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Living in the USA, far away from the desi setup, could be challenging, but this does not necessarily mean you are not a desi diva anymore. We all agree that nothing can ooze royalty and class more than Indian ethnic outfits; hence, we have also expanded our store to the USA. However, we understand that there is always a fear of purchasing private products. So, read this blog to learn how you can buy Indian Ethnic wear online in the USA without being duped or scammed of your hard-earned dollars.

Why is Indian Ethnic wear getting popular in the USA?

Indian clothing, usually referred to as ethnic clothing, has become highly fashionable in the USA throughout time. This is because of various factors:

  1. Increase in Diversity: Indian clothing adds to the range of available fashion options. The USA is a melting pot of several cultures and races. Therefore, people may accept various trends and exhibit their personalities thanks to them.
  2. Comfortable: Indian clothing is renowned for warmth and adaptability. It offers a wide variety of styles and materials which can be worn for various events and climates.
  3. Increasingly trending: Indian clothing has been popular in recent years thanks to celebrities and fashion stars who frequently wear it. This has affected American citizens’ fashion preferences and increased demand for Indian clothing.
  4. Cultural exchange: Wearing Indian clothing in the USA is a way to share cultures as it shows the vibrant cultural legacy of India. It fosters tolerance and respect for variety and aids in bridging the gap between various cultural traditions.
  5. Festivals and special events: Indian clothing plays a significant role in various celebrations and events, including weddings, Diwali, Holi, and Eid. Wearing Indian dress on these occasions helps the enormous Indian diaspora in the USA celebrate and stay connected to their heritage.

Tips for buying Indian Ethnic wear online in the USA:

Indian ethnic wear is not an accessible commodity in the USA, and this has majorly increased the trend of purchasing these products from online-based platforms. However, this has motivated scammers to rob customers of their dollars.

We have curated specific tips you could follow to make sure you get the product you pay for. They are:

1. Check the reviews:

This step is the most crucial to understanding an online store’s authenticity. With genuine customer reviews and authentic product images, one can quickly understand if the store is worth going for. Moreover, a plus point if the store has a social media account where you can directly check the comments, followers, and likes of the store.

2. Look for contact details:

A physical address, a phone number, and an email address ought to be included on the website of any trustworthy online retailer. To see if the store is helpful and respectful in their communication, try contacting them using these details.

3. Verify secure connections:

Verify that the website has a secure connection before entering any personal or financial information. For example, see if the URL begins with “https://” rather than “http://” and has a padlock icon in the address bar.

4. Check for accreditation and certifications:

Reputable organizations like the Better Business Bureau or industry groups may have accredited or certified legitimate internet retailers. To confirm the store’s status, look for such logos on the website or contact the organizations.

5. Use internet resources:

Scam Adviser, Trustpilot, and Google Safe Browsing are a few resources you can use to determine whether a website is legitimate. These tools estimate risk by looking at the website’s reputation, past, and security.

It is always best to invest your time in studying and analysing the website before sharing your credit card details for placing an order. This will ensure optimal safety and protection from potential scams and fraud.

General tips to follow before shopping online:

Online shopping can be a fun and hassle-free process; however, it comes with specific cons too. These could be easily tackled and shouldn’t affect your shopping spree.

1. Always check your measurements:

Because you can’t try the clothing on before buying it, knowing your measurements is crucial when shopping online. When shopping online, unlike in actual stores, you cannot physically inspect the clothing’s fit, quality, and texture. Therefore, to prevent dealing with the trouble of returning or exchanging products, you must ensure that you purchase the correct size by taking exact measurements of your body.

2. Compare your measurements to the size charts:

When shopping online, it’s crucial to examine size charts and dimensions because doing so enables you to make educated choices regarding the fitting of the goods you’re considering buying. Although there is considerable standardization in garment sizes, there can still be differences across brands and styles within the same brand. So, to make sure you get the right size, you must carefully review the size chart the seller has provided and compare it to your physical measurements.

3. Analyse the product description in detail:

When shopping online, it’s crucial to read the product description because it gives you comprehensive details on the item, you’re considering buying. In addition, you should learn about the product’s features, requirements, and materials from the description.

Why shop from Kreeva?

With our products selling like hot cakes in India, we have also expanded shipping to USA-based customers. With the increasing demand for quality Indian ethnic wear in the USA, we also decided to spread joy to these residents. With over a hundred products to choose from, we offer nothing but the best deals and prices for our products.

It would be best if you shopped from kreeva because,

1. Offer high-quality products:

Customers want to purchase high-quality goods that look well and endure a long time. Therefore, if our online clothes company sells high-quality items of suitable materials, they will last longer.

2. Affordability:

We have always aimed to provide products at a reasonable cost. Customers are seeking a good price when shopping online, and we offer just that. We are committed to providing the best services at the lowest cost.

3. Good Customer Service:

When it comes to online buying, good customer service is essential. Customers can feel more at ease and confident when purchasing from us because we provide exceptional customer care, including quick and simple returns, helpful and attentive customer service professionals, and a user-friendly website.

4. Unique products:

Customers frequently search for unique, fashionable apparel items to help them stand out. Our company offers distinctive, cutting-edge goods that are difficult to find in other retailers.

Final words:

In conclusion, if you follow some crucial advice, buying Indian ethnic wear online in the USA may be a convenient and enjoyable experience. First and foremost, it’s critical to select a trustworthy internet retailer by looking at their reviews and ratings. Second, take precise body measurements and compare them to the size chart the vendor has provided. Thirdly, carefully read the product description and ensure you understand what you’re buying. Fourth, before making a purchase, think about the dress’s fabric, embroidery, and other details. If you need to change your order, review the online retailer’s return and exchange procedures. You may have an effortless shopping session and locate the best deals by considering these pointers.

Frequently asked questions:

1. Is buying clothes online comparatively cheaper?

Due to reduced overhead expenses than physical locations, online retailers can have lower prices to offer. They are exempt from paying for a storefront, utilities, and other costs related to maintaining a physical location.

2. Can I get free returns?

The product must be returned to us within ten business days, along with a copy of the invoice, original packing, and in the same condition as when it was shipped to the customer. You will then receive a credit note with no expiration date for the product, or you may exchange it with immediate effect.

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