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We don't get to attend a best friend's Indian wedding every year. But when the time comes, it is imperative that every wedding we attend, every present we give, and every outfit we wear be flawless. Best friend’s wedding outfit is indeed very important. Planning every detail may seem exciting initially, but when each of our Pinterest boards and Instagram saves exudes a distinctively different mood, things are guaranteed to become perplexing. We often struggle with whether to express our joy through highly-hued traditional lehengas or to stay with pastel and neutral colors when it comes to attire—and preparing for the seven-day occurrence. Since leaving that lehenga is the last thing we want to do, it's undoubtedly the most challenging achievement.

To condense the process for you, we have curated a list of outfits you can wear for your best friend's wedding, all of which you can easily find at Kreeva. Here you can also find outfits for the groom’s best friend.

Top best friend's wedding outfits:

1. Gowns:

Wedding favorites have always been gowns. It's that classic outfit you can flex in, whether for your cousin's wedding or your best friend's Indian wedding. If you want something traditional, stick with rich hues of crimson and maroon that are adorned with excellent handwork and embroidery. If your BFF has decided to wear shades similar to red, try some other striking hues instead, such as sapphire or purple, so as not to compete with or overpower her.

When dressing for your best friend's Indian wedding, try for a gown with an off-the-shoulder neckline or a high-side slit, whichever looks best on you. Additionally, consider a long-sleeved dress with sleeves extending to the hem if you want to wear something distinctive. You might choose a saree costume in coral, pastel, or nude colors to add even more originality and modernity, making you appear to be the bride-to-be's best friend. Wedding gowns Therefore, make great wedding wear for friends.

2. Lehengas:

Lehengas are the most popular wedding guest dress. Lehengas are popular among Indian wardrobes and come in various styles for various situations and circumstances. If you choose a color with a pastel tint, a full skirt, and a few accessories, you can wear an entirely feminine appearance. It will be fantastic for a garden or outdoor wedding!

Alternatively, choose a lehenga in a striking color that is covered in elaborate decorations. For a Big Fat Indian Wedding, wearing these types of lehengas plus statement earrings and a high-neck top or a statement necklace will be ideal.

3. Basic palazzo and top combination:

It would be best if you kept your attire for your best friend's Indian wedding simple since she has planned to keep it small and private. You must coordinate your garment with an austere environment! And pairing a glittery crop top with a flowing pair of trousers will look fantastic. Since the clothing is simple, you can opt for striking jewelry and accessories. Experiment with different necklace and earring combinations that contrast with the dress.

4. Anarkali and skirt:

Today's Indian wedding fashion trend is long front-slit tops combined with skirts. Wear an entire or half-sleeve top and an embellished dress with exquisite embroidery and handiwork. Pair this outfit with modern earrings and a choker necklace and pull your hair up to show off your fine jewelry. Another way to combine a skirt with an Anarkali top is to pair a metallic dress with a cropped cape in a standout hue with elaborate embroidery. A simple, soft-toned skirt will interweave beautifully with the contrasting cape!

5. Sarees:

This is the safest bet. It can be styled effortlessly. If you are accustomed to wearing a saree, you will also feel comfortable enough to enjoy the ceremonies. Not only is this outfit a traditional Indian attire, but also very classy and elegant. These are the best ethnic wedding guest wear.

You can coordinate with the bridesmaids and create a color palate for your sarees. Pair it with suitable accessories, and you are good to go!

Accessories you can style your outfits with:

Regardless of what you're wearing, a few accessories are essential for a wedding dress. You might wonder what kind of accessories to wear to round off your outfit if you're attending an Indian wedding. They are:

1. Bangles:

Bangles are vibrant bracelets that Indian ladies wear around their wrists. They provide a lovely and festive touch to any clothing and are often made of metal, glass, or plastic.

2. Bindi

An ornamental dot, a Bindi, is placed in the middle of the forehead. Although Hindu ladies historically wear it, it has gained popularity among Indian women of various faiths. Bindis come in various hues and patterns, so you can pick one that complements your attire or appeals to your sense of beauty.

3. Earrings:

Indian earrings have various designs, from straight studs to ornate chandelier earrings. For an Indian wedding, you might want a more subdued pair of earrings if you're not used to wearing oversized statement pieces.

4. Necklace:

A necklace is ideal for giving your clothing a bit of glitter. Again, there are a variety of styles to select from, so you may go with something straightforward or more ornate. You may be sure to look fabulous at an Indian wedding by following these tips.

Final words:

A best friend's wedding is hand down one of the most awaited moments in a girl's life. During this time, the bridesmaid's full attention is on the bride, leaving her with little or no time for herself. Pack your outfit, accessories, and footwear beforehand and plan the combinations.

It's your best friend's wedding, remember to have fun!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What do bridesmaids in India wear?

While a Western-style outfit for bridesmaids is acceptable for pre- or post-wedding celebrations, traditional Indian culture encourages guests to fully participate by dressing in a lehenga or saree. Lehengas typically consist of a cropped top and a voluminous skirt.

What shade do bridesmaids in India wear?

Blue is a blessed and regal color in Hindu mythology, and Vishnu, one of the most significant deities in the faith, is frequently seen with light blue skin. Beyond that, a bridal party will undoubtedly steal the show if they wear any hue of blue.