Stylish Diwali Lehenga Designs
The festive season is here. The most loved and awaited festival of the year- Diwali- is not too far away. While you might have started preparing for other essentials related to the pooja and decoration for Diwali, have you started shopping for your Diwali party attire yet? If not, you have come just to the right page! A lehenga is undoubtedly a festival favourite for women. With the latest traditional options that come with a modern touch, a lehenga has become an extremely fascinating and desirable clothing option for women, especially for special occasions and functions. With the flare of the Diwali lehenga and its gorgeous colours, you can click amazing pictures on Diwali and make everyone’s heads turn! Indian women put a lot of thought into their outfits, especially the ones they wear on special occasions and festivals. A lehenga is on the top of the list for most women, but today, there is a wide variety to choose from Diwali lehengas online. Today, we will talk about some amazingly pretty and chic Diwali lehenga designs you can choose from as your Diwali outfit. So get ready to slay in the crowd and catch the eye of every person this Diwali!

Twelve Fashionable Diwali Lehenga Designs For A Stunning Diwali Look

Fashionable Diwali Lehenga Designs
Days of the same old lehenga choli designs are gone, lehenga designs have also evolved with current trends. To help you stay in trend with the latest lehenga choli designs, we bring an exquisite collection of the twelve most fashionable Diwali lehenga designs so that you can add more grace and vigour to your Diwali function this year!

1. Lehengas With An Off-Shoulder Choli

Off-Shoulder Choli
While all lehengas are gorgeous and full of flare, the design of the choli can set them apart. An off-shoulder choli is an exquisite design to go with your lehenga that can help you enhance your ensemble in no time! It gives you a sophisticated yet extremely spicy look. The choli can be a full-length one or it can be a blouse, with half or quarter sleeves. To add to your look, you can wear a heavy necklace (especially a choker necklace) and earrings along with the dress. Also, you can carry a dupatta on the side or neck.

2. Lehenga Saree

Saree Style Lehenga
If you wish to wear something out-of-the-box, you must go for a lehenga saree. It is the blend of two classics- a lehenga and a saree, and the resulting outfit is sizzling. It is a trendsetting piece that comes in a variety of colour combinations and patterns to enhance the look. You can go from subtle to fancy and enhance the look of the lehenga-saree with a Kamar-bandh or a maang-tikka. Stitched lehenga sarees are available in the market, which you can drape easily! This will help you don a modern look with a hint of a traditional flare.

3. Peplum Lehenga

Peplum Style Lehenga
Want to try a new Diwali lehenga design and add definition to your look? Peplum chaniya choli is the outfit you need! The design and fit of the peplum choli are just outstanding as it perfectly fits the bust and is flared from the torso. You can get a choli in plain silk, cotton or net with intricate patterns and designs. You can carry a net dupatta with it to add to your look. The sleeves can be quarter or full for the most sophisticated look. This lehenga design itself is so heavy that you wouldn’t have to add any accessories!

4. Jacket Lehenga

Jacket Style Lehenga
Diwali is celebrated at night, and mostly the winter season onsets by then. Therefore, we have a solution that will help you look exquisite while saving you from the cold- a jacket lehenga! You can get a lehenga choli for Diwali and a jacket with contrasting designs to complete an embellished look for your Diwali party. You need not carry a dupatta or heavy accessories, as it screams glamour and grace. This new-age alternative to the traditional lehenga choli is winning hearts today; thus, you must try it to get a polished look this Diwali.

5. Lehenga Kurta

Mirror Work Lehenga
Another outstanding development in Diwali lehenga design is the lehenga kurta or lehenga suit. It is a lehenga with a kurta instead of a choli. You can either keep the lehenga heavy and the kurta simple or vice versa and match creative colour combinations to make a perfect set. With a minimal dupatta on the neck, this suit gives you a complete, traditional and gorgeous look. It is a Pakistani trend adopted by Bollywood celebrities and made famous. With this dress, we can ensure you will be turning heads wherever you go on Diwali!

6. Cape Lehenga

Cape Lehenga
If you wish to add a completely modern and contemporary element to your lehenga, you must try wearing a cape with your Diwali special lehenga choli. It is a huge fashion trend today inspired by celebrities. The cape can be short, mid-size or long, depending on your preference. You can wear a simple blouse and over that, a cape which is embellished with stones, beads or sequin work. You can create contrasts and maintain a heavy look or a decent one based on your preference. You can also skip the dupatta with this lehenga and add minimal jewellery to get the best look!

7. Ruffled Lehenga

Ggorgeous Chiffon Lehenga
Lehenga is most famous for its flare. A ruffled lehenga adds to the “flounce” and makes you look like a princess. A ruffled lehenga generally comes in pastel colours, whose net-work gives you a chic look. You can create the perfect slow-mos and twirl videos with this lehenga. You can add or skip the dupatta according to your preference. With a ruffled lehenga, no one can stop you from looking like a Bollywood diva! It is also known as frill lehenga and will add extra oomph to your Diwali!

8. Mermaid Lehenga

Mermaid Lehenga
What better way to flaunt your curves than with a mermaid lehenga! This exquisite design of lehenga choli for Diwali is highly modish and can be made astonishing with heavy work or designs. It can be paired with a blouse with a collar or an off-shoulder blouse. The lehenga fits your legs and has a little flare near the heels. This lehenga makes you look and feel like a mermaid and is super feminine and elegant. Wearing this lehenga will make everyone go head over heels with you for your curves and more for your sense of dressing up!

9. Anarkali Lehenga

Organza Lehenga Design
Another way to carry out a Diwali lehenga with a cheery festive spirit is to wear it with an Anarkali kurta. The flair of the kurta and the lehenga flair will help you sweep everyone off their feet! You can make the best twirls at the party and get the perfect and elegant captures. You can wear an embroidered Anarkali kurta or one with sequin work. For a more elegant look, you can wear a kurta with collars. Beneath that, you can wear an ankle-length lehenga for the best look.

10. Lehenga With A Shirt

Band Collar Chaniya Choli
You can wear a lehenga with a collared shirt if you want a modern and cool look. You can keep the shirt plain and the lehenga with heavy work in the same or slightly contrasting colour. Skip the dupatta for this lehenga, but you can wear jewellery such as heavy earrings to add to your look. This trendsetting look will help you look subtle and formal with a tint of tradition. Also, it is much more comfortable than cholis!

11. Corset Lehenga

Corset Lehenga
To have a stylish and sizzling but minimal look with a new designer lehenga choli, you can wear a corset lehenga. It helps you flaunt your torso with the perfect fitting, and the corset can be off-shoulder or broad-shoulder for the most exquisite look. You can keep the corset embellished with work and the lehenga a bit simple. It is a versatile dress option and highly voguish today.

12. Lehenga Choli With Unique Sleeves

Lehenga Choli With Unique Sleeves
If you want to restrain from wearing a lehenga choli on Diwali filled with sequin work but still want to look elegant, you can work with the sleeves of your choli. You can choose a choli with bell sleeves, bishop sleeves, ruffled sleeves or puff sleeves. This will add beauty to your choli, even if it is not full of intricate design or work. Also, you can wear it with a simple and sober lehenga, especially in a pastel colour, to get the most sophisticated look.


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