Different Ways To Drape Your Dupatta With Salwar Suits
Everyone loves a traditional outfit that enhances your beauty and makes you more culturally bright. This is the season for year-end festivals, and most of us like to dress in our best attires, maybe a traditional salwar kameez suit or Anarkali, or lehenga. These are some gorgeous options, especially if it is a specific design. But there is one thing that can change your entire outlook - your dupatta.
Dupatta With Salwar Suits
Indian ethnic wear has a way with versatility. There are hundreds of pattern styles and methods of creating different looks with the same pieces of clothing. Your dupatta is another example of how a plain salwar suit can look beautiful with a heavy dupatta draped perfectly. It is never too late to learn; even at the last moment, you can learn the simplest styles quickly.

12 Different Ways To Drape Your Dupatta With Salwar Suits

It is never too late to learn; even at the last moment, you can learn the simplest styles quickly. Let’s get started with the 12 different ways to style your dupatta with salwar suits.

1. The Classic Drape

Classic Drape Dupatta
Before we get into more complicated styles and designs to pair with your salwar kameez, we must acknowledge the classic styles. Throw that beauty right across your shoulders; that is all you need for a simple way to look gorgeous. Although this is an everyday style for most individuals who regularly wear salwar kameez with dupatta, it might truly be the best on occasions requiring you to indulge in hands-on work. You won’t find it bothering you in the middle of important tasks. Look simply elegant and get all that work done efficiently!

2. One-Side Shoulder Drape

One-Side Shoulder Drape Dupatta
Best suited for Anarkali suits with heavy dupatta, a one-side drape promises to allow your neck design to sparkle. It is common for women to flaunt their lehenga blouses in a similar manner. You might not feel like wearing one at all, and it is an easier option since your salwar has heavy embroidery or zari design on it. Still, do you feel like something is missing from the entire outfit? It is that simple one-shoulder dupatta drape that will add a contrasting view to your outlook, turning heads even in a crowd and keeping you satisfied with what you’ve worn.

3. Pleats

gorgeous dupatta pleats
Worry not; making pleats is much easier than you imagine it to be. Stretch out your hand and hold the entire width of your dupatta, carefully fold it in half, then again half, until the remaining length cannot be folded anymore. Now slowly make sure that all the edges are on one side and fold on the other, and there you have your perfectly pleated dupatta. Don’t forget to pin it on your salwar too; you wouldn’t want all that hard work to go to waste. You can experiment a lot with this itself, provided below are some best-suited ways to show off your gorgeous dupatta pleats
  • Allow the dupatta to fall to the length of your salwar kameez on the front with that one-shoulder design. This looks best with an Anarkali suit since they have a considerable width and volume to them.
  • This time let it fall on one side but not as much as the length of your kameez, instead have a considerable length available at the back, which allows you to hold one side with your hand and bring it forward. Going for an aarti or puja? It is extremely convenient to have your dupatta styled this way.

4. Shoulder And Wrist Drape

Suppose there is an event that needs you to look ethnic yet sometimes allows you to show off your dance moves. In that case, you can pick out a beautiful embroidered or heavily designed dupatta and pin it on either side of your shoulders while wrapping the other end over your wrist. Salwar chunnis match this best since they are pretty long and easy to wrap without coming off.

5. Two-Sided Wrist And Arm Drape

Two-Sided Wrist And Arm Drape Dupatta
We all remember that time last year when there was an immense demand for Punjabi dresses with a Banarasi dupatta. A truly beautiful combination that can be worn in multiple ways, but best suited for this is a two-sided wrist drape. Instead of putting it on one side of your shoulder, which won’t allow the exquisite designs to peek out, you can drop it on both your wrists and have a gorgeous and elegant effect.

6. Huge Pleats With A Waist Belt

A waist belt is an outstanding accessory. Most women like to wear a kamar chabi too. Fold your dupatta in terms of broad pleats so that only the corner zari is visible at length; now, belt it up! Color contrast is recommended because you wouldn’t want to wear too many haphazard designs at once, which might sometimes look heavy and a little too much. You can also try this style on lehenga cholis and Anarkali suits; make sure to place the zari design of your dupatta on the outer side of your shoulder, and you’re good to go!

7. One Side Cowl

One Side Cowl dupatta
Sometimes we like to add a more modern or Indo-western look to our outfit for special events. Instead of using a traditional dupattas style in a traditional way, you can make one easy change that can make a huge difference. Pin the dupatta on both sides of your shoulder, leaving any one particular side open, particularly the left-hand side, for ease of work.

8. Rajarani Style

Can you already hear the tune of a flute? Popularly known as the gopi drape, It gets its name from how goddesses dressed up in ancient times. Not just in events and programs, but also for special puja mandaps, the Rajrani style makes you look royal. Well-suited outfits for this are Lehenga Cholis, Punjabi and Patiala suits, and even shararas. You might need to follow a few steps. After all, beauty takes a little effort.
  • Drape your dupatta like the pallu of a saree and tuck it on the front right side waist.
  • Bring the remaining portion from the left front and bring the edge over your left shoulder, securely pinning it up.
  • Make sure to keep one side shorter than the other, the shorter side being tucked on your waist and the longer falling over your shoulders.
This is an easy and quick fix for dupatta draping when you want to look unique.

9. Cross Draping

Cross Draping Dupatta
This is one of the easiest ways to add style to your churidar suit with a dupatta. Bring both the edges by length together, and pin it, now wear this over either side of your shoulders. Creating pleats will make it look better since the patterns would curve over your shoulders, fall to your waist and be secure right under your thighs.

10. Use Two Dupattas At Once

You wouldn’t believe this, but using two different draping patterns, one heavy and one simple, actually looks great. Dhoti salwar suits with dupatta often need more volume to them. Spread the heavily embroidered one across your chest and tuck the other shimmering or lighter shaded dupatta with your arms around the waist. A unique approach to a completely covered look, you would certainly want to try it at least once.

11. Fully Wrapped

Fully Wrapped dupatta
Look like a complete princess by draping a beautifully embroidered dupatta all over yourself; you can even gloriously side cover your head with flowers speaking out from your hair. We all must remember playing princess as children and trying to style our normal house outfit with our mother’s favorite dupatta. Get it done for real this time, and make sure to accessorize with huge earrings. They go well with the outfit.

12. Layers

In the popular Madhuri Dixit style, it was common to see women layering their dupattas in a similar manner, tucked in both sides of the shoulder with two bold layers forming a V shaper pattern over your chest. There is something about the early 2000s fashion sense that never really leaves us.

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Styling and draping your suit is extremely important in the present times because we need to keep up with the trends and look the best. Even your old salwar kameez can now be made elegant with the way you drape your dupatta. It is a unique form of art, and you can be the artist too; just follow the simple steps, and you can also master the skills of transforming an entire outfit with just a few tricks. However, it is impossible to style a dupatta that you don’t like at all, which is why there is a need to shop the best trending ones online. Albeli and Farida Gupta are some designers well suited for heavy matches when you need to dress up for a wedding or Mehendi. Visit Kreeva for simple yet pocket-friendly options to brighten up even your casual events! Whether you prefer to wear your dupatta as protection against the seasons or as an accessory to your outfit, being fashionable is always something possible. Add a flair to your daily look, and get ready to rock your dupatta as a bold fashion statement. Try them out today!