Trending Designer Sarees
The wedding day is the most significant in a girl's life. Apart from the bride, the other wedding guests are also quite thrilled. The dressing portion is one of the most prominent reasons for such enthusiasm. Among the most fashionable bridal outfits is the saree. People are also curious to view the bride in her saree and how she looks. So, designer sarees play a significant part in weddings, and choosing the proper one is crucial. Here's your guide to the chicest saree patterns, from Manish Malhotra to other designers, border styles to shapes. We've put up a list of the trending sarees for the wedding season to help you identify the best one for yourself! Sarees most likely define an Indian woman's grace. We've worn sarees to weddings, celebrations, farewells, and other important occasions for decades. As a consequence, each season brings new saree styles to the market. We're seeing some incredible saree styles that you may wear to weddings or other happy occasions this year!
Designer Sarees
Ladieswear sarees all over the world in a variety of styles. Banarasi sarees, silk sarees, cotton sarees, Bomkai sarees, Chanderi sarees, Dhakai sarees, Kalamkari, and many more types of sarees are among them. A certain variety of saree should be worn for each special and specialised event. Usually, brides choose exquisite Banarsi sarees with brilliant hues and textured and glossy material for their extraordinary big occasions.

Designer Saree Specialties

Who doesn't want to stand out on their most crucial day? Designer sarees are the most popular items for several reasons:
  • They have one-of-a-kind designs that are rarely seen on the market. The majority of designers wear sarees that come in single pieces.
  • They may be customised to complement the wedding theme and the groom's attire.
  • Designer wear sarees are superior in terms of both appearance and quality.
  • Designer wear sarees may be a bit pricey, but they are well worth the investment and deserve a special place in your wardrobe.

Famous Saree Designers in India

The traditional look continues to trend. Thanks to some of the most creative and exceptionally talented saree designers who keep adding to the style, elegance, design, and beauty to these humble stretches of fabric.
  • Sabyasachi Mukherjee is a prominent Bengali designer who caters to both weddings and celebrities. Every bride fantasises about wearing a Sabyasachi saree on her wedding day.
  • Manish Malhotra: The well-known B town designer offers a stunning assortment of lehengas and sarees that will take your breath away.
  • TT's Bridal line sarees are noted for their exquisite embroidery and magnificent design. TarunTahiliani is the best pick if you're organising a royal wedding.
  • The internationally renowned Ritu Kumar is known for her use of colour and fabric to create the bride's fantasy gown.

Top 10 Trending Designer Sarees To Rock The Wedding Seasons

Here are some of the most loved designer sarees that every woman wants to flaunt this wedding season.

1. New Age Winged Saree

Here's one of the hottest saree trends for brides who prefer white tones. This white-winged saree with a belt is a gorgeous couture dress for brides to wear on special occasions. The twin pallu that double as a train add just the right amount of indo-western drama to their trousseau.
New Age Winged Saree

2. Kanjivaram Silk Saree

You may also wear a kanjivaram silk saree in various vibrant and brilliant hues. These kanjivaram sarees are worn by the majority of South Indian brides. This silk scarf has a lengthy, glossy appearance. It is significant because this saree features zari weaving work with themes such as floral paisley, animal patterns, scriptures, and temple art.

3. Lacy Draped Saree With A Flared Jacket

Pre-draped current saree jacket designs are a must-have couture costume for new-age brides who love lace for situations where they want their fashion game to be on point. The flared long and the lacy jacket is the ideal finishing touch that complements the delicate saree without overpowering it.

4. Tissue Silk Saree

Tissue silk sarees are one of India's most popular and feminine sarees. A tissue silk saree's border is composed entirely of tissue fabric. This saree is highly fashionable for the wedding event, and it is also embroidered for added elegance. It's lightweight and simple to transport. It's mostly made of silk thread.

5. Saree with Sequin Work

Our list would be incomplete without sarees featuring sequin work when it comes to the most popular wedding sarees. Sequins are both classic and whimsical, and they may instantly transform your conventional outfit. Bollywood celebrities are responsible for helping us fall in love with gorgeous sequin pattern clothes suitable for every occasion. For your sequin sari, you may choose from chiffon, net, georgette, organza, nylon, and other fabrics.

6. Organza Sarees

Organza is a delicate, lustrous fabric that takes a long time to create. It dates back to the Middle Ages and has only grown in popularity since then. The sheer saree is a popular option among modern ladies and bridesmaids. Their smoothness and impeccable ness display the European fascinate's beauty combined with our traditional culture. India is home to breathtakingly amazing dressing garments based on inspiration from the West, and the sensitivity of the organza texture is one of them.

7. Ombre Sarees

Ombre sarees are one of the most unusual ways, combining two opposing hues in a lovely way to create a modern look. The most common ombre sari combinations include mint green and yellow, orange and pink, Sangria red and white, and others. Ombre saris are a great choice for weddings since they make you stand out from the crowd. You may uniquely wear your ombre sari, match it with traditional jewellery, and high heels to complete the appearance.
Ombre Sarees for Women

8. Pastel Silk

Millennials love pastel sarees, and they may help you stand out at any party or occasion. The use of pastel hues is a conscious fixation. Aren't we already fans of the classic "Silk" saris? Imagine a silk cloth in pastel colours. Right now, our minds must be racing. Keep up with the newest fashion trends by purchasing a lovely pastel silk saree and immediately adding it to your collection. Silk sarees in pastel colours are elegant, stylish, and have a richness to them that makes them one of the nicest wedding outfits to wear.

9. Three-Tiered Beaded Number

The beaded three-tiered saree looks great on practically all millennial ladies. The sequined strappy blouse adds to the modern feel of the ensemble, making it a must-have for newlywed brides. This lovely selection is likely to never go wrong, whether she chooses it for a cocktail party or any other event. Our list includes every type of latest saree trend you need to know, from edgy to low key. So choose one or more types that you believe best reflect your own style because your bridal trousseau would be incomplete without the current saree patterns like these.

10. Chanderi Wedding Saree

This is undoubtedly one of the most attractive traditional wedding sarees. This saree's amazing design is quite appealing, and you will be able to wear it successfully during a wedding event. However, finding the right blouse to go with this saree might be difficult. If you want to appear your best in a saree, you should always pair it with the correct blouse. One of the finest features of this saree is the design on the front area with the white dotted pattern. This can be the correct one for you if you're seeking something completely fresh and fashionable this wedding season.

How To Style Wedding Sarees?

  • Choose a saree that is appropriate for the event, time of day, and skin tone.
  • Focus on the blouse's fit, which is critical for a faultless appearance.
  • Draping may completely transform your appearance. So, to wow the crowd, practise draping the saree in various ways.
  • Make sure to tuck your saree's excess pleats in using safety pins. To put it another way, avoid gaining weight below your waist.
  • Drape a tiny embroidered stole over your arms to achieve a majestic impression. To match the wedding motif, keep it gold or crimson.
  • Maintain a natural look by highlighting your cheekbones, nose, and lips.
  • Gold or leather designer belts dominate the bridal wear category.

Importance Of Sarees In Weddings

Indian weddings are incomplete without sarees. They are a riot of colours that depict the genuine soul of India. At weddings, each saree colour and variety has its importance. In the South, wearing silk is considered a good omen, which is why women dress up in their best Pattu Sarees.
Importance Of Sarees In Weddings
They have distinct colour codes for different events, such as yellow for Haldi, red for bridal attire, etc. Brightly coloured sarees are worn in the Northern Communities to symbolise happiness and wealth. Likewise, Christians and Keralites go for modest and attractive sarees to maintain a low-key appearance.

Wrapping Up

We hope these designer wedding sarees helped you make an easy decision! Weddings are the most enjoyable occasions. So take advantage of the situation and look lovely with these draperies. Also, preparing in advance might help you prevent a lot of tension and fear at the last minute. Make sure your clothes, jewellery, accessories, and footwear are coordinated. It's time to light up your wedding gram! Checkout the startling saree collection at Kreeva today!