Party Wear Kurti Trends You Need To Know
Be it a party, a ceremony, a ritual, or a family get-together, a Kurti is always a fashion statement for anyone who wears it. They are the ideal garment for parties, special occasions, and everyday use because they are quite comfortable and can be worn in any season, including winter and summer. In the summer, everyone likes to wear clothing that is soft on the skin and absorbs sweat. Cotton Kurtis comes to the rescue in this situation. During the winter, on the other hand, everyone wants to be warm and comfy. Thus Kurtis made of silk or another warm fabric can be worn. Party Wear Kurti Trends The diversity in the different styles of kurtas also stands as an example of the diverse culture of India. In Punjab, for example, brightly coloured Kurtis are worn with Punjabi Jutti and a lot of heavy jewellery. Similarly, the Kurtis worn in West Bengal are generally red or white and have elaborate designs.

Party Wear Kurti: Why It Deserves A Place In Your Wardrobe?

A kurti is traditionally associated with weddings, while outfits such as jeans and skirts are associated with parties. However, we live in a world where a lot of experimentation with fashion takes place and a kurti can now be worn for different occasions. There are different trends which are associated with wearing kurtis for parties. We have compiled 12 different trends to style your partywear kurti and be the party's life!

Trends To Look Out For!

With the ever-evolving world comes ever-evolving and, thus, ever-changing trends. There are so many countless ways for you to wear your kurti. The trends go from pairing them with your pants to even pairing them with a jacket. The creative world of fashion is boundless, and it keeps providing us with different styles. We are bringing to you the latest party wear kurti design so that you never run out of style.

The Latest Kurti Trends

Latest Kurti Trends The Indian Kurti has evolved into a must-have piece of clothing for any woman's wardrobe. If at all feasible, have a variety of Kurtis in your collection because they may be worn for various occasions. The pattern and styles are different, even if the design is similar. The Kurti is a traditional Indian dress that can be worn to a wedding, college, office, parties, and various other events. The Kurti isn't just for Indian ladies, either. Other women around the world wear the Kurti for various reasons, including making a unique style statement on the many occasions they attend. Whether you're a housewife, a working woman, a socialite, an older woman, or a college student, there are enough Indian partywear Kurtis to choose from. The Kurti is incredibly inexpensive, and designers are working hard to keep up with the rising demand. Every day, new designers enter the Indian fashion market to improve the fashion landscape, resulting in an influx of new trends. Although the Kurti is an Indian traditional garment, it has evolved into an Indo-western style that combines Indian and Western elements. New cuts, lengths, designs, patterns, and fabric uses result from this.

1. The Evergreen Anarkali Kurtis

Anarkali is a traditional Indian garment that exudes grace and beauty. An Anarkali is teamed with a churidar, palazzo, Patiala, and jackets to complete the outfit. Cotton, silk, Brasso, and brocade are common fabrics for this Kurti. It comes in a variety of lengths, including calf, floor, and ankle. Head chains, dangling earrings, bracelets, and sling purses are the perfect accessories to wear with this. Avoid wearing them with stockings since they lose their radiance.

2. The Classy Cigarette Pants

Cigarette Pants You may achieve a trendy yet elegant style by pairing your Kurti with cigarette pants. This type of kurti is widely popular among women of all age groups. This style is suitable for plus-size women as well. You can wear an embroidery Kurti with straight jeans to any festive or wedding occasion. You can also decide what type of dupatta you want.. To finish the outfit, add some stud earrings and a pendant necklace.

3. Sharara Pants

Available in a range of styles with a flared pleat from the knee, the Sharara pants look like a palazzo. It is a favourite of many Indian women.. The sharara and kurti combination is a great choice for women of all ages because it adds ethnic appeal. So, all you have to do now is combine your kurti with a contrasting sharara pant.

4. Dhoti Pants Are The New Cool.

Dhoti pants never fail to impress. Various celebrities have worn this attire in a variety of shows and occasions. Young females prefer to flaunt this ethnic attire because it is fashionable. With dhoti salwar, always wear a short Kurta. They also appear to be a fashionable top that falls either above or just below the knee. This style appeals to young girls, particularly during the summer festival. They can be paired with heels or sandals as well.

5. Flaunt It With A Flare Skirt

Flare Skirt This has a wide range of choice as well in terms of designs and patterns.. Combine a long flared skirt with a long straight-fitting ethnic Kurti. Make sure the outfits contrast with each other. For a more ethnic look, add a dupatta. To add flair to a casual or cocktail gathering, pair an asymmetric kurta with a skirt lehenga. Also, you can wear a lovely brocade Kurti with your Skirt for your friend's wedding.

6. Denim Jacket - The Never-ending Trend!

A denim jacket can be styled in several different ways. Denim coats are very popular right now. They appear to be fashionable.It works with both, long and short kurtis along with shoes. It makes sure you remain fashionable irrespective of where youโ€™re going.

7. Style It With A Shrug

A shrug gives your outfit a more trendy look. Pair a classic Kurti with a patterned shrug to make a fashion statement. Any shrug design can be coupled with long or short Kurtis for an indo-fusion look. Shrugs are available in a wide range of forms and patterns. This outfit is the type which would always remain trendy, even with different variations such as long and short sleeves. So, with attractive shrug designs, you'll be ready to flaunt at any occasion.

8. A-line Kurtis

A-line Kurtis The A-line Kurti comes in various colours, embroidery patterns, and hues. Because of its comfort and the A-line shape, it is created from the waist down. Most college students prefer it as a daily uniform for school and formal occasions. With matching churidar, Dhoti pants, and leggings, this Kurti looks great.

9. Complement It With A Lehenga

Normally, a lehenga is the go-to wedding gown, but this time, consider pairing it with a Kurti for a unique look. A long partywear straight Kurti on a dramatically flared lehenga for a wedding ceremony looks stunning. A party-wearing short Kurti can be coupled to a designer lehenga with embroidered work or prints to show off the designs. The best aspect about this outfit is that it can be worn in the winter without fear of losing its elegance or charm.

10. Churidars Are Still In!

Normally, a lehenga is the go-to wedding gown, but this time, consider pairing it with a Kurti for a unique look. A long partywear straight Kurti on a dramatically flared lehenga for a wedding ceremony looks stunning. A party-wearing short Kurti can be coupled with a designer lehenga with embroidered work or prints to show off the designs. The best aspect about this outfit is that it can be worn in the winter without fear of losing its elegance or charm.

11. Pair It With Skirts

You can pair your kurti with a skirt to give off a bohemian look. This design is ideal for day weddings, dance parties, and other events. Get your hands on a lovely long Kurti with a skirt, and your party dress costume woes will vanish instantly.

12. Style It As A Dress

Style It As A Dress These kinds of outfits are ideal for women looking for day-to-day clothing inspiration. And opting for a more casual look. So, these are the greatest styles to choose from if you want to look smart and comfortable for any occasion. Know What Suits You The first thing you should be aware of is what exactly suits you. What colours go well on you, what styles look best, what kind of sleeves make you look better and much more. Colours play a very important role since they decide how you will style your saree. Gold jewellery would stand out more in a toned-down kurti rather than a bright-coloured one where the colours might clash. Once you are aware of all of this, it becomes very easy to decide what exactly you are looking for. At Kreeva, we have a variety of Kurtis you can choose from and buy party wear Kurtis online. You can pick a kurti of your choice and be sure it will make you look nothing less than stunning.

Find The Right Kurti Today!

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