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Indian dresses have a special place in each Indian woman's heart. No matter how modern our ideas become, every now and then, we feel the need to get back to our roots with a perfect ethnic outfit. Indian salwar kameez has been our go-to outfit to bring a spark of colour in our normal mundane life. Salwar Kameez has been that one ethnic trend that never seems to fade away. With its deep ethnic roots and comfort, Indian women of all ages have chosen a stylish salwar kameez to perk up their fashion closet. The best thing about a salwar suit that makes it stand out in the Indian ethnic market over saree, lehenga, and others is the comfort level that it provides, and the way it can be customized in dozens of styles. Salwar suits are perfect for flaunting your curves even in the heat of Indian summers. One can find a style in the arrays of salwar kameez designs that fit their age, mood, occasion, and body shape. With the advent of airy and stylish palazzos and sharara-like pants, even designers and top-shot stars cannot stop gushing over the trend of salwar kurti.

What Makes Salwar Kameez The Best Ethnic Wear?

Best Ethnic Wear
Salwar suits originated in the Punjab area of India and have etched a place in the hearts of women in every state and corner of India. This simplistic and comfortable two-piece ethnic wear ensures that you can be your charming self with minimum effort. Salwar suits can be styled and cut in a different way to compliment your body and bring out the best of your features. It gives you the freedom to fuse it with western elements and still look like a complete stunner. Check out the choicest designer salwar suits that need a place in your wardrobe.

The Best Designs Reigning The Salwar Kameez Trend In 2020!

The world of fashion seems to gyrate towards comfortable clothes that stay true to our style. Women no longer squeeze into clothes that barely fit just to remain in the trend. With these salwar suit designs, you can slay even in the sweltering Indian summer heat.

1. The Clean-Cut Cigarette Pants

beautiful kurtis
Who says that the Punjabi suits have to stay closeted till a big-shot party comes around? You can pair those beautiful kurtis with cigarette pants and create a perfect look for casual office wear. If your kurti is heavily embellished, they can become a classic and sleek look for lunch. The cigarette pants can make you look professional in seconds and maintain your comfort level at the same time. This salwar kameez design ensures that your look is smooth and still making a statement.

2. The Classic Churidar Suits

Churidar suits have never rested for a day. It stays in trend and every woman's wardrobe for the occasion when you need to fall back to the classic multi-ringed churidar look. This salwar kurti design should be layered with a complimenting dupatta or scarf to add an extra flourish to your look. Pair it with a complementing pair of heels and statement earrings to complete the look. One cannot help but give off a regal vibe with this look.

3. Beat The Heat With Palazzo Suits

Palazzo suits provide a flattering look even with their loose and airy styles. Palazzo pants with a straight-cut kurti can give you a casual look needed for the summer days. Choose some floral prints or light colours to maintain the summer vibe. If you want a look that gives off an oomph while letting your skin breathe, you can pair the palazzo pants with an Anarkali suit. Anarkali suit gives the perfect party look no matter which pattern you pick. This can be a good option for those who want to keep their extra curves hidden from the world's harsh eyes.

4. Give Off A Young Vibe With Leggings

No one can deny the comfort and ease of leggings. These fitted bottoms can be paired with straight-cut kurtis, long slit kameez, or even short kurtis. A kameez worn with colour-coordinated leggings can take years off your age. These go well with stylish flat footwear, or with the right kind of kurti, you can throw in some pretty heels in this look as well. One can choose this design for everyday wear or office wear. They make you look professional yet simple.

5. Push The Limits With Dhoti-Like Salwar

Dhoti-Like Salwar
Want a trendy look that goes with your bubbly personality? Or perhaps you are looking for something that can twist the regular salwar kameez designs. A short kurti with a dhoti style salwar can be the design that you were looking for. You can give a fusionist twist to it and pair the dhoti with a crop top. Throw in a messy bun and some trendy chappals, and you are ready to slay the day. For a heavier look suitable for a party or a family function, you can wear a maxi or a uniquely cut kurti over the dhoti salwar. Tinker with the style so that you can find something that accentuates your body the best.

6. Showcase The Queen That You Are With Anarkali Salwar Kameez

Anarkali suits have been in and out of the trend for years, but we never seem to tire of them. The regal flair of an Anarkali can bring out the hidden Mughal inside us in seconds. This style is the perfect homage to the ancient Mughal culture. One can choose any length that they are comfortable with and embellishments that suit the occasion that you are planning for. An Anarkali suit can never fail you, no matter what your body shape or height is. Pair it with your desired statement earrings and heels to give you a stunning look.

7. The Authentic Punjabi Patiala Salwar

If you do not think that Kareena Kapoor in Jab We Met changed the Patiala salwar scene for years to come, you must rethink your fashion choices. This trendy Punjabi salwar kameez design blends traditional look to the preppy Indian girl image. One can opt to wear a short kurti over a multi-pleated Patiala or even a short top. The pleats in Patiala ensure maximum comfort. To turn the look into something party-worthy, you can go for an embroidered kurti and gold earrings or jhumkas. You can get some colourful bangles to make your look more Punjabi.

8. How About The Traditional Muslim Shararas And Ghararas?

Shararas can accentuate your curves, give you a party look with minimum effort, maintain your comfort level, and be customized with any style you like. This amazing invention can be paired with a crop top for a laid-back look. They look perfect with short and long kurtis and are ideal for a Diwali function or a wedding. If you are a petite girl, you can add to your height with a knee-length kurti and a gharara. For tall girls, a long kurta can make you look regal yet blasé.

9. Cannot Have Enough Of The Flair? Try Skirt With Traditional Kameez

You can find designer salwar suits sporting skirts as bottoms under long embroidered kurti. Skirts with long jackets can make the perfect outfit for a family function. To make the look simpler and blasé, you can go with a straight-cut, knee-length kurti with your bright-coloured skirt. Try playing with bold colours for your skirt and pair it up with a calmer coloured kurti or top. You can get a dupatta to add layers to your dress or enhance its style. These go best with traditional gold or silver jewellery. You can create a relaxed look with some boho jewellery.

10. Jacket Kameez To Give You That Sleek Look

Jacket Kameez
Jackets over any Indian salwar kameez can give you a layered look and enhance your dress. With Indian jackets, you do not have to struggle with the dupatta anymore. You can pick the jacket as per the occasion to give you a chic look. Jackets over straight kurti can become the professional outfit that keeps you snug in the winters in style. To get a stunning look for a party, you can pick an embroidered jacket or a long jacket over palazzo pants. You can even go for a contrasting look to make your jacket stand out. Pick for a length that accentuates your body shape, and you are ready to walk that ramp. The traditional salwar kameez look has adapted to the trends of the current Indian fashion scene. Indian women need to have the latest salwar kameez to bring a blast of colour in their wardrobe. There are various online and offline markets offering stylish salwar suits, but most lack in either quality or options. Browse through our exhaustive collection to buy salwar kameez online and other ethnic dresses to get the outfit that makes you feel like a goddess - just by the feel of it.