Navratri Lehenga Cholis 2022
The most anticipated season is about to begin. This is the season of Navratri, the season of dance. Each day brings new energy to dance more. So, to add a spark to this event, here are some Navratri outfit ideas that will illuminate the night. Choose a different outfit for each day to make each day count.

Style Yourself in 9 Different Colors of Lehenga Choli on Navratri 2022

Nine Colors of Navratri Lehenga Cholis 2022
The nine colors represent the different forms of Goddess Durga worshipped during Navratri. The color is associated with peace and prosperity. It is also linked to the mythology of each Goddess. Fasting and dressing according to the Navratri color of the day are considered very sacred in the Hindu religion.

Day-1: Prathipada - White Lehenga Choli

What better way to stand out at a family gathering on one of the Navratri dress nights than in a white lehenga choli? It is graceful and embodies a woman's elegance. This also works well for those Navaratri evenings when you want to show off your elegant side.

Day-2: Dwitiya - Red Lehenga Choli

The second day of Navaratri begins with vigor and enthusiasm. On this day, wear red to express your love and affection. If you want to look unique from the crowd, red is the color to wear. It is not only a statement color but also the color of love.

Day-3: Tritiya - Blue Lehenga Choli

Blue represents a mother's strength, elegance, and vulnerability. The blue lehenga choli goes perfectly with the Navaratri mood and looks stunning with any jewelry. The designs this lehenga can produce are simply stunning and would look great on any of the Navaratri days.

Day-4: Chaturthi - Yellow Lehenga Choli

Yellow is associated with an abundance of vitality, happiness, and optimism. Yellow lehenga choli will not only help you make a statement but will also brighten up your already bright mood. For accessorizing, this color looks best with silver. Wear a yellow lehenga choli to experience the vibrancy of the festival.

Day-5: Panchami - Green Lehenga Choli

Green represents nature and evokes feelings of growth, fertility, peace, and serenity. Wear a green lehenga choli with a sizeable black bindi on your forehead to complete the look. As you passed the colorful stalls that evening, everyone looked at you! Green is also associated with new beginnings in life.

Day-6: Shashti - Grey Lehenga Choli

Grey signifies stability and helps to keep a person in check. Choose a grey lehenga choli to look for this special occasion, which will add to the youthful vibe you have in your personality. Grey looks best with a lot of dull adornment. Grey lehengas add a subtle style statement that will wow and get you in the festive spirit!

Day-7: Saptami - Orange Lehenga Choli

The orange color exudes positive energy and keeps the wearer upbeat. This color looks great on lehengas cholis and is also popular on dandiya nights.

Day-8: Ashtami - Peacock Green Lehenga Choli

Peacock green promotes health and wealth. Because of its elegance and richness, rich color like peacock green perfectly sums up the look. This color looks great when matched with gold or silver jewelry. It's a stylish addition to your Navratri look books.

Day-9: Navami - Pink Lehenga Choli

Pink is the color of universal love, freshness, adoration, and subdued joy. A pink lehenga is the best Navratri dress to go for because it brings a touch of royalty to your look without requiring you to try to add any festive vibes to your charisma.


Each day of Navratri has a different color assigned to it. Using these colors not only in your clothing but also in your everyday activities during Navratri is considered auspicious. Choose a color that enhances the individual's aura and promotes healing on multiple levels.