Diwali Dresses Collection
India is a rich heritage landscape where every celebration is attached to its traditional roots. Hence, whenever there is a celebration, we love to flaunt our ethnic side. Now that Diwali is here, we are sure that you are already in search of the perfect suit for Diwali. Be it Anarkali suits or plain kurtas, the ethnic Diwali dresses collection plays a significant role in the market. Dressing up for Diwali is a key thing that holds an exclusive meaning in our lives. However, the festival season always emerges as a closet troublemaker. Therefore, if you have any conflict in your Diwali dress online shopping, then you have landed in the right place. Scroll down to a dress that best suits your style while you celebrate the festival with great zeal and enthusiasm.

Splendid Diwali outfit ideas to inspire the crowd

lehenga choli for women
More than style, your Diwali outfit should emphasise comfort. From lehenga choli for women to asymmetric Nehru jackets for me, the variety of ethnic clothes is slowly growing. A trendy yet traditional Diwali outfit will match the bright lights and pull off the charming effect of the special occasion. Simply put, a designer Diwali outfits will give you a dignified look.

7 stylish Diwali dress collections for women, men, and kids

Every Indian looks forward to the Diwali festival, not only to get our hands on firecrackers or to feast on sweets. The festival of lights also demands the pursuit of dressing up perfectly for the day. With so many beautiful styles and the latest trends, it is hard to pick the best one that will give you the ravishing appearance you deserve and desire. While planning your Diwali wardrobe, the outfit should not only personality your compassion for the celebration but also highly your enigmatic energy. Given that Diwali is around the door here, check out the 7 stunning and inspired Indian designer dresses to achieve your fashion goals this festive season.

1. Simple Kurta and Palazzo – Create a chic and calm façade

Simple Kurta and Palazzo
Are you thinking about something that will make you look chic and calm, without affecting your comfort level? Kurta and Palazzo is your perfect choice for Diwali clothes for women. This ethnic outfit comes in vibrant colours and amazing patterns that will make your poise and picture-perfect. Choosing a matching dupatta that balances the embroidery works on the kurta will add grace to the entire attire. Moreover, while you have a lot of tasks on your plate on a special day, a kurta and palazzo is the easiest and handiest option to wear all day long. Add matching dupattas to enhance your festive special look.

2. Evergreen sarees – Welcome the vintage vibe

Evergreen sarees
If you are one of those wonder women who don't want to miss out on the traditional approach of suiting up, make sure to opt for sarees. Yes, this outfit will always be gracing the women’s wardrobe with a dedicated disguise. This Indian wear for women is the finest old-school attire which also has the element of elegance and fierceness. The sheer outfit is carved in various fabrics, including silk, banarasi, Bengali, pure silk, chiffon, georgette, and more, to help you slay your festive look. In case if you are not a fan of draping heavy sarees, you can go for lightweight ones. Combine it with a heavily-designed blouse to embellish a balanced, elegant look.

3. Lovely Lehenga – Style the sophisticated sight

If your task is to put in some effort with the best women's Indian dresses, then go for lehenga cholis without any doubt. Wearing a lehenga as a special dress is a great option to do. You can pick lightweight or heavy lehenga from the ethnic collection. Simply put, the dress will bring your inner sanskari look, without any hassles. Lehengas are a classic and contemporary Indian outfit that implements a wide assortment of styles and shadings. Dressing up with a little extra effort with matching accessories will make you create the most alluring look, that is worth a million snaps during the celebration.

4. Authentic Anarkali suits – Flaunt your festival spirit

Anarkali suits
Are you looking forward to dressing up in the majestic Diwali dress? Anarkali suits are one of the round-the-clock trendy Indian outfits for women that cannot go wrong and go out of style. Wearing this famous and forever trend will allow you to look comfortably fashionable. Considering the flood of varieties, you can choose either intricately embroidered suits to make a majestic entry or can keep it simple with lighter and printed Anarkali suits. Be it experimental or orthodox, Anarkali suits will bring in the extra oomph factor, and complement your personality.

5. Basic Dhoti Kurta – Establish your perfect personal statement

Dhoti Kurta
If you want to maintain a low profile and still don’t want to miss the chance to make a statement, the best idea will be the basic dhoti kurta. As one of the amazing Diwali outfits for men, it is quite too easy to carry throughout the day. Pick a simple dark-coloured kurta and pair it with a matching dhoti, to create a balanced look. The best part about this attire is that it suits everyone, irrespective of their different personalities and physiques. Simply put, even though it’s a common choice, the charming outfit will make you look cheerful and graceful for the occasion.

6. Modern Chikankari kurtas – A sumptuous pair that screams flare

Chikankari kurtas
Have you been looking for a Diwali outfit that will voice out your fashion ideas? Be it Diwali or any other festive and traditional ceremonies, Chikankari kurtas are always up in the fashion game. Apart from looking stylish, the attire will keep up the essence of tradition, making the look more balanced and versatile. For instance, suiting up in the basic white chikankari kurta with white pants will make you look super graceful and comfy, throughout the celebration. The good thing about the attire is it is the go-to option for all men who are still clueless about their Diwali outfits.

7. Ethnic Diwali dresses for kids – Engrave elegance to your kid’s ensemble

Diwali dresses for kids
While Diwali is the best time to flaunt your fashion sense and décor your home design, you can't miss out on dolling up your kids with unique outfits. When it comes to kidswear, there are a lot of ideas that might jostle in the brain, from lehenga choli for girls to Nehru jackets for boys, even before the actual celebration kicks in. Here is some tantalising Diwali dress collection for your little one to twinkle this festive season.
  • Colour game with contemporary combo – A simple and elegantly blessing top-skirt and dupatta combo will make your little girl look graceful and feel at ease. With the stretchable plated border at the waist, the crinkled skirt will let your child spin around to their heart’s content.
  • The classic era of tradition – Off-shoulder and brightly coloured lehenga with cute ethnic style are perfect dressing for your baby girl. The outfit should be incredibly comfortable and colourful with a hint of modern style that adds aesthetic appeal to a beautiful festival evening. When paired with perfect accessories and footwear, your princess will be all-prep for the day.
  • The poise of perfection – Why should your girls always be the centre of attraction? Your baby boy is also waiting for the perfect look. Given that, a dhoti kurta for your little one is an optimal option to dress up this dress. This ethnic dress will complete your child’s festival look, be it simple in style or flaunting something flashy.
  • Prepare for the party – Why should you only focus on traditional wear, when you have a wide range of western outfit collections for your kids? Make your daughter fall in love with the shimmery party gowns that are super contemporary and comfortable. The outfit designed with fancy florals, pastel shapes, and cap sleeves will make your title one keep up with the fashion trend. On the other hand, an asymmetrical Nehru jacket or a three-piece suit with a matching tiny bow will make your son look perfectly professional.
  • Touch of fusion – Don’t you want to indulge in the Indo-western amalgamation for your child? There are various perfect styles for this Diwali season. Your little girls can be featured in Ghagras, with mirror work that will give you a fashionable fusion disguise. You can also opt for smart embroidered tops and simple palazzo pants to make her look super fashionable.

Buy the latest Diwali dresses collection this festive season

Diwali is a vibrant festival filled with innovative illumination to begin the blessings of life and brighten. While the occasion is gathering families and friends to celebrate the festival of light, you should also light up your presence with stylish Diwali dresses. Are you still contemplating choosing your Diwali outfit? At Kreeva, we have a broad range of ethnic and trendy collections of Indian dresses online, adding the charm of being elegant and poise throughout the celebration. As a one-stop destination, our whole collection will give you a fresh vibe and allow you to flaunt the style you bought when you step out for the evening event. Discover the definitive Diwali dresses at Kreeva, reflecting your vintage persona with a modern touch.