Diwali With Face Mask
The COVID 19 pandemic has affected our lives in several ways. Apart from the most visible changes in the way things run, COVID 19 has also impacted our fashion and dressing styles in many ways. A year ago, if someone had told us that a mask that people usually wore in just the polluted cities or during surgeries would become an integral part of our daily outfit, we wouldn't have believed them. However, the new normal demands this change in our lifestyle, and while we have already added a mask to our OOTDs whenever we go out, as the festive season approaches, it's time to get creative with face masks and make them a part of your outfits.

Diwali Celebrations In The New Normal

Wearing masks has become as essential as wearing shoes while going out. The masks that were usually associated with beating air pollution have now become our primary shield against the COVID-19 Virus. With the festive season around the corner and people already scared of the virus, it's time to add a little happiness to the mix. This Diwali, celebrate the new normals and share the love while wearing masks and following the COVID-19 norms. While there is hardly anything that can dampen the spirit of Diwali celebrations, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the new normal demands that appropriate precautions are taken, and norms are followed. The lip color enthusiast in you will surely miss flaunting the beautiful lip colors from your last shopping spree. However, this season you can get creative with your face masks for this Diwali and still slay your festive looks for the five days long festival. While fun and festivities are words we use for Diwali, Diwali also includes fireworks and the bursting of crackers. The Diwali face masks also save you from directly inhaling the toxic gases released from the bursting of Diwali fireworks. The anti-pollution masks will come in handy and provide you with double protection so that you can beat air pollution and the virus simultaneously.

Styling Outfits With Masks

The festive season means an upgrade for your closet. Diwali's five-day festival needs special attention as you need a unique Diwali dress for each occasion. This season, combine safety and style by matching your outfits with your masks. Read ahead to know more about some of the styling tips for this season.

● Ethnic Wear And Masks

It is true that you have waited so long for getting dressed up and wearing a beautiful traditional outfit and spamming your Instagram feed and stories with new stylish photos. It is obvious that the plain blue and black masks will look out of place with your embellished traditional Diwali dress. Thus it's time to get creative and along with the dress, jewelry, and shoes, add another item, Diwali face masks, to your cart. You can either match your mask to all your ethnic wear outfits or get a separate mask for each dress.
Ethnic Wear And Masks
There is a huge variety of trendy anti-pollution masks available in the market, from the simple solid colored ones and the ones with plainly printed patterns to the embellished ones in bright colors. From the simple monotones to a whole new section of designs, the COVID 19 face masks/ pollution masks have come a long way in terms of the colors and patterns of the available designs. If you prefer a subtle and comfortable look, simply match the color of your outfit with your mask. You can also look for a printed mask with patterns matching with your dress to give it a more inclusive look. For those who wish to go all-in and get the best Instagram worthy photographs, they can look for embellished masks that have design and colors matching with their outfit. To ensure that you don't jeopardize your safety, simply wear the regular face masks under the fancy ones to get double protection.

● Let Your Eyes Speak

Gone are the days when the highlight of your make up were the lovely lip colors from your favorite brands. It's time to step up your make up game and let your eyes do the talking. Go ahead and start looking up the latest eye makeup trends to try on with your outfits for this Deepavali celebration. Bring out your makeup brushes and get as creative as you can get with your favorite eye shadow palette and eyeliners. The new normal is all about finding a way around the COVID norms and making things work. You can take up colors from your outfit and use them to create trendy eye makeup looks. You can also go for a bold metallic look and use colors like gold, copper, etc. that match the embellishments of your outfit. If you want a subtle makeup look to go with your ethnic wear outfit for Diwali, subtly highlight your eyes with the colors from your outfit. Some makeup artists also go overboard with their eyeshadow game and create beautiful patterns and designs on their eyelids. If you miss playing with lips colors and want to try a new and bold look for this year's Diwali festival celebration, then try out new looks with easy patterns for your eye make up with the stencils available in the market. Your lips and a large part of your cheeks will be hidden, that does not mean that you should simply ignore them. Simply apply a nourishing lip balm to keep your lips hydrated and moisturized. You can also add a layer of waterproof lip gloss or lip color.

● Style With Indo Western

With so many things that are new for this season, it is time to add something new to your wardrobe as well. If you are worried about looking the same as everyone else with the traditional ethnic wear options like Kurtis, salwar kameez sets, or lehenga choli, stand out in the crowd by mixing the ethnic wear with some western pieces. If you are someone who struggles to handle their heavy dupattas even with several pins at every place, an Indo western dress for this year's Diwali celebrations is the best option for you.
Style With Indo Western
Those who want the overall look of their Diwali dress to be on the traditional side but with some fusion elements can opt for the saree on pants look. Simply drape the saree as you usually do, but instead of draping it over a petticoat or skirt, drape it over matching pants. You can also replace your traditional blouse with a crop top for a subtle yet trendy Indo western look. If you are tired of alternating between the same ethnic wear for Diwali looks for the past few years, it is definitely the time to make a change and add some new Indo western style outfits along with trendy and stylish pollution masks to your wardrobe. Go for gowns with ethnic designs and patterns or style Kurtis with pants or crop tops with skirts. It is all about being creative and trying out a fusion look that matches your vibes.

● Purses To The Rescue

As women, wearing traditional outfits is not just about looking beautiful and charming; it also comes with the issue of keeping our essentials like our phone and wallet. In the new normal with COVID norms in place for our safety, this problem just gets worse. It is essential to carry a face mask and sanitizer along with us all the time. For those who are going for the Indo western look and styling their look with pants, the issue of carrying the essentials is resolved up to some extent. The bulging pockets, however, do not really enhance your whole Diwali festival celebration look. The issue can simply be resolved by treating yourself to a sling bag with traditional work. Similar to your Diwali face mask, you can again match the color or pattern of embellishments on the bag with the patterns and colors on your dress. The traditional work on the bag and the matching colors and patterns will bring the whole outfit together and give you an overall look that is worthy of the Diwali festival celebration. The COVID -19 Pandemic has turned over our lives upside down in numerous ways. From the restrictions concerning going out and interacting with people to the essentials like masks and sanitizers that have become a part of our bags and pockets every time we step out. With the changes in habits as per the new COVID norms, don't let the fashion enthusiast in you feel bad about missing out on a few things. Don't consider masks as an element that is spoiling your outfit; instead, start working on finding creative ways to make your air pollution masks a part of your outfit and fashion style. The masks are not only adequate protection against the COVID virus; they are also a great way to beat air pollution and protect your face. This Diwali celebration, stay stylish with the trendy ethnic wear and protect yourself from the Coronavirus and pollution by using contemporary face masks.