bollywood saree trends

A celebrity stylist's choice can make or break your favorite celebrity look, from choosing the garments and accessories to arranging the entire face. Therefore, if you're searching for a natural source of inspiration for your wedding Bollywood saree, we advise you to look at the weddings of top celebrity stylists who have been achieving those immaculate and jaw-dropping appearances for the big stars with their keen sense of style.

With recurring celebrity weddings, you can find much inspiration from Bollywood wedding saree collections. Each look is so unique and set apart from others that you'll fall in love with at least one aesthetic. In this article, we have curated a list of all the Bollywood wedding sarees collections you can find at Kreeva.

Latest Bollywood saree trends:

1. White outfits for the win:

The white family, which includes white, off-white, cream, silver, and the palest pastels, has dominated recent fashion seasons. Indians might not think wearing white for festive or joyous events is appropriate, but it hasn't stopped B-town queens from showing off stunning white sarees. Silvery whites have recently gained a lot of lovers, including Sonam Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, and even seasoned Rekha.

Utilize the trend of white sarees by including fun designs, motifs, or vibrant colors. Wedding sarees frequently use the white and red color scheme. A lighter version of this outfit can be worn with an elaborate blouse for a beautiful yet understated party impression. Additionally, white net sarees with rich borders and laces or in half-and-half patterns are fantastic options for cocktail events and is a great found for bollywood sarees online.

2. Grey's sarees:

The current fashion lingo is subtle glamour and understated grace. What we are seeing, then, is a fusion of Indian and international fashion tastes. Greys and other infrequently used sober colors are not off-limits in the Indian fashion scene; the elderly and older adults no longer use them. Silvery greys and drab greys were flaunted by young celebs like Alia Bhatt, albeit in stylish sarees. How do you see this haute trend evolving? Purchase a grey handloom saree with a vivid Pallu or eye-catching designs like the traditional Banarasi. Make a different bow! Or dig into your mother's or grandmother's trunk for a grey georgette saree, chiffon, or crepe and style it with the newest Pallu drape.

3. Beige is beautiful:

Beiges, fawns, and mild browns have always been favored in the Indian ethnic fashion world due to their similarity to the country's favorite earthy tones and metallic golds/coppers. However, the kind of neutral resurgence we see is simply unique. These colors complement Indian skin tones beautifully. Due to their neutrality, they serve as excellent backgrounds for decorations, patterns, prints, and other colors.

You can adapt the popular saree trend from celebrities. Choose a party-wear saree with a beige body and a solid-colored Pallu with wide borders or an all-beige silk saree with colored embellishments. Or go elegant with a net saree that is entirely white or beige and is edged in fuchsia pink.

4. Eternal black:

Black is a mystical and excellent color, topping the celebrity style charts year after year. Bollywood performers have long coveted the party-perfect, slimming black in sarees and every ensemble. Black did, however, see a slight slowdown during the past few seasons, as predicted by the design forecasts. But not any longer. Vidya Balan, a saree enthusiast, and Deepika Padukone have both been photographed wearing a black saree at the Filmfare Awards and other significant events.

There are numerous ways to embrace the popular black saree trend. Black is a good option for formal black-tie dinners and after-work and workplace parties. Pick a black georgette saree to shine in style and team it with an embroidered designer blouse. Black appears equally magnificent in hefty Indian weaves like Kanjeevaram and flirtatious, floating chiffons and flowery designs.

5. Floral prints:

Without a doubt, flowery patterns are fashionable right now. From the borders of sarees to the pallus, lehengas, blouses, and accessories, flowers are used liberally. Florals Sarees have an unmatched freshness and are vibrant, feminine, and young. Spring has affected all kinds of party wear, including bridal sarees, with floral prints, floral Kalamkari motifs, floral accents, and flowery stitching. This season, there are various ways to integrate feminine florals into the saree attire. You will resemble an ingénue from a YRF movie if you cover yourself in white-based chiffon and spring-colored flowers. Alternate: For a more subtle appearance, pair this half-and-half saree with a floral print Pallu!

6. Handlooms:

The lavish Indian handloom saree has had a substantial resurgence thanks to ardent handloom promoters, several makers, and aficionados of Indian silk handlooms like Vidya Balan and Rekha. Formerly mostly known for their ornate wedding and bridal sarees, Kanjeevaram silk sarees and Banarasi silk sarees in Bollywood were sighted at parties, movie premieres, and award ceremonies wearing lighter attire. Bollywood has helped revive a number of related trends, including sarees made of cotton and linen. Your audience will be astounded by the exquisite Banarasi saree you are wearing as you dress in true Indian manner! But silks aren't always produced on handlooms.

7. Georgette sarees in bollywood:

Given that it has been dominating the fashion landscape for years and is still going strong, this saree style guarantees to always remain current in our closets. Georgette sarees make a delicate, feminine foundation for designers to perform their magic on, and they readily accept embroidery and decorations. Naturally, we witnessed Bolly beauties displaying hordes of net party sarees. Pair this timeless style with the newest party-wear colors or design trends to gain a fashionable edge this season! You can get inspiration from Kangana Ranaut's most recent excursions at parties because she is an Indian actress who genuinely enjoys wearing net saris. Chiffon sarees in bollywood are quite a hit and is definitely unmissable.

Final words:

Apart from the saree, always keep your blouse design in mind, too—experiments with styles like cut-outs, tie-ups, intricate and detailed embroidery, backless designs, and more. For a vintage touch, you can embellish your blouse with golden or silver buttons.

Be aware of the wedding theme before you go ahead with picking your outfit. Choose accessories that compliment your look. You can shop at Kreeva for unique Bollywood sarees online. With the abundance of choices available, you will find the wedding outfit of your dreams. With quick shipping and reasonable prices to the USA, you can expect the product to arrive well before time!

Frequently asked questions

What saree is often worn for weddings?

The Kanjeevaram sarees are the traditional wedding sarees, used frequently as the bridal attire by brides throughout India. They are typically woven by the Kanchi weavers. These breathtaking Indian bridal sarees are prized for their dexterous designs, wide, dramatic borders, and the richness and superiority of the cloth.

Which color saree do you find more alluring?

Two colors that never go out of style and look great on every lady are black and white. If you decide to purchase a straightforward saree in both hues, you will adore how elegant it will appear on you.

Which is the most auspicious color for a bride?

The ideal colors for weddings are thought to be red and white. These two colors are frequently used in Indian bridal outfits as well as decorations. The color scheme of white and red is meant to be lucky for the newlyweds.