Navratri Lehenga Choli Styles
Navratri, a Hindu festival, is celebrated with utmost joy and zeal. The nine-night festival repurposes to commemorate good over evil. This festival glorifies the worship of Maa Durga. Happiness, excitement, and wealth will abound throughout the ensuing nine days. Days during Navratri are distinctive due to the loud, obnoxious music, the gleefully exuberant Garba dancers, the individuals dressed in exquisite clothes, and the brilliant lights that are hung up everywhere. Regarding Garba nights, men and women want to look fashionable while dressing traditionally. However, to look your best, you need to stand out from the crowd to look your best. Don't forget to put in your best fashion statements! Handpicked the finest Navratri lehenga choli to rock your dandiya performance!

Glam Up The Cultural Route This Navratri Festivities!

Cultural Route This Navratri Festivities
You can't go wrong with the lovely yet simple lehenga attires for women worn during Navratri. You have a variety of timeless alternatives at your disposal, from elegant lehengas to traditional lehenga choli. You may constantly update your appearance by choosing delicate accents with a quirky touch. Explore the world of fashionable ethnic wear by looking at these beautiful Indian lehenga choli online. We've gathered Navratri's best ethnic outfit inspiration to help you look beautiful. You can feel confident when sharing your Navratri outfit on Instagram or another social media site if you choose to wear this lovely women's ethnic wear. Before checking out our Navratri collection, you must choose your style. If you like to keep things simple and end up purchasing expensive clothing from the best lehenga designers, you will feel uncomfortable wearing it, or, worst still, your money will be wasted. Similar to how buying a dress in neutral tones won't satisfy you if you love to wear vibrant, hefty clothing. The amount of embroidery on an item of clothing does not always determine how it looks or feels. Colours also have a significant impact.

9 Latest Lehenga Choli Styles Get Ready to Slay This Festive Season

Lehenga Choli Styles
The Navratri lehenga choli pattern is slightly different from the traditional lehenga we wear to events like weddings and poojas. It is more colourful than a typical lehenga. It comes in various colours, from classic deep oranges and reds to neon or vivid rainbow shades. Its length, between the knees and the ankle, gives it beauty and coherence. This jaw-dropping attire makes women look elegant and bold at the same time. One of the women's most popular and classic ethnic outfits on exciting Navratri nights is the lehenga choli. This elegant costume gives women a fresh, contemporary appearance because of its perfect fusion of grace and attractiveness. Additionally, contemporary women can easily select from various Navratri lehenga alternatives to seem sophisticated and enticing. Nevertheless, choosing a lehenga choli that complements a woman's style and body type might be challenging, given the variety of alternatives available. We have compiled a list of the latest lehenga styles you should consider while purchasing.

1. Bandhej Lehenga

Bandhej Lehenga
This Navratri lehenga embellishes your style and comes in various colour palettes. With the most delicate art silk fabric, it amalgamates both local artists' work and tradition. It is a multicoloured printed chaniya choli with intricate patterns, apt for all Navratri occasions. A Bandhej lehenga is renowned for its tie-and-dye pattern. One can style it with any garment, which gives women a gracious look. It's super light to carry. Additionally, this stylish Navratri traditional attire is a timeless fusion of refinement and elegance that can make anyone appear unreal.

2. Peplum Lehenga

Peplum Lehenga
The ultimate Navratri costume is this gorgeous peplum choli and lehenga! The outfit is completed and given a polished, attractive appearance by the flared peplum top. Don this lehenga and enjoy a night of Garba dancing. After a long night of dancing, the traditional lehenga choli is a terrific attire for hanging out with your pals. It is available in a variety of colours and styles. Beautiful patchwork and tassels are used to embellish this red lehenga made of art silk. Flared border further enhances it. The pre-made choli is adorned with patchwork and bandhani print.

3. Georgette Base Gown Lehenga

Georgette Base Gown Lehenga
The attractive lines and folds of the georgette fabric never fail to draw attention. This delicate fabric exudes grace and fluidity, ideal for a stunning chaniya choli for a Navratri appearance. Additionally, georgette lehenga choli sets come with various decorating options, including stonework, zari work, threadwork, and many others. However, a woman might choose a light georgette lehenga choli in light pastel colours if she prefers a more understated appearance. During this festive season, one can choose from various decorations for a georgette lehenga choli, creating an effortlessly radiant appearance. Women can pair this Garba lehenga choli with a pearl necklace and complementing danglers to turn heads.

4. Mirror Work Ghagra Choli

Mirror Work Ghagra Choli
This fabulous Navratri dress is crammed with tiny, dazzling mirror work for women who love glitter. There is no denying that the lehenga choli's beautiful and ornate patterns are a sight to behold. For women who want to look stunning at their enjoyable Garba nights, a mirror work lehenga choli is a fantastic option. Additionally, this stylish Navratri lehenga is a timeless fusion of refinement and elegance that can make anyone appear unreal. Women may quickly get this lehenga choli with mirror work in various stunning colours, including ruby red, peacock blue, and zesty orange.

5. Ruffles Chaniya Choli

Ruffles Chaniya Choli
The ruffled lehenga choli is one popular Navratri lehenga that has been making waves in the Indian fashion industry. Ladies are catching on to the trend and learning how to ruffle designer lehengas in soft, feminine colours; it appears that this is evolving into the ideal approach to draw attention. You can choose from a wide range of fabrics such as cotton, jute khadi, jute cotton, and net. A jaw-dropping fusion making head turns and making you look your best!

6. Gota Work Chaniya Choli

Gota Work Chaniya Choli
Indians were first introduced to lehengas, an ancient traditional garment, considering how the lehenga dress has changed throughout time, current trends and the newest fashions that are thought to be the best designs. Gota, a thread braided with gold or silver strings and sewn onto another cloth in varied designs as needed, is used in gotta Patti work, which is a manual process. This attire's beauty lies in the careful attention to detail throughout the preparation. Gota Patti lehengas, historically worn by ancient royal women, are now a popular option for many women. This latest lehenga is one of the most significant styles available right now. Not only is it lighter than other styles of lehengas, but it also has a rich history and origin narrative.

7. Band Collar Chaniya Choli

Band Collar Chaniya Choli
You only need this alluring silky net base lehenga choli to celebrate the occasion with your loved ones. You look beautiful in the sequin and zari embroidery on the lehenga choli. Creating unique neck designs and contemporary flared sleeves with a feel gives the choli a trendy and voguish appearance. To increase the flare and improve the appearance, accessories like can-can can be added.

8. Asymmetric Lehenga Choli

Asymmetric Lehenga Choli
One of the top seasonal favourites this season is a lehenga with an irregular border. Hemlines with an irregular or elevated design are trending right now and are still popular this season. These days, it is seen as a modern Indian lehenga, a one-stop for all your indo-western parties! Wear a contrast-coloured lehenga and dupatta to complete the appearance. You are now outfitted with a stunning headpiece and a pair of hand harnesses, and you are ready for a fantastic evening! You can also dress down by donning your high-low outfit for a night of endless dancing and entertainment.

9. Half And Half Lehenga Choli

Half And Half Lehenga Choli
The half-and-half lehenga, which was in style for a while, is currently returning and changing the way people dress. A lot of young women are fans of it. On Garba night, a style that is partially stitched and partially plain may perform. The finest option for the current trend is a lehenga with a contrast dupatta featuring a patola pattern, Ajrakh, and Kalamkari.


Indian festivals are lavish affairs, and the trends in ethnic clothing change yearly. For fashion-conscious ladies in this situation, keeping up with the most recent fashion trends can be a difficult chore. However, one may easily step up their fashion and stay in front of the pack by drawing inspiration from the above fashion trends. Furthermore, festivals are all about glitz and glamour, so anyone can pull off looking less than their best. Women may quickly get Navratri lehenga choli online in various patterns and embellishment options, including motifs, zari, mirror work, stonework, embroidery, and more, to achieve the most enticing and faultless appearance. Choose your Navratri lehengas carefully because plenty of people will stop by, and you'll take tons of photos and videos for Instagram! This Navratri, you can mix and match your clothes to make stunning ensembles for yourself. You can select the dresses based on your preferences, whether modest, extravagant, heavy, smart, or anything else. Avoid the stress of going to stores or tailors to find the ideal design for this Navratri! On Kreeva, you may get Navratri clothing at affordable prices while getting the most exquisite lehenga-choli patterns. Get your hands on all traditional clothing this year's holiday season, such as suits, lehengas, sarees, etc., at Kreeva.