Ethnic Lehenga Designs This Navratri 2022
The celebration of Navratri, which is full of color and vibrancy, is just around the corner. Navratri is an incredible occasion that brings the family together and celebrates fashion and clothes. In some areas of India, Navratri is best celebrated with a dance tradition such as Dandiya or Garba. The traditional Gujarati dance form is a delightful way to spend the holiday evening surrounded by music and dancing. Aside from the joyful dancing, we adore the lovely Navratri lehenga choli patterns! We have the trendiest lehenga choli designs that are oozing with colors and vibrant feelings that you will surely enjoy! We all know that lehengas are perfect for special occasions such as weddings, festivals, and parties. A single category no longer characterizes lehengas. This is also one of the top Indian ethnic outfits for every body type. Wearing various varieties of Lehengas makes any woman look sophisticated, elegant, and beautiful. The nine lucky, enjoyable, and exciting days are on their journey. The atmosphere during Navratri is joyous and upbeat, with people wearing stunning clothing, dancing the Garba, and hanging colorful lamps everywhere. Most significantly, the week of Navratri is a time of fasting and devotion. Still, it is also a week when people compete to appear the finest. On Garba evenings, every female aspires to look her finest in conventional yet fashionable attire.

Best Trends in Lehenga Cholis for this Navratri

Lehenga Cholis
How many times have you looked up Types of Lehengas? The list could be rather long if you are up to date on the latest Lehengas trends. So, leave your worries at the door since we will guide you through this year's Navratri special lehenga cholis that suit the best for this Navratri.

1. Slay In Stunning Flared Lehenga Choli Designs for this Navratri

Stunning Flared Lehenga Choli
The Flared Lehenga is one of the best Indian dresses for any traditional occasion. A flared bridal lehenga is available in various fabrics, styles, and colors. The lehenga, inspired by every region of India, has absorbed local customs and become one of the most relaxed apparel styles. The flared a-line lehenga has a long history dating back to the Mughal Empire. It gained popularity during this period and swiftly spread throughout all social classes. Flared lehenga choli is a type of lehenga with an unusual round skirt. The cloth is pleated, ruffled, or has panels that are stretched out. It has a highly regal appearance that flatters the wearer's body form. Flared lehenga cholis are hot Navratri lehenga designs that celebrities frequently wear to events. There are stylish circular or flared lehengas for any occasion. With the best shopping websites, buying a Navratri lehenga online these days is not difficult.

2. Dress in Saree Style Lehenga and Stand Out in a Crowd

Saree Style Lehenga
Sarees and lehengas are the most common attires that come to mind when we think of traditional Indian clothes. Lehenga sarees are a cross between these two prominent Indian cultural outfits. Indian designers' innovation has resulted in stunning lehenga-style sarees with the silhouette of the saree as the top half and the lehenga as the bottom. Because of the integration of both ruling Indian ethnic dress in a single costume, lehenga-style sarees gained rapid favor among Indian girls. Every Indian woman will agree that traditional Indian sarees are challenging to handle, but lehenga sarees, with their no-pleat style, are doable. The advantage of having lehenga sarees in your wardrobe is sassy looks, optimum comfort, and trendiest styles. Glamorous lehenga saree comes with many embellishments and embroideries such as thread work, zari, zardozi, stone work saree, sequins, banarasi silk saree, and many other forms of traditional Indian adornments. Lehenga style sarees match a fashionista's needs with its finest craftsmen ship in stunning fabrics like silk, velvet, satin, georgette, etc., with a wide array of striking color palettes.

3. Jacket Style Lehengas for a Touch of Chic

Jacket Style Lehenga
We can currently witness various modifications in how lehengas are worn, mainly by younger generations who prefer to experiment with fashion. The most recent variation on the lehenga is to wear a lehenga choli with a blazer. Degrading the gorgeous, flowy lehengas with changes would have been considered unreal a few decades ago. However, the trend is swiftly taking on with new clothing designers like Kreeva creating appealing lehenga jacket patterns. The lehenga is perfect for various occasions, including weddings, anniversaries, and temple visits. Lehengas are now a popular choice for women who want to get married in style. Layering is also popular nowadays, with everyone preferring layers of inexpensive clothing over a single pricey piece. Along with these new trends came the jacket-style lehenga.

4. Mermaid Lehenga

Mermaid Lehenga
A Mermaid cut lehenga choli or a fish cut lehenga choli, whatever you name it, this fresh and innovative style of lehenga choli leaves a mystical air. A mermaid-style lehenga choli fulfills the objective of having a unique look while preserving a surreal touch. Aside from the typical A-line and circular lehenga choli, the fish-cut lehenga and Mermaid cut lehenga choli are very popular. The Mermaid cut lehenga choli is noticeably more inventive than the classic lehenga choli since it is designed in a unique style. This lehenga choli is fitted to the knee length and falls with a flare until the ankle length below the knee, drawing inspiration from the silhouettes of lehenga sarees. This style can be used in any design, from a cotton lehenga choli to a chiffon lehenga choli.

5. Rock Straight Cut Lehenga for a Mystical Look

Straight Cut Lehenga
As the name implies, a straight-cut lehenga has a straight skirt that flows with the body curves instead of flares out like most lehengas. This is the most versatile traditional choli for Navratri, complementing all body forms practically. You can pair a trendy lehenga choli blouse with a straight-cut lehenga. A straight-cut lehenga, unlike the typical lehenga choli, does not have much of a flare at the base, giving it a more couture sense. Straight-cut lehenga, on the other hand, lacks the figure-hugging characteristic of the mermaid lehenga, making it a suitable alternative for women with more modest ethnic Indian tastes. In any event, straight-cut lehengas are more popular among millennial women than other types of traditional Indian apparel.

6. The Latest of All - Peplum Style Lehenga

Peplum Style Lehenga
The peplum silhouette is so distinct that your garment will still look elegant even if it doesn't have a lot of embroidery or gota work. During Navratri, you can throw on this Navratri special lehenga, peplum lehenga, and look effortlessly gorgeous. We saw short peplum lehengas and fell in love with them. We've now discovered the longer ones, and they're stunning. Long peplum lehengas are so elegant that one cannot help but swoon over them. Look at these real brides who wore exquisite long peplum lehengas on their wedding day. Peplum tops are ultra-chic, voguish, and considered a style and grace statement. It would not be incorrect to describe it as the most beloved and popular choice among celebs and fashionistas. For an Indo-western appearance, combine it with skin-tight jeans, a bodycon skirt, a pant, or a lehenga. Peplum tops are the perfect way to update your outfit.

The Final Word

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