenga collections a bride can find in any designer’s collection. A bride can also mix and match other dress parts, such as the dupatta and blouse. Let’s look at what else a bride can add to her bridal lehenga to make it more fashionable.

  • Dupatta turned cape

The cape-style dupatta is the most recent dupatta draping pattern to hit the market. The beautiful feature about dupattas, in general, is that they not only offer a sophisticated feel to your lehengas, but the draping manner can modify the overall aesthetic of the ensemble. The cape-style dupatta is the most recent dupatta draping pattern to hit the market.

  • Versatile V- neck

The low Cut came to the fore, with practically every lehenga coupled with one. V-necks have become a staple in every bridal designer’s collection. It has become a bridal favourite due to its adaptability in being combined with any type of lehenga skirt or on any occasion. To enhance the attractiveness of both while exuding a magnificent styling attitude, pair this blouse with a striking bridal necklace.

  • Bold blouse

There will be a plethora of blouse styles and designs available for the rest of this year and next. While brides will keep to traditional lehenga skirts with limited innovation, the blouse design will be fully overhauled with frills, oversized sleeves, eye-catching back designs, and heavy decorations. To say the least, this will be the top that will add elegance to the lehenga skirt.

  • Blend with Belt

To keep on trend this season, wrap your lehenga with a Kamar bandh. This feminine Indian item, which dates back 4000 years, is just what you need to give flair to your bridal attire. And there are many other benefits to having it. Belts may do everything from holding your drape in place for easier movement to adding a gentle, feminine touch to your trousseau. Even Priyanka Chopra’s monochromatic red lehenga featured a diamond belt, proving that the design is celebrity-approved and makes an eye-catching addition.

  • Jackets

Various styles of Bridal Lehenga Choli

Whenever it concerns Indian weddings, nothing beats the various styles of Lehenga Choli. The most striking style is the elegant but chic lehengas. One of the nicest styles of lehengas is the jacket design lehenga. If you’re a wedding guest, pair this lehenga with a Jacket type blouse for the reception or wedding.

Get your latest Bridal Lehenga online!

We have exclusively discussed the latest bridal lehengas that are trending all around the country and even outside of the country. You can explore various dupatta styles, jackets and blouses for their memorable big day.

We expect that these latest trends in bridal lehenga for bridal outfit inspiration will help you put together outfits that will make you look gorgeous during your day! So, pick one that is a suitable match for you. Kreeva is here to make you dress up exactly how you imagined yourself looking on your wedding day. You can shop on the Kreeva website for all these gorgeous bridal outfits and much more for your events. Begin today by selecting your dream outfit!

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