Ways To Restyle Your Old Saree And Give It A New Look
In times when fast fashion has significantly impacted the environment, it only goes to show how important it is to start reusing everything, including our old sarees! Considering how much we love our mom’s and grandmom’s Sarees and how we always dream of wearing them all the time, its time we take them out of the cupboard and give them a modern touch! No matter how old a saree is, nobody enjoys throwing it out. While certain sarees evoke pleasant memories for some individuals and stand for vintage themes that one would want to keep, other sarees symbolize a family tradition that should be passed down over generations. It could be difficult to part with those lovely 6 or 9 meters of cloth, but why not upcycle an old saree or silk kimono into an indo-western dress? And if you're wondering how to reuse old sarees when buying new clothing would just need less time and effort, go on. It's because using your old sarees allows you to make a lot of things that aren't achievable when buying new clothing. It is economical and kind to the environment. Making your own garments allows you to design comfortable clothing that fits people of various sizes. People may find it beneficial to their small business to ask a tailor to sew. And most importantly, you get to cherish the memories your mother built over those six meters of beautiful clothing. If you’re feeling you’re getting stuck and are thinking about how to give your old Sarees the perfect new look, worry not because we have got you covered!

Here are 10 Ways To Restyle Your Old Saree And Give It A New Look!

Your outdated saree can be transformed into a better and more gorgeous one. You have several ideas on how a saree might be transformed into modern clothing and other items. Your favourite saree will become your favourite and new outfit. An old saree may also be used as house décor. Consider the photographs and consider how fantastic your old saree will look in these ways.

1. Old Sarees can turn into New Sarees

Old Sarees can turn into New Sarees
The truth is that there are ways to alter old sarees so that they may be made to appear brand new. If the saree's torn border is the cause you haven't worn it in a while, replace it by removing the old border and putting new borders like kundan, zardosi, etc. You can also create a new saree using a fresh fabric like chanderi or kota silk and the old border if the original saree's border is still in good condition but the rest of the saree is torn.. Dont forget! You can also make use of two damaged sarees, stitch them up together so that they look aesthetically pleasing and there you go! You got yourself a brand new saree

2. Make a dress out of your saree and twirl away!

Fancy Wear Quarter Sleeves Dark Grey Hand Work Kurti Dresses made of Kanjeevaram silk or any other hand-woven silk, such as chanderi or banarasi, are extremely popular right now not just in India but all over the world. So go ahead and transform all the outdated sarees you were planning to discard into a saree outfit. These sarees may be transformed into a maxi dress, a formal dress, a cocktail dress, or a skater dress. Here is a stunning selection of saree dresses to inspire you. So What are you waiting for? Go wild using your imagination!

3. A kurta or anarkaliis the way forward!

elegance with Ethnic Maxi Dress
Making a saree into a kurta is the easiest method to restyle your old saree. And with the holiday season being well underway, odds are good that at least a few weddings have been put on your calendars. When you can charm your way through the holidays by transforming an old saree into a stylish new Anarkali or kurta combination, why spend large amounts of money on a new purchase?

4. Turn Your Old Sarees Into Skirts

Printed Party Wear Lehenga
Choose the length of your skirt—midi, maxi, mini, straight, flared, or pencil—and the pattern of the saree you've been wanting. For a boho-chic style, pair it with a kurta; a clean shirt for a fusion look; or an ethnic blouse for a formal occasion. You can even make yourself a festive lehnga out of your favourite saree and swirl your way around The possibilities are endless, don't stop yourself from running wild!

5. Palazzo and Pants could be interesting right?

Palazzo and Pants
Apart from crafting a skirt out of a saree, you can also make yourself a beautiful pair of ethnic pants or Palazzo. Thick zari-bordered sarees may make excellent palazzo pants. Pair it with a cute top and throw in a chunni and voila! You got yourself an amazing outfit for any special occasion.

6 Did you try a Kaftan Styled Kurta

Kaftan Styled Kurta
Set yourself apart from the crowd by turning your mother’s old saree into a kaftan-styled kurta. With style and grace, you’ll end up stealing hearts wherever you go. Ethnic Kaftans will never go out of style and so shouldn’t you! So take that saree out and surprise yourself with a glamorous and chic kaftan. What better way to take care of our mother Earth while also staying in Fashion?

7. Craft a dupatta or statement scarf

The beauty of a statement dupatta on a basic kurta pair cannot be ignored. It quickly improves the whole appearance. You may wear it as a chic shawl or, for a more aesthetic, as a blouse on chilly days. Truly, there are countless ways to wear a striking dupatta. You may mix and combine it to create several looks! Beautiful scarves may be fashioned out of lighter-weight sarees, while gorgeous dupattas can be made from silk.

8. Dont forget to make yourself a stunning salwar suit!

Palazzo Suits
Old sarees may be transformed into stunning salwar suits. Use the saree's body for the top even if the borders are torn, and contrast patchwork borders for the hem, neckline, and sleeves. Use an old saree or mix and match items from what you have to make the bottom and dupatta.

9. Cut it into your child’s top

main product photo
Apart from adding a recycling value, turning your old saree into a cute, ethnic outfit for your kids also holds an emotional value to it. While the rest of the world might just throw expensive clothing at their kids, you can, in fact, teach them into being more practical than materialistic. Adding to the many pros of this decision, crafting a brand new outfit can also be a fun activity that you do with your children while also inculcating a very important habit in them- recycling.

10. Turn your old saree into Home Decor items

old saree into Home Decor items
What better use for your lovely but dated sarees than to beautify your house? It's a terrific idea to use your sarees to create curtains, pillowcases, bed linen, tablecloths, and any other home décor-related items you can think of. You can make quite ethnic and beautiful additions to make your home look quite different and more homely. All it requires is a lot of stitching and persistence.

Final Word

Who would have thought that old sarees could be used in so many creative ways? Now you know what to do if someone in your home decides to donate all of their old sarees in the future! Therefore, you must understand how to make use of old sarees while maintaining the fabric's lustre. Don't let the value that your old saree holds fade away because it has aged. Instead, apply the suggestions provided in this article. Let it shine for all time and tell countless happy tales.