Perfect Indian Gown For Women
When we get an invitation to a wedding or a festive gathering that requires a party dress, we all get excited, ready to pick the best outfit in our wardrobe, and nothing makes a woman feel like royalty than an Indian gown dress! Whether dressing for a wedding or cocktail party, a gown for women is an excellent Indo-western attire perfect for every occasion. However, there are some factors to consider if you want to look the best in your new gown dress. Do not worry! Follow the tips compiled in this guide and dress perfectly in a gown for any occasion.

Types Of Western and Indian Designer Gowns Available for Women In 2022

Western and Indian Designer Gowns
There are myriad gown options that online and offline stores offer today. A huge, accumulated collection of Indian gowns, including A-line gowns, printed gowns, soft-net gowns, lehenga gowns, gowns with dupatta, Anarkali gowns, etc., are available. The latest styles of Indo-western gowns for women online are also there, including cold shoulder, wrap skirt style gowns, half shoulder gowns, cape style, and so much more. The best thing is that today's gowns mean quality Indian fabrics and classic traditional embellishments and designs inspired straight from the runways. However, the question remains how to find a gown that suits you? Relax! The answer is right below.

Is Choosing an Indian Gown Perfect for Your Body Type Difficult?

Not at all! A-line gowns, Anarkali-style, and ball gowns are dresses with a fitted bodice and flare from the waist to the floor, ideal for most body types. However, if you want a western or Indian gown for a wedding and want the dress to suit your body perfectly, there are other options. For example, empire-waist gowns have a high waistline, hide the tummy, and work great for girls who want to hide the stubborn fat on the tummy area. Besides, mermaid styles are best if you want to highlight your curves. Lastly, for an Indian wedding, a royal Anarkali gown with lustrous colourful fabrics and rich details is perfect, turning a woman into a princess.

Tips To Find an Indian Gown for Women Like A Fashionista. It Is Time to Impress the Fashion Police

Some gowns have a straight silhouette, going straight down from the hip to the hem with no flare. However, others have flared bottoms and ruffles. The most confusing thing is that all gowns look good, but will these dresses suit you? Relax! Finding which party gown online will look like it's made just for you is not that hard. Yes! Below are some crucial tips to help you find the correct type of gown. So why wait? Use these tips and grab the spotlight at every party.

1. Dress According To Your Body Shape:

According To Your Body Shape
As we discussed earlier, dressing according to your body type affects your look. So it's crucial to determine your body type to choose a suitable gown. While apple-shaped women have broad shoulders, pear-shaped women have wider waists and hips. Besides, hourglass women have similar size busts and hips, and rectangular women mostly have no noticeable curves and slender frames. If you understand what body type you fall into, choosing a gown that flatters your body shape will become easy, making you look and feel confident and glamorous.

2. Give Priority To Trendy Designer Collections:

Affordable Indian reception gowns are available at many places, but if you blindly buy them, you will be trading off design and quality for savings. Thankfully, with some research, you will find gowns in online stores of superior look and quality. These gowns have flattering fits, beautiful sleeve designs, neat seams, and unique necklines. So, even if quality gowns seem like an expensive investment, go with dresses with quality fabric and design that enhances the wearer’s natural features through the appropriate placement of embellishments. Buy these dresses during discounts and sales to save money.

3. Choose A Gown According To Your Size:

Gown According To Your Size
It is not easy to find a gown that will fit you perfectly. However, that doesn't mean you should choose any dress and alter it to your measurement every time. Minor alterations are okay, but you should choose a gown closest to your size. You must avoid purchasing a petite gown, expecting to shed several pounds, as this plan can backfire if you fail to lose weight. Instead, buy your actual size when you go to the store and buy good-quality shapewear to hide any unsightly bumps, and you will be able to carry your Indian party gown like a diva!

4. Experimental Only with A Colour That Works For You:

Choosing the correct colours is necessary to look picture-perfect in your gown. Subtle colours like peach, light blue, and grey are good if you wear formal evening gowns. Besides, vibrant colours may not work for you on official occasions. For weddings, festivals, or evening dates with your partner, wine, red, and maroon dresses will look great on you. If red or maroon doesn't suit your complexion, shades like black, white, navy, and gold are always trendy and look good on everyone. So, wear a gorgeous black gown to look like a stunning celebrity.

5. Don’t Follow What Others Wear Blindly:

Gown According To Your Size
Trends always come and go. Moreover, the specific-type prints and styles of designer gowns for women that became popular for a season often lose their charm with startling speed. So, instead of following others blindly, find what you like and invest in evergreen gown styles. For example, A-line gowns dress with sweetheart, and V-necklines are flattering styles that always remain popular, looking cool on every woman. Moreover, cap sleeve gowns are romantic and a favourite choice for many figures. So, try these styles out!

6. Choose The Correct Fabric:

To look beautiful and confident, you must feel good. Therefore, fabrics always impact the overall effect of the dress. While material like velvet is heavy, chiffon is soft and flows gently, keeping you more comfortable in summer. Besides, the fabric you choose for your gown should suit your body shape and height! If you are slim, a material that clings to your body will make you look even thinner. Moreover, a heavy fabric gown dress will add extra pounds to your look if you are bulky. So, select a fabric keeping weather and your body shape in mind.

7. You Can Choose Accessories That Compliment Your Gown Dress:

Compliment Your Gown Dress
Indian bridal gowns often have elaborate details. Therefore, wear minimum accessories if you're wearing a heavy work gown. On the other hand, if your dress is simple, you can wear bold accessories to add a touch of drama. Fancy earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and a clutch bag is enough if you are not a bride and are going to a wedding as a guest. However, if you want to dress extravagantly, wear chandbalis or stone-studded jhumkas with traditional bangles to look like royalty, Indian style jewellery is available in multiple varieties like gold, silver, oxidised and pearl. So, match the jewellery with the colour and design of your outfit.

8. Be Event Specific And Not Overdramatic:

Overdoing your makeup or accessorising like you are doing jewellery advertising will pull down your whole look. So, if your evening gown dress has elaborate details, stick to minimum accessories. On the other hand, if your dress has minimum design, dress it up with bold accessories to add drama. Remember, most Indian wedding gowns are full of zari work and embroideries, so add simple earrings, necklace, fancy bracelets, and a clutch bag to get a clutter-free look. Choosing the right mix of accessories with gowns will enhance your look.

9. Keep It Classy:

Keep It Classy
If you have doubts about wearing an Indian gown for a wedding, let us end your dilemma. You don’t have to be confused at all. Yes! There are various collections, including designer soft net gowns, sequins gowns, satin or georgette gowns as per your requirements. Only remember that you must dress according to the event. If you are a wedding guest, you can wear a slate grey colour zari work soft net full sleeves gown, and you will be all set. Only add bold eye makeup, earrings, and a bracelet to complete your look. All the eyes will be on you- it’s a guarantee.

10. Don't Stretch Your Budget Unnecessarily:

Lastly, with varied styles, designs, and cuts of Indian and western gowns available in the market today, you don’t have to stretch your budget at all. You can find the A-line, Anarkali-style, or Indian gown with a dupatta or pant-style gown at affordable prices. So, decide your budget first, then research and select your favourite gown.

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