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With India’s 75th Independence Day just around the corner, we can feel the new spirit and pride taking over the nation. Indians across the nation and even the globe have their unique way of celebrating the day of Independence, just like our country. People like to dress up in the hues of tricolour dress for Independence Day and go to special events – celebrations galore everywhere. Do you want to celebrate Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav by exhibiting your gratitude in an individualised style? Spread the festive cheer and embark on a new journey by wearing your favourite Independent Day Dress, proudly showing the unity and diversity of the nation. Read on to discover the best outfit ideas and tips culminated with fashion and patriotism, inspired by Independence Day.

9 Elegant Outfit Ideas to Show Your Enthusiasm for Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav

Since the big day is around the place, you must be planning what and how to be dressed on Independence to make it extraordinary. From new colours and designs to customary plans to overstated overcoats, countless options in the field will make your outfit a great culmination of trends and tradition. With everyone gearing up for the celebration, are you still in the ‘what to wear dilemma? Here we have compiled the stylish Independence Day outfit ideas that will help you to get your perfect attire and celebrate the occasion in the true patriotic spirit.

1. Captivate The Eyes with Classic White

Eyes with Classic White
Picking up the traditional white kurta is one of the modernised Independence Day dresses that create luxury and connect you to heritage through the Indian prism. Trust us; no colour will make you look more pristine and breathe the fresh lease of celebration with a higher impact than white. Go for a short white kurta and match it with a pure white skirt, pairing it with a green or saffron dupatta. Not a fan of white? Play with shades of the colour and make a subdued fashion statement with ivory under layers of contrasting colours.

2. Add Flair to Your Classic Fashion Game

Classic Fashion Game
Have you ever thought of wearing a saree on this momentous day? Saree is the popular and perfect pick as the Independence Day dress for women. Being a classic and traditional attire, wearing a saree is almost impossible to go wrong on a festive occasion. You can choose the white saree, as it symbolises the struggle for Independence. However, to upgrade your inner fashionista, you can pair your white saree with an elegant combination of orange colours. On the other hand, if you are looking for a casual style, go for a green one with borders on the fabric. Furthermore, go for light shades to avoid being too tacky and loud.

3. Get Dare to Be a Fashion Diva

Fashion Diva
Ghagra choli is one of the authentic choices as an independence dress for women in the Indian fashion Dairy. Remember, you must restrict the attire by categorising it as wedding wear since it is not confined to any occasion. With the silhouette chic and comfy fabric, the piece should have a sequence of embellished designs. This dazzling attire is a great ethnic wear for any social function when you add a pop of bright shades, interpreting the tricolour in a modernised way.

4. Flaunt Your Style with The Saffron Colour

Who says you must opt for a white saree on every Independence Day? Go for a monotone saffron colour that will make you look lovely and stylish for a patriotic celebration on this Independence Day. Wear a simple saffron kurta and bottom set with a matching dupatta to be ready for the day. Make sure to keep your look simple and add some silver accessories, sprinkling a hint of creativity to accentuate your look.

5. Get Your Hands on Celebrity-Approved Chikankari Kurta

Chikankari Kurta
Portray your inner patriotic feeling in a pure white chikankari kurta and pair it up with the green bottoms, be it palazzo, leggings, or saffron dupatta. As you dress in this tri-colour aura, don’t forget to add blue earrings representing the chakra. Don’t want to go with this basic Independence Day dress for ladies? We got you! Doll yourself up in a white kurta and bottom and match it with a colourful bandhani dupatta. Complete the look with minimal accessories, and you are good to go.

6. Nehru Jacket Is the New Way to Show Patriotism

Named after our first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, this Independence Day attire will distinguish your appearance from other common suit jackets. The mandarin collar of the outfit will give you a formal yet elegant look on this day. Pair it with a trouser and a patterned pocket square to celebrate the patriotic occasion. The outfit will twist your ethnic style, making the onlookers play the guessing game while you turn up.

7. Kurta Can Never Go Out of Fashion

Kurta is the elegant and ethnic fashionable Independence Day dress for men that emits a sense of sophistication and patriotism beyond comparison. Inject it with a small dose of cosmopolitan eccentricity, brought on by your favourite bottom combo. We know it’s a basic outfit, but do you know how to make it special? Whether a pathani kurta or a mid-thigh kurta, pairing it with denim pants will make you stand out from the crowd. For instance, choosing a dark shade pathani kurta with light blue jeans would be an ideal and inspiring choice.

8. Dive And Drape Your Little One with The Culture

Little One with The Culture
Kids are always asked to fancy dress for Independence and wearing over-the-top patriotic outfits such as in the avatars of soldiers, freedom fighters, and political leaders would be an attractive choice. However, it does not have to be the same all year. Style up your little ones by diving and dropping the culture, making them stand out from the crowd. Suiting them in sherwani suits with turban or salwar kameez with the right accessories, lightly tinted with saffron, white, and green, will complete the glam style.

9. Embrace The Evergreen Eye-Catchy Mix and Match

Dressing up in the mix and match of tri-colour combination is one of the easiest and most thoughtful ways to showcase the spirit of both men and women, even kids. Girls can wear tricoloured salwar kameez, kurta, or churidar, representing the national flag. A simple white shirt or kurta with an orange or green matching pair will be the perfect option for men. With white as a primary colour pick, you can play around with your choice’s green, blue, and saffron colours. This ideal combination will make your look quite appealing and fantastic.

Tips For Choosing Your Outfit for Independence Day

Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav has just kicked off in India, and the whole nation is tinged in the shades of Tricolour. You must be searching for an Independence Day dress online, but do you still find it challenging to find the perfect one? After all, your style defines your personality and, sometimes, patriotism. Here we have listed some tips to plan the Independence Day outfits that will give you the traditionally stylish look.

● Get The Glimpse Of Indigenous

The key to looking best on Independence Day is to pledge with your style. Let it be a white lucknowi kurta or a pastel handloom piece; going for the traditional dress for Independence Day should be your good-to-go option. Carrying yourself with handloom khadi, linen, cotton, and silk will make you comfortable and look occasion ready.

● Be Creative

Don’t hesitate to fuse your fashion ideas and experiment with saffron, green and white colours, wearing them in an innovative style. Choose the pastel variants of these tricolours and dress up in them of your choice, either ethnic or modern. For example, match a white or saffron crop shirt with a long green skirt to look fashionably patriotic.

● Simple Can Be Special Too

Simple Can Be Special Too
Whether for you or your little one, you do not have to spend much to look special on this significant occasion. Wearing a simple white T-shirt and twinning with your kids with plain blue jeans will be a simplified way to show your patriotism. Furthermore, you can take the tricolour batch and wear a tri-colour band to match the outfit.

● Signify The Symbol with The Tri-Colour Bangles

Wearing a simple white-coloured coupled with the ‘must-have’ tri-coloured bangles will take the fashion sense of Independence Day dress designs to another level. While carrying the symbol of purity, you can pair it with a colourful dupatta and the right accessories.

Final Thoughts

Independence Day is all about learning the true meaning of freedom, being free from your negative thoughts, and making yourself opt for a better life. The occasion needs a healthy state of mind and the perfect attire. Reflect on your spirit of freedom and embrace the comfort in your outfit to feel the same within you the entire day. Kreeva understands that everyone has their way of celebrating the spirit of freedom; hence we aim to bring out the historical tradition of India through a wide range of independent day dresses. From handlooms to cotton, we give you a contemporary journey with the perfect assimilation of classic and modernity. On this Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav, please peek at our collection, let your outfit speak about your patriotic spirit with Kreeva, and show yourself immersed in the colour of freedom.