Look Stylish In Silk Sarees
If you think a silk saree is too boring for you to wear or for the older crowd, you probably have not seen the ultra-modern ways in which they can be worn. No garment can be draped in as many unique styles as soft silk sarees. A lot of women from all over the world want to try cotton silk sarees for special occasions as it not only suits all body types, but it also enhances their looks and makes them look stunning. However, a good chunk of women feels that wearing a silk saree makes them look older. If you are amongst the latter, then you need to believe that some of the most glamorous and sensuous looks have been created with the saree. Therefore, choosing to wear it on a special occasion with some fabulous styling can make you steal the crowd's attention!

Sarees And Their Styling

Banarasi silk saree
One of the most frequent questions that pops inside the heads of most of the women is regarding the styling of the traditional 9-yard drape so that it stands out. The solution is straightforward, as you just need to add a bit of a twist to your traditional Banarasi silk saree! Since it is a heavy saree, you need to know the tips and tricks of keeping the saree in place. Also, you need to accessorize and pair it with some of the most iconic pieces of jewelry and blouses so that you can make all those heads turn!

8 Ways To Look Stylish In Silk Sarees

While there are many ways of styling wedding silk sarees, this blog focuses on the 8 most stylish forms of looking stylish in silk sarees so that you feel more confident about draping these 9 yards of stunning fabric!

Silk Saree Styling Tips To Make You Look Stunning!

1. Select The Right Jewelry

Pairing the right jewelry with the latest silk sarees is essential as it not only enhances the charm of your silk saree, but it also makes you look stylish. Wearing delicate jewelry with your saree adds a feminine touch and contributes to the look. The trick to wear the right jewelry is essential, and therefore, you need to know what and how much jewelry you have to wear. For a wedding look, you can pair up a heavy necklace with heavy earrings. However, for a cocktail or a reception party, a smart and elegant pair of earrings and necklace would be enough to give you a classy look!

2. Add A Belt To Your Saree Look

Believe it or not, but this look has taken the Indian fashion industry by a storm. Adding a belt over simple silk sarees adds in all the sassiness that women need to create a style statement. To get a proper look in this way, drape your saree in a basic manner and add a belt that helps cinch your pallu at the waist. If you feel that this look is ultra-modern and you want something more traditional, then you can even use a kamar bandh to create the same look. To add more grace to this look, pair your saree with a statement blouse to add zing to your outfit.

3. Try The Pant Style Drape

One of the highly popular ways of styling your saree is the pant style drape. This modern way of saree draping is easy, comfortable, functional, and super chic. With a lot of celebrities and designers promoting this look in the best fashion shows, this look gives an incredibly modern look without losing the traditional touch. To get this look, you have to wear pants underneath the saree and drape it from one leg, leaving one side of the pant visible. You can choose this look with any saree from the collection of your printed silk sarees for the next wedding to attend.

4. Wear It Like Your Lehenga

What is the need to buy a lehenga, when your silk saree can work for you? Yes, you heard it right. One of the highly popular and the trendiest styles of wearing a saree is to drape it in the lehenga style. This particular style of draping the saree is extremely easy to ace. All you need to do is to keep pleating the complete 6-9 yards. However, you need to leave some piece of the saree for your pallu so that you can ace the look and show your grace!

5. Keep Your Pallu In The Front

heavy pallu silk saree
If you have that flat belly, then this look will take your style statement to another level. Making you look chic with a touch of tradition, this front pallu style is for all of you who dare to experiment with their fashion sense. Since silk sarees collection is usually heavy, you can get this look by draping your saree so that the heavy pallu of your silk saree comes in front of your shoulder. This enables in showcasing the full beauty of the saree, plus gives you a look that will make all those heads turn.

6. Add An Oomph Factor With A Jacket Blouse

A jacket blouse is all you need to elevate your silk saree style. There is no better way to add in more grace to your silk saree than to pair it with a classy silk blouse designed like a jacket, and that too, in a contrasting shade. Many Indian designers are promoting this look amongst the Indian audience by making celebrities and fashion icons wear these jacket blouses. To make this look a success, all you need is a dash of confidence and a smile on your face!

7. Wear Your Silk Saree With A Kurta

While searching for pure silk sarees online, you must have come across pictures of models wearing a short kurta with their silk saree. This is an iconic look that most women want to ace, and it is extremely beneficial for enhancing the look too! This look makes you look classy, and it also helps you hide your curves in a very subtle manner. To ace this look, you can mix and match your plain silk saree with a heavy work kurta. Alternatively, you can combine a plain silk kurta with a heavy work silk saree. It is important to note that choosing short kurtas is better as they give a classier look. Add your favorite pair of heavy earrings to complete this look with the utmost perfection!

8. Bring In Your Embroidered Blouses

Embroidered Blouses
You have to agree that there is no better way to look stylish in a subtle way than to wear a classy and heavily embroidered blouse with your new silk sarees. If you choose to wear a plain silk saree, then teaming it up with a heavy brocade or a banarasi silk blouse can add all the grace and the old charm that you require to make your look nothing but extraordinary! This look adds richness to your personality, and creates a subtle style statement that is enough to make all the people in the crowd go wow!

Blunders To Avoid While Styling A Saree

While draping and styling the pure silk sarees in the most modern ways can make you look fabulous, but you should also focus on the things that can spoil your whole look. If a saree is not worn correctly, it can easily convert the elegance factor into a big fashion blunder. The following points highlight the mistakes you need to avoid while looking stylish in your silk saree: ● Choosing the wrong footwear can make your whole look become a disaster. If your footwear does not compliment your saree, then change it and wear something that adds grace to your outfit. ● Do not overburden your look with too much jewelry. Traditional silk sarees are considered heavy, so wearing heavy jewelry on top of it is a big no! ● Experiment with styles that enhance your body type. Every woman has a specific body type, and styling the silk saree without paying attention to the particular body can turn the look into a huge disaster! ● Lastly, keeping the occasion in mind while styling your saree can help you in creating a better look. Choosing a heavy saree for a casual event will only spoil your look.

Create A Style Statement With These Saree Styling Ways!

Saree is among those outfits that you can style in an endless number of ways, and it still gives you an entirely different look every time you drape it. The 8 modes of looking stylish in silk sarees discussed in the blog add glamour and charm to your saree look! Be it the accessories, draping styles, or the blouse designs - everything plays a significant role in enhancing your look. However, buying the best silk sarees online can be a daunting task for some of you. If you want to buy an elegant silk saree online, you can check out the collection at Kreeva's website. Kreeva provides pure silk sarees online shopping to you and helps in adding style to your look. Wear that smile and be confident, and only then will you rule your look!