Indian dresses hold much cultural significance, essential for desi women worldwide. Irrespective of where the person resides, the desi roots pertain, making them yearn for clothes that match their aesthetic. At Kreeva, we understand the need for desi ethnic outfits, so we have curated many options for you to choose from. This blog will describe our bestsellers and generic details about Indian boutique-style dresses. This will assist you with your shopping process and help you select the perfect outfit for yourself.

Latest trends in Indian boutiques:

1. Anarkali lehenga:

This features a long kurta-style choli that reveals the lehenga skirt when the centre and occasionally the sides are cut. The cut of this kurta-choli is like an Anarkali kurta. Such lehengas have recently been more popular on the local bridal fashion scene and are anticipated to become more fashionable. The flair and captivating appearance of the lehenga increase with the number of Kalis.

2. Bustier cholis:

Well-fitting blouses with bustier cholis are modelled after structured lingerie! They frequently have no sleeves and occasionally have bold off-shoulder sleeves. Many eye-catching embellishments, such as mirror work, extensive sequin work, bead, stone embroidery, etc., are frequently seen on bustier cholis.

3. Sequin lehengas:

In 2023, sequins will return in a big way. For a few years now, matte textures and thread work have surpassed sequins 'bling' appeal. However, the sparkle and shine will rule the day this year! Some fashion designers can create magic with sequin-adorned lehengas. In comparison, others kept their use of sequins simple yet eye-catching.

4. Cut out cholis:

These cholis have a triangle-shaped cut-out running from the sides to the back. They are sensual and attractive without being vulgar because they are slightly bare skin. The backless choli, which was fashionable even a year ago, has been replaced by this style. Although they may be risky, cut-out cholis enhance the lehenga's appearance.

5. Sarees are going to be the trendsetter:

As with all silhouettes, the saree's fashion is ever evolving, but as a classic piece of clothing, it has recently come into its own. Everyone, from celebrities to influencers, appears in awe of this timeless apparel. Sarees are available in many different fabrics, including cotton. Designer sarees and blouses of silk, georgette, satin, organza, and various other materials are undoubtedly attracting attention. The one saree trend popular in 2023 is sleeveless and back-design blouses paired with the appropriate sarees, especially for weddings and festive occasions. Additionally, digital print sarees will be widely used because of their adaptability.

6. Bold and bright shades are for a hit:

Beautiful, vibrant, and striking colours are returning. Changes in the holiday colours are extremely evident as 2023 prepares for a better life and seems more optimistic than ever. The fashion also emphasizes flowy kurtas with loose-fitting trousers in incredibly vibrant colours. However, Indian sarees have a unique position during celebrations. Sarees will always be in style when worn with long-sleeved shirts that are embroidered. The palette is dominated by pink, yellow, and red tones, but one can choose earthy and shimmering colours.

7. Traditional designs are going to be on the go:

The demand for ethnic clothing and Indian costumes has steadily increased over time. Similarly, ethnic accessories from today have also been popular. Indian clothing's traditional designs, such as the salwar kameez and Anarkali, are making a comeback. We can forecast a perfect match for 2023 using contemporary sensibilities and trends. Indian handicrafts like Kalamkari, bandhani, and Banarasi also appear in young women's closets. The most sought-after fashion trend worldwide is traditional handlooms with a modern twist. Along with clothes and ethnic designs, Indian accessories like clutches and belts to cinch the waist of stunning sarees or Anarkali will be famous.

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Final words:

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Frequently asked questions:

What is ethnic wear?

A vital aspect of Indian culture during the festivities is ethnic clothing. When celebrating or attending special occasions, no Indian could ever go without wearing an outfit like a dhoti-kurta, ghagra-choli, kurta-pyjama, salwar suit, or saree.

Why are Indian dresses beautiful?

Cotton, fluid silk, or tissue silk are the textiles most frequently used to create Indian clothes since they do not stick to the body and give off a vulgar or garish appearance. Instead, they give your body a more exotic appearance by adding volume and accentuating your body's natural contours in the ideal areas.