Bridal Lehenga Choli Trends for the wedding season
The new year has just kicked off with lots and lots of things changing around us. One of the most shocking changes can be seen in the bridal industry. The pandemic has had a defining effect on the way weddings are happening. But one thing remains constant; the bride will be out there sporting the best outfit in the entire hall. Brides are to wear the outfit that leaves guests speechless.
Lehenga Choli trends
It is almost a sacred truth that a woman’s inner beauty cannot be accented any better than by a bridal wear lehenga choli. The sheer royalness and elegance make it the perfect choice for the bride on her special day.

Lehenga Choli : The Age Old Tradition, Pride And Awe Inspiring Beauty

Brides have been wearing lehenga choli or ghagra dresses for weddings for ages. It has been the go-to during wedding occasions for its maximalist look. You read that right! No bride wants to be a minimalist at their wedding, and lehenga choli is a statement of beauty and pride. The 2022 brides have their work cut out for them. Trends that start from embellished, stonework bridal ghagra choli to pastel tones, OTT-inspired designer pieces. There is a lot to choose from, and it may get confusing, but worry not. We have sorted out for you 10 of the best bridal wear lehenga choli trends in 2022.

1. Anarkali Lehenga Choli

Anarkali Lehenga Choli
Let us start with a design that has stood the test of time. The evergreen anarkali silhouette style lehenga choli. Conventional, stunning, and just a testament to beauty, the anarkali lehenga choli is known for its flared design. The lehenga is adorned with golden zari embroidery, depicting blossoms, patterns, and royal designs. The choli is tight-fitting, usually half or full sleeves, and is as decorated as the lehenga paired with it. The dupatta that comes with it completes the look and is again given the full royal treatment in decoration and embroidery work. You cannot miss the ethereal feeling of twirling in this outfit. The anarkali lehenga choli is a showstopper, an absolute definition of royal Indian outfits.

2. Technicolor Lehengas

How can we miss out on the 90s technicolour trends in this list? For modern kids, technicolour uses different shades of one colour and creates the perfect metallic shimmer on the dress. Fashion is the trends of the past coming back to life. Nothing is more evident to this statement than the technicolour lehenga. The choli and the lehenga have a characteristic metallic shimmer to them, and the colours are usually metals like copper, gold, or silver. Both the choli and lehenga feature frills and large patterns to make the shimmering stand out. Embodied in a bridal lehenga, the technicolour is a trip down memory lane for any 90s kid. A look that will make you razzle and dazzle amongst the crowd.

3. Dramatic Trails

What do you say about a queen-like entrance? Perhaps with two ladies holding the end of your wide lehenga? Scenic trails in bridal wear are the new buzz in the market. A lehenga that touches the floor as you walk, accompanied by embroidery or chicken kari work, will astonish the guests. The trail of the lehenga features intricate designs and is as stunning as the bride wearing them. The choli is usually a backless one with matching embroidery patterns. It may or may not come with a dupatta, but for a more regal look, a translucent sombre-looking dupatta is included. A piece of regal clothing, the picturesque trails added to the lehenga choli, give it a new life. Adorning this lehenga design is the boldest fashion statement one can make.

4. White And Off White Lehengas

Off White Lehengas
What if you want a colour that has not been overused? Well, all you have to do is go classic. No colour is as aesthetically pleasing as white. Maybe white is not the colour that comes to mind when we think of weddings, but brides certainly disagree. Off-white and white-coloured lehengas have seen a surge in 2022. Aesthetic and elegant, the white-coloured bridal lehenga stands out the most due to its simple yet stand-out colour. Nothing can set you apart from other brides, then a white-coloured lehenga choli. A radical choice, the white-coloured lehenga choli is unconventional yet an elegant look to sport on your special day.

5. Printed Lehengas

No wedding starts directly with the wedding ceremony. There is Mehendi, Haldi, and a whole lot of other pre-wedding functions. You may want to save your fairytale look for the wedding. So what do you do? Bring in the printed lehenga choli. Yes! Lehenga cholis with printed designs and not hand-worked embroidery or stonework. But make no mistake, as simple as they sound, printed lehenga cholis are far from a simple look. They come in vibrant prints with off-beat colours that will add life to your pre-wedding look. They also offer a great deal of comfort, which brides greatly appreciate. The printed lehengas are the best for pre-wedding occasions with a reusable and sustainable look.

6. Unconventional Hues

red lehenga choli
Tired with seeing the traditional red lehenga choli everywhere? How about you take the guests by surprise? 2022 is seeing brides make some very unique and bold choices. Lehenga cholis in blue, turquoise, purple, orange and all sorts of off-beat colours are flooding the market. Artistic designers revel in this trend shift where brides want something unique and one of a kind. But just one colour is not enough either. Brides are going for colour combinations in their lehengas too. A certain shift in the traditional mindset has opened doors for more artistic lehenga choli. If you feel bored by tradition, then bridal ghagra choli with unconventional hues are just the right design for you.

7. The Can Can Look

Every bride wants to look like a princess during their wedding. Lehengas are known for their flair and fluff. But what can you do to accentuate this fluff even more? It is by stuffing can-can under the lehenga’s layer. The volume added to the lehenga by a simple net is perfect for the princess look. It also allows the bride to move around easily, allowing them to be in the moment all they want. It works very well with georgette, chiffon, crepe, and other flowy materials. The can-can stuffing gives the lehengas a stimulating effect. A perfect addition to flaunting the embroidery and beauty of your lehenga.

8. Pastel with Floral

Pastel with Floral Lehenga
Much like the white and off-white lehenga designs, the pastel with floral design is another back to basics kind of design. Irrespective of its simplicity, it has become a raging trend in the bridal market. The lehenga choli is made in pastel colours that offer a sombre yet elegant look. The lehenga does not feature the classic zari embroideries but rather has flowers and floral patterns embroidered into it. The choli matches the lehenga in the design and has a minimal amount of zari work. The dupatta is usually a see-through net material dupatta with floral patterns on it. The pastel and floral design is comfortable yet elegant, a perfect lehenga for rocking the wedding and post-wedding ceremonies. This attire is certainly a bride’s favourite for comfort and utility.

9. Maximalist Ensembles

The Royals created the Indian tradition of lehenga choli. It is no secret that lehenga choli is about showing off the pride and regalness of the brides. The western world may prefer a minimalistic look, but for Indian brides, nothing beats extravagant lehenga cholis with the highest quality of handicrafts on them. The maximalist ensemble is perfect for turning all eyes your way as soon as you enter the hall from gold inlaid zari work, precious stones, and a proper lavish finish. Film Stars or the general population, the maximalist lehenga choli is a fan favourite everywhere it goes.

10. Gold

gold lehenga
Gold! The colour is the embodiment of royalty, regalness, and beauty. A gold lehenga is a classic that is as versatile as beautiful. The pandemic has changed the way weddings are happening. Now even the wedding and the post-wedding events are being celebrated at once. In such a moment, if you want something that can carry you from the mandap straight to the reception, do not look beyond the golden lehenga choli. An all-time classic, everything on a golden lehenga choli is usually intricate zari work. The patterns are simply flawless, and the lehenga in itself is a fashion statement. Nothing beats the classic look of the golden lehenga choli. If you want a versatile yet mesmerizing lehenga choli, then the golden lehenga choli is what you want.

What are you waiting for? Now you know the best lehenga designs so, go shopping!

We just gave you the best ideas for wedding lehenga choli designs online. What are you waiting for? Bridal wear is the best to help give yourself the princess look on your special day. After all, nothing can exemplify your beauty better than a bridal lehenga choli. Be it a traditional or unconventional look; if there is anything that you want to be a sure shot at your wedding, it is a perfect lehenga choli that shows off your inner and exterior beauty. Adorn yourself in these designs of bridal wear and let the guests witness the queen inside you.