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The auspicious occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi is near, and it’s time to welcome God with rituals, faith, love, and modaks. However, being a colorful celebration, the special day demands rituals and perfect outfits, allowing you to look your best for the occasion. Are you wondering what to adorn to look the best on the day? You have landed at the right place!

Opting for a traditional dress for women will elevate your festive look if you are unsure about your outfit. Like every other Indian festive occasion, Ganesh puja also proposes a modernized ethnic style with the latest apparel. From making it minimal to moving a little extra, here we have bought some ethnic look ideas and inspiring traditional outfits that will help you be the center of attention at the celebration. Don’t forget to bookmark your favorites, and make sure to grab them before it’s late!

Epitome ‘Ethnic’ Outfit Ideas To Look Stunning This Ganesh Chaturthi

Outfit Ideas To Look Stunning This Ganesh Chaturthi

As the liveliest Indian festival, the Ganesh Chaturthi celebration calls for dressing in the finest traditional attire. It would be an ideal occasion to celebrate in style, comfort, and elegance. However, if you are a style-conscious individual, it will be perplexing to find the perfect match, despite having the finest wardrobe.

Retaining that in our memory and making your exploration easy, we have curated the top 10 ethnic wear to gear up your Ganesh Chaturthi Celebration this year!

1. Stay Classic With Sarees


Trends in fashion might change every week, but the classic styles stay forever. And, what can be a better option than a beautiful saree? Bring the blessings of Lord Ganesh home with pomp and piousness in the traditional silk saree.

Being one of the holiest festivals and with a lot of cultural significance, sarees, the pride element for Indian women, are the best traditional dress for Ganesh of Chaturthi. Pull out your favorite colored saree and transform your look into a gorgeous diva.

2. Be Loud with Lehenga Choli

When picking up the traditional dress for women, the lehenga choli is always the go-to option since it works and matches the festival’s vibe. Get ready to present the modaks to the Lord and worship him with love in the modest outfit. You can try a refreshing mint-colored lehenga set if you want a perfect costume with more than usual tones.

Also, you can go for desired hues, including dusty rose, powder blue, or beige combined with the tan. Such similar colored schemes in lehenga will meet your needs and make the attire suitable and smooth for an elegant festive event in no time.

3. Adorn with Anarkali Set

Anarkali Set

Let Lord Ganesha bless you with all love and happiness, making the day special with the traditional Anarkali set. Anarkali suits are ever-elegant options as the Ganesh Chaturthi traditional dress, known as the testament to the charm of Indian attire.

You can’t deny that each woman has a special place for the lovely Anarkali in their heart. You can wear this versatile suit to any traditional event if you want to focus the spotlight on yourself, as the magic of the attire continues to astound us all.

4. Don a Charming look with Palazzo Suit

India festival will be full of dancing and twirling. Do it in the style and honor of the Lord with this timeless Palazzo suit. A mild-colored palazzo suit will enhance your unique style while making you look more ethnic and elegant.

The feel of the outfit is comfortable, allowing you to be more flexible and making you stand out. As a modern trend twist to the classic traditional design, the palazzo is the perfect pick for the Ganesh puja.

5. Embellish in a friendly, Festive-themed Kurta


Hit the Ganesh Chaturthi traditional dress in style with this contemporary Kurta that will make you surely stand out in social gatherings. Despite being casual attire, it will make you look attractive when you are on a long day.

Be it a straight kurta or flared Kurta, a wide range of patterns with hand block prints, floral prints, and more could be the right choice for the festive event. It will give you a cool covered look and make a classic appearance when you have a printed dupatta.

6. Add a Distinct Mode with Salwar Suits

Keep it homely and maybe more simple with this Salwar suit while prepping for the celebration. A salwar suit is one of the traditional and homely attire, a perfect combination of culture and elegance. This will not only give you the statement look but also let you handle any hassles of labor during the celebration with ease.

No matter what, salwar suits can never go out of fashion, making you appear pretty and graceful all the time. Doon the look with minimal accessories to create a fresh and ideal appearance for celebratory events.

7. Steal the moment with Tye and Dye saree

Dye saree

Here’s the formula to nail the perfect mix of vintage and contemporary looks. While the deity is showering you with the blessing, thank him while looking traditional with this Tye and Dye saree.

The outfit is something out-of-the-box option that will let you enjoy the festival with a cool cultural feel. The attire will make the heads turn, blending it with the onlookers, whether it’s simple home or significant social gatherings.

8. Relish in the Majestic Magic of Chikankari

Chikankari will be your ideal choice to keep it real and straight. Chikankari-designer suits give you a ravishing and classic vibe and can be chosen in light colors such as turquoise, white, or sky blue.

This outfit is a perfect option for those who are not a big fan of heavy materials, fabrics, or glittering but still want an edgy appearance, shining like a star among the guests. You can pair the attire with a dark or light-colored bottom.

9. Keep on Evolving with Shararas


The Lord has been brightening your life all these years. Let the world know how blessed and beautiful you are by flaunting the Sharara suit. The lightweight outfit is in the popular fashion game right now while also making an apt pick for intimate Ganesh Chaturthi Celebrations.

As a perfect blend of modernism and traditionalism, the Sharara suit enchants the festive fervor and lets you steal glances when you pair it with perfect accessories. The vibrant yellow-colored suit will be an alluring dress for any traditional occasion.

10. Creating an Inspiring Aura with Silk Maxi Dress

Do you want to keep it homely and yet want to be a hit among the crowd? Make this Ganesh Chaturthi look more memorable while you bid adieu until next year by wearing the silk maxi dress.

The outfit is an accurate blend of culture and elegance and spreads an ideal vibe of comfort, chill, and stylishness. Besides keeping you as close to the roots of the heritage as possible, the attire will give you a traditional vibe when blended with the right jewelry.

Top Ideas To Choose The Perfect Outfit For The Festive Season

Perfect Outfit For The Festive Season

Still wondering what to wear during this festive season. Don’t worry if you haven’t made your plans. Be it a saree or kurti. You can make your festival brighter and add more color to the cheerful chants this Ganesh Chaturthi. Here, we have started from the basics and have collected some tips to make you look trendy yet traditional.

  • Choose The Flaunt Able Fabric

Choosing the correct fabric is important before you go for the Ganesh puja outfit. Considering the weather, it would be better to opt for fabrics such as cotton, crepe, georgette, and skill. You can asp go for light fabrics blended with bright and floral patterns for an exquisite look.

  • Wear the Suit That Suits You

blazer suit

A perfect outfit will accentuate your look by adding volume to your style quotient. A saree, Anarkali, or lehenga choli are some of the famous traditional wear available in different colors and patterns. Complementing the occasion, the Vibrant colored kurtas, smart blazers, well-fitted jeans, or embroidered collared sherwanis might be the perfect options when it comes to traditional dress for men.

  • Contemporary Choice Of Colors

The festival of Ganesh Chaturthi is all about colorful Indian outfits. In general, reddish-orange, maroon, neutral grey, aqua green, navy blue, golden lime, and marine blue are some of the high-in-demand and contemporary choices of colors that will give you a celebrity feel while remaining comfortable.

Final Thoughts

While the onset of Ganesh Chaturthi is just around the corner, you might be busy planning the celebration. If you are looking for something stunning to dress up on this special occasion, it’s time to put your best fashion foot forward, making sure that your Ganesh puja outfit makes all the news. Simply put, this day too marks a great opportunity to dress up in your ethnic style, where you experiment with new styles and designs.

Ganesh Chaturthi, the festival full of hope and positivity, is believed to bring luck and happiness to the homes of people. Hence make sure to dress up in a simple yet statement way to make the occasion more beautiful. At Kreeva, we have a broad range of ethnic wear for Ganesh Chaturthi, from simple silk sarees to grandeur lehenga cholis, inspiring you to create the perfect look like a glam diva this Ganesh Chaturthi.

Savor delicious sweets, dance to the dhol, and dress up right to slay the fashion game, making this Ganesh Chaturthi a memorable one!

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