Blazer Suit for Men
A well-fitted blazer with a contrasting coloured shirt always looks good. However, if you want to style a blazer suit for men like a fashion king, you should keep a few things in mind. For an ultimate men's casual blazer style look, you can wear a contrasting color shirt with a different shade blazer. However, while doing this, remember the blazer jacket and shirt shades should complement one another. Thankfully, colors like blue, beige, or brown always go well with dark-coloured black or grey blazers. So, when you wear a black blazer, only wear jeans and your favorite watch, and your stylish casual blazer outfit is ready!

Enter the Array of Mesmerizingly Styled Blazers Suit for Men in 2022

Mesmerizingly Styled Suit Slazers for Men
When discussing the colour, style, and fabric options of a blazer for a menโ€™s suit, there is a lot to consider. There is an extraordinary variety of blazers available in different styles, cuts, and designs, fit for distinct occasions. To create a drop-dead stunning blazer outfit, you can select from several fabrics and patterns and pair it with different trousers and accessories based on personal preference.

How do you Style Blazer Suits for Men Like a Fashion Pro? Here are Some Tips!

As blazers and suit sets for men are available in various colours, patterns, and stripes, it is easy to get confused. However, don't worry! To be a stylish man who understands the importance of dressing, you only need to take care of three things. Remember, first, the size of the outfit should be perfect. Secondly, don't get stuck with only shirts! You can explore other options like sweaters, hoodies, t-shirts, polo t-shirts, or even sports jerseys under a blazer. Lastly, third, believe in contrasts. Yes! Don't get stuck with one type of trousers! You can style your favourite blazer outfit with jeans and shorts.

Top Twelve Ways to Style a Blazer Suit for Men and Look Every Occasion-Ready!

There are many types of blazer online for mens clothing today. With Single-breasted, double-breasted, well-fitted blazers with belts, you will feel spoilt for choice. However, you can have a lot of fun with different blazers in your daily wardrobe. Yes! Various blazer outfits can be created, pairing them with distinct trousers and other accessories. For example, wear a classic grey blazer with a t-shirt or pair a blazer with a sweater underneath. If you do so, you will always look good. If you are still stressed, keep the below blazer styling tips in mind, and your blazer outfits will be winning the fashion game at all times. Let us start!

1. Pair A Cotton Blazer With Chinos For A Modern Stylistic Flair

Cotton Blazer With Chinos
If you want a formal yet casual look, pairing chinos with a blazer and a solid shirt and tie is the best way to make you look like a handsome gentleman. You can pair the outfit with loafers for a clean look. The best thing is that artisans make chinos from multi-functional stretch cotton that is lightweight, making chinos breathable and comfortable. So, wearing a cotton blazer with chinos is the best fashionable yet reasonable option if you want to go out to an office meeting in the summer.

2. You Can Look Elegant In An Olive Green Blazer Paired With Grey Pants And A Classic White Shirt

A Single-Breasted two-button lapel collar olive green colour blazer suits for Mens is enough to bring out your charm. However, if you want to add an extra dose of oomph to your dressing, pair your olive green blazer jacket with white colour shirts, vests, or T-shirts. You can wear casual grey or olive green pants to perfect your overall look. Slim-fit grey pants suits work as well in the boardroom as they do in informal places. So, try it now, and if you want to add a little more formality, only add a tie!

3. Pair A Blazer With Denim Jeans For A Sporty Look!

Blazer With Denim Jeans
Are you confused about choosing a stylish blazer for men for a casual Friday party with friends or date night? Impress your peers and lady love by wearing a Linen blazer with jeans. Blazer tops and denim jeans look handsome for any age group, and this style will never go out of fashion. You can wear different shades of blazers with coloured ripped or washed Jeans too! Wear a casual white T-shirt under your blazer suit to look dapper.

4. A Patterned Blazer And Trousers, A Match Made In Heaven!

Patterns are not only available for shirts, pants, and ties but blazers too! Yes, the Printed blazers come with floral, tiny motives, and a check pattern. This style is in demand for men's fashion, and nothing can stop you from looking like a charmer if you pair a patterned blazer with classy patterned trousers. Style your blazer suit with polo neck t-shirts or v-neck t-shirts to add vitality to your look.

5. Wear A Sweater Under Your Blazer Suit To Look Tremendously Smart!

Sweater Under Your Blazer Suit
Are you searching for a stylish office go-to look for fall? If yes, wear a thin sweater that doesn't hinder your movement or get too hot under a blazer. Pairing a structured suit composed of viscose and polyester with a fancy sweater underneath will make you appear voguish in the chilling winter season. You can wear stylish sneakers, loafers, or brogues to complete the look. Don't forget to wear a watch for a dashing look.

6. Style Your Blazer Outfit With A Scarf To Ace A Contemporary Look!

You will see many models wearing scarfs with men blazers online. By donning a woollen or cotton scarf with a Blazer, they create an oomph factor to the outfit. Besides, there are multiple ways to style your scarf according to the Top underneath. So, if you want to try something different, experiment with different colors and designs of scarfs to get a softer and more relaxed look with a blazer.

7. Let Structured Blazers With Straight Point Collar Shirts Reflect Your Strong Personality!

Collar Shirts Reflect Your Strong Personality
If you want to look stylish yet formal, pairing a structured blazer with a crisp cutaway or straight-point collar pastel colour shirt is best. Structured blazers are clean-cut, sharp, and straight-laced, making them look relaxed yet formal. Remember, if you want a bold office look, wear a slim-fit blazer to avoid bulkiness and ensure your shirt is not dangling past your blazer suit. You can wear accessories like a watch and white sneakers to look fabulous.

8. Make Sure Your Blazer Is Shorter Than Your Body!

If you want to look good wearing a blazer, the size of the outfit always matters! The hem of your blazer top should always hit around the thumb knuckle, but it shouldn't be overly long. Besides, your blazer size must accommodate additional layers while wearing a shirt or sweater inside. So check the size that suits you most when you buy any mens blazer online.

9. You Can Be The Fashion King By Trying Out A Blazer With A Belt!

Yes! The stylish two-button, double-breasted blazer design with a belt around the waist is a stunner outfit. Pair this blazer with casual jeans or cotton black or off-white colour trousers, and you will be the talk of the town! A mens blazer suit for wedding with a belt and casual trousers is fun and elegant, making it appropriate for all events, including social gatherings, weddings, or informal parties.

10. Try Summer-Reflecting Blazer Shades For A Vibrant Look

Summer-Reflecting Blazer
It is always good to broaden your colour palette and wear different colours. However, winter-friendly dark colour Blazers won't work for you when it comes to summer. Wear natural, lighter, pale, sun-reflecting shades to look your best. You can also pair your blazer with lightweight linen or chambray shirts to beat the heat and look stylish.

11. Take Your Fashion Sense A Notch Up By Mixing A Blazer With Short Pants

Shorts are unique, dramatic, and trendy clothing you can wear with a blazer. Don't restrict blazers as formal wear. Try pairing the shorts with a blazer to create a perfect casual look and rock during the warmer seasons.

12. Look Dashing In A Velvet Blazer In Grey, Blue, And Olive Colour

Olive Colour
If you want to try out something different than a sherwani or Pathani suit at a wedding, Tweed or velvet blazers are best for getting a retro look. A fancier velvet material blazer paired with bold single-colour trousers makes it a fashion-forward out. Moreover, if you are not a fan of thick blazers, a green two-piece suit made of polyester and viscose or jodhpuri suits is available in online stores.

Start Shopping For Fashionable Blazers Now!

At Kreeva online store, we aim to boost your wardrobe upgrades for a different season. We have a mesmerising collection of blazer suits for men for you to choose from, including several designs, colours, and patterns. If you prioritise temperature-regulating fabrics, you can go with cotton or Linen blazers or try out soft viscose to ensure you remain comfortable. We have it all! Use the above tips to style the blazers, and you will be good to go to any party!