Navratri Lehenga Choli Outfits to Wear This Year for Durga Puja
We're entering the Indian festive season, the ideal time to step up our fashion game. Due to Corona, no event has been celebrated during the past two years with the zeal it deserves. But in 2022, folks can't wait to bring in the celebrations with a bang of elegant Navratri lehenga choli outfits which celebrates and honors Goddess Durga's nine avatars. Indian festivities offer us the ideal chance to showcase the most recent fashion trends. Everyone eagerly anticipates the nine days of nonstop dandiya and Garba celebrations. The latest Navratri fashion trends are described below. We will provide you with all the Navratri fashion advice and methods to up your style game, from sartorial fashion choices to the newest hair and makeup trends. The traditional Navratri lehengas that you may have seen women wearing in the past have a vibrant array of colors and exquisite embroidery. While a Navratri lehenga choli's intricate mirror work and dense stitching look incredibly stunning, you might try a more sober, simple appearance this Navratri. Learn several ways to wear a lehenga choli, and this time, focus on subtle looks that take full advantage of the holiday season.

Dress to the Nines with the Classiest Navratri Dress for women

Classiest Navratri Dress for women
In India, festivals have a significant fashion role. You cannot fully celebrate a festival without donning attire that reflects the zeal of the event. Naturally, this is also the finest opportunity to take the most beautiful photos, and you should dress to dazzle. As the holiday season approaches, the newest trends and fashions will start to emerge, making it difficult for you to choose which is ideal. But nothing motivates trial and curiosity more than the nine days of Navratri. In addition to being the first holiday on the schedule, Navratri lasts long enough for you to test out all the elaborate decorations you've been waiting to wear. In addition, according to Hindu mythology, each day of Navratri has been given a color with special importance. Thus the tedious task of choosing a color scheme has already been completed for you!

Day 1 – Don, the Class with Stylish Embroidered Silk Lehenga

Stylish Embroidered Silk Lehenga
Women have loved silk as a timeless fabric for countless years. As it has an enduring charm that never goes out of style, a designer embroidered silk lehenga is ideal for women who appreciate classic vintage fashion. Known for its wide variety in colors, fabrics, and styles, the silk lehengas online are one of the best Indian Navratri outfits for women. From embroidered silk lehengas to unique banarasi silk lehengas, the online collection of embroidered silk lehengas is apt for your Navratri special dresses.

Day 2 – Go Traditional Yet Authentic with Mirror Work Lehenga Choli

Mirror Work Lehenga
Mirror art is a unique style statement, and Indian cultural wear with traditional sheesha or mirror work looks magnificent. For centuries, the mirror work lehenga has been a favorite, especially for those from the Kutch region. However, women only favor putting them on for Dandiya Raas or Garbha dance performances during Navratri. But now, this creative style has reclaimed the spotlight on any day. The mirror work lehenga is easily available in various vibrant colors, including peacock blue, ruby red, zesty orange, and many more. Try wearing this thick lehenga with a delicate neckpiece, a messy side hairdo, and high heels for the most regal appearance.

Day 3 - Feel Pretty, Feel Classy with Gorgeous Chiffon Lehenga

Ggorgeous Chiffon Lehenga
The chiffon lehenga is the ideal modern Navratri outfit for women because of its wide variety of styles and embellishments. Its unrivaled status in women's ethnic wardrobes stems from its flawless fusion of the traditional Indian lehenga choli sartorial culture with the modern lightweight elegance of chiffon fabric. Chiffon is undoubtedly a lovely fabric to be found. A chiffon lehenga can give your personality the proper amount of grace and joy because chiffon is the most charming of all the light and delicate textiles. You may wow all of your daytime celebrations of Navratri by wearing a chiffon flared crop top lehenga. Choose a patterned chiffon lehenga choli and coordinating earrings to achieve a chic look.

Day 4 – Ooze Out the Elegance with Organza Lehenga Design

Organza Lehenga Design
Nothing exudes class like a lehenga made of organza. It is the greatest choice you can make when looking for a trendy outlook for any occasion. Although nylon and polyester can also create organza, silk is the primary material used in its making. The masses adore the sheer, sparkling beauty of organza. It is both translucent and incredibly light, making it very convenient to wear and tote while not in use. Lehengas made of organza are simple to find among Navratri outfits online. The twirly lehenga, crop top-style choli, and lavishly embroidered dupatta in this organza lehenga choli combination give off a luxurious form. To give your organza lehenga an extra appeal, you can choose decorations like delicate threadwork, flower designs, sequins, or mirror embellishments.

Day 5 – Slay the Day with Top notch Georgette Lehenga

Georgette Lehenga
Georgette is made of high-quality twisted yarn, lightweight, transparent fabric with a grainy feel. It has a seamless, lively appearance and is robust and tear-resistant. It is famous for printing since it is highly absorbent and easily dyed. It's.   Georgette is a popular fabric for blouses, saris, skirts, and other apparel, making it the must-have in any women's wardrobe. Georgette fabric is praised for its appealing drapes and silhouettes. This delicate fabric exudes fluidity and elegance, making it ideal for a spectacular lehenga choli appearance. Georgette lehenga sets are available with various embellishments such as zari work, stonework, and threadwork.

Day 6 – Outstand the Crowd with Classic Net Lehenga Choli

Classic Net Lehenga Choli
Net lehenga choli is one of the market's lightest and most transparent textiles. It is used to give silk and other materials a luxurious appearance. It is now worn and adored by ladies due to its growing trend. There are a variety of net layers available on the market for lehengas. The motifs on the net lehenga choli are exquisite and feminine. Because of its outstanding quality, it has a long lifespan. Net lehenga gowns are light and easy to transport. It is comfortable enough for a woman to wear all day. You can achieve an attractive aesthetic by wearing a net lehenga choli in light rose, lavender, peach, light yellow, or turquoise blue. To complete this breathtaking style, choose a net lehenga with backless choli, smokey eye makeup, and soft beachy waves for this Navratri.

Day 7 – Sharara cut lehenga style for a Calm and Enchanting Look

Sharara cut lehenga style
You should already be aware that shararas are the most popular among women. If you want to wear something different while still looking like the original traditional form of yourself, then this style is for you. Shararas don't fit into the lehenga brigade category because they are stitched from the center of the hem like a trouser or palazzo, but because of their excellent flare, they can be classified as lehengas in part.

Day 8 - Flared lehenga for a Touch of Royalty

Flared lehenga
Flared lehenga is the most classical, oldest, and most amazing of all. A broadly flared skirt with a circle at the hemline is excellent if you like volume and pleats. It is best suited for Navratri and small intimate occasions such as engagement, mehndi, sangeet, haldi, or any other comparable function. For every occasion, there are numerous designer-flared lehengas to pick from. Getting a lehenga these days is not difficult, with options such as stitching, purchasing from recognized retailers, and online shopping. Online shops are one of the best places to shop, as you can browse customer reviews to ensure the quality of the clothing.

Day 9 - Half Saree lehenga Style

Half Saree lehenga Style
It is Inspired by the South Indian method of draping a dupatta over the shoulder and around the waist, also known as pavadai, Langa davani, or Langa voni. This gorgeous and modern semi-saree and semi-lehenga called half-saree style are gaining popularity in fashion weeks. It's like wearing a saree and a lehenga in one ensemble. The lehenga and a saree are the most preferred choices for the central part of the festive season as they look just as regal, traditional, and imperial. But if you are torn between whether to don a lehenga or a saree, then a lehenga saree (aka a lehenga-styled saree) is the one for you.

The Final Word

Navratri traditional look lehengas feature an eclectic combination of colors, rich needlework, and colors. While the mirror-work and dense stitching on a Navratri lehenga choli look incredibly stunning, this Navratri, try a lot of other graceful lehenga designs to feast your style game. A lehenga is the cherished Indian ethnic costume, capable of elevating your style with its perfect blend of modern trend and classic appeal. A lehenga choli may make you look attractive and appealing with its gorgeous cuts and designs when paired with the right accessories. You may effortlessly shop for any of the looks mentioned above at Kreeva to rock all of your wedding and festive celebrations. At Kreeva, we have a large selection of the most recent lehenga designs, sarees, indo-western costumes, and many more at low prices to fulfill your desire to look stunning.