Beautiful Ethnic Raksha Bandhan Outfit Ideas For 2021
As much as we try to face away and wear jeans and crop tops, we would always love to return to our Indian roots and dress up in Indian wear, especially when dressing for the rakhi festival. When it comes to our festivals, no matter how pretty the one-piece is, a classic georgette saree or a lehenga choli is going to steal the thunder. Here are some amazing ideas while shopping for a Raksha Bandhan dress.

Get The Festive Touch With Perfect Raksha Bandhan Dress

Perfect Raksha Bandhan Dress
When you come here looking for a Raksha Bandhan dress for a girl, silk sarees can be a little heavy to be around. On the other hand, chiffon sarees are the perfect amount of traditional wear, with a tinch of modern touch. They come in different prints, patterns and colours for you to choose from. Not only are they good looking, but they take care of your pocket too. When it comes to lehengas, versatility comes along the way. A classic chic l lehenga, with a flowy material, is going to be like a bomb on your Instagram feed. But, on the other hand, we would not want you to buy a dress for the Rakhi festival that you save for a year.

Here Is Why You Must Opt For A Saree To Be Your This Year's Raksha Bandhan Outfit

  • Sarees are not very heavy for you to move around.
  • They are the perfect amount of being partially transparent. They drape around your body in a way that you can flaunt your curves.
  • There is a huge variety of georgette saree for you to choose from.
  • Whether you are in your teen years or your fifties, a georgette saree can never go out of fashion. It is the perfect choice when looking for a traditional dress for Raksha Bandhan.

Check Out Why You Must Go In For A Lehenga, This Rakshabandhan

  • They give you room if you want to customize them with embroidery you have in mind.
  • You can even get them dyed to achieve the perfect shade of colour you are looking for.
  • They are extremely budget-friendly and worth the money.
  • There are many ways to pair a lehenga and stand out.

Want To Go For Something Simpler? Go For Kurtas As A Dress For Raksha Bandhan

  • Go for straight cut silk or cotton kurta with matching pants, along with a heavy dupatta.
  • Extremely cost-effective.
  • Can be reused in multiple ways later on.
  • One can never go wrong while styling a kurta.

Let's Dive Into Some Amazing Outfit Ideas For Your Raksha Bandhan Special Dress

1. The One With A Banarasi Print

traditional banarasi saree
A traditional banarasi print on the silk saree makes the perfect Raksha Bandhan dress for women. You can look forward to some unusual colour combinations if you are looking for something out of the box. Emerald green with a combination of baby pink would be an outstanding combination.

2. Silk Based Kurta

If you are looking for a Raksha Bandhan dress for women in their thirties, a silk-based kurta and pants would be an elegant choice. You can go for rich and dark colours, such as indigo blue or blood red. Pair it with pearl studs in your earrings.

3. Prints And Patterns

Anarkali kurta with a dupatta
Want to stand out in Raksha Bandhan traditional dress? Experiment with different prints and patterns to select the one that suits your body tone. Go floral if you want to play safe with prints. Or opt for an Anarkali kurta with a dupatta if you want to stand out. Pair this look with jhumkas and bangles to get a desi look.

4. OPT for a chiffon based saree

Planning for Raksha Bandhan dresses online shopping? Go for a chiffon based saree. Not only is it super elegant, but it is also very breezy and flowy. Opt for a monochrome saree and wear it with a contrasting V-neck blouse. To pull the look together, go for a heavy choker set.

5. Ombre shaded lehenga

Ombre shaded lehenga is one the latest dresses for Raksha Bandhan any lady can opt for. A classic lilac to purple shade would be the prime choice. For a subtle look, go for a blouse in a similar shade. If you want to pull the level up, you can go for a blouse with sequins or heavy embroidery. It would be best to avoid heavy borders in an ombre shaded saree. No border or a simple lace would be perfect.

6. Leheriya Pattern saree

This would indeed be a Raksha Bandhan special dress. Go for a classic yellow and orange leheriya saree. You can even opt for multiple colours in your saree. Pair it with a plain blouse. For some extra drama, put on a thick lace or embroidered belt to accentuate your waist.

7. Go for phulkari embroidery work

phulkari embroidery saree
For a heavier and rich look, go for phulkari work. This is one of Raksha Bandhan special dresses, which has heavy embroidery work on it. You can either go for a self embroidered saree or a heavy dress in bright colours such as baby pink or sky blue or a saree with multiple colour embroidery.

How To Style Your Rakhi Outfit?

  • Saree

The wonderful thing about a saree is how adaptable and easy they are to style. Here are a few style suggestions to help you attain a beautiful look: Saree draped over a single pallu creates a stylish and sensual appearance. The latest ethnic wear for Raksha Bandhan must be a trendy saree. Pallu tends to be flowing and easily changeable due to its fabric composition. The single pallu lines become more distinct and magnificent as a result of this.
  • Lehenga

Your blouse and dupatta can add volume to your lehenga. There are multiple ways in which you can take your dupatta. A flowy lehenga is perfect for a day as it gives you room to breathe. Put on a belt or wear it with a satin shirt to hop on the trend.
  • Jewellery

Depending on the colour spectrum and shade of gold, silver, or German silver, the outfit can be paired with toned metallic jewellery. With deep cut blouses and kurtas, a choker and a long chain featuring pendants, they look beautiful.
  • Accessories And Add Ons

You can dress like a platinum film model with a round gold Bindi or a stonework Bindi. Remember to bring a beautiful clutch or tiny traditional purse to complete your ensemble. Add on some matching or contrasting heels to complete your look. If you are going for a kurta, a mojdi would be a perfect choice.
  • Hair Do
Go for a simple bun when wearing a saree or a lehenga. Since handing the dupatta or the pallu would be a task, don't let your hair pile on to it. Braid your hair to leave them handing over your shoulders when going in for a kurta or an anarkali for some bounce.

Things To Take Care Of While Shopping For Your Rakhi Outfit

This is arguably the most crucial aspect of saree wear. Always make sure your dress is firmly tied above (or just below) the waist. Just loose enough to allow you to breathe comfortably and snug enough to keep your saree and lehenga in place. After all, you don't want it to fall apart in the middle of a function.
Rakhi Outfit
Avoid wearing a flaring dress since it will make you appear shapeless. The silky fitting ones are a good choice. Choosing colours that complement your skin tone is a wise decision. Wheatish complexion tones go very well with brown and golds, while somewhat darker skin tones go well with gold and copper. Sarees should be handled with utmost caution since they can be ripped at any time. They are essentially non-stretchable and, therefore, will rip if stretched past a point, so don't wrap them too tightly or pin them up with too many safety pins. To prevent them from ripping at the folds, try refolding them. Allow the water to trickle while you wash your hands gently. If you hang them for an extended period, they will lose their form. Avoid squeezing or wrapping too firmly. To prevent ripping on creases, refold the sarees from period to period. If the lehenga is the star, it won't carry the show without a strong supporting cast of the essentials like the appropriate innerwear, the upper separate(top) blouse, and an underdress. You can go ahead and wear a can-can to add extra volume to your lehenga. Here is a pro tip : Always try your blouse beforehand. It shouldn't be too deep or tight on the chest. Check to see if the blouse lifts itself up when you raise your hands. Blouses can be the word wardrobe mishaps, if not tried on correctly.

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We hope you've gotten some big fashion inspiration from this Kreeva saree and lehenga designs. Buy your Raksha Bandhan special clothes now. Every piece is created to enhance a woman's natural attractiveness while still being affordable and easy to maintain. The majority of these sarees may be hand cleaned at home and do not require any special maintenance. Slip-on some of these outfit ideas and walk out looking like a Bollywood Diva in secs, this Rakshabandhan!