Indian Dress for christmas
There is a long time for Christmas to come around, about seven more months. Wait, it is only seven months away! While it is still quite early to plan your outfit for your Christmas party, we do have quite a lot of time to plan the perfect Christmas wear. Speaking of your dress for Christmas, it is the unspoken rule to dress in Christmas-y colors and look great while doing that. Whether you are going for a formal office party, getting together with close friends, or heading to the nearest club for a Christmas bash, you need to look your best. That is why you will see many of your friends already planning their party dress for the occasion to make sure to attract all the eyes. If you want to turn heads at the party, then choosing an Indian dress for Christmas is your best option.

Why Choose An Indian Dress For Christmas?

Indian dresses are not the first thing to enter your mind when considering an outfit for your Christmas party. However, indo-western fashion is a hit, and that is your key to rocking your party look. Going Indian while also embracing the Christmas elements is a sure way to turn all the heads as you enter the room.
Yet another reason to choose an Indian dress for Christmas is to save money. While you may already have a great stash of western clothing, we all know you would rather buy a new one for the occasion (happens to the best of us). However, what if you could pull out a better Christmas-y look with Indian outfits than you could ever with the gown, suits, etc.?

Tips For Choosing The Right Christmas Ethnic Wear

Turning your Indian ethnic fashion piece into the perfect Christmas outfit is not as difficult as you might think. Here are ten tips to help you get started to revamp your ethnic wear for Christmas.
  • Adding Indian Elements

This is an option for those who do not wish to go for a complete Indian Christmas dress. They can, instead, add Indian elements to their western dresses. For instance, wearing an embroidered jacket over the quintessential little black dress. Alternatively, you can pair brocade trouser pants with a ruffle top or a chic tunic. Yet another way to Indianize your outfit is by choosing a flared, floor-length gown or Anarkali gown in Christmas colors like red, golden, green, and pink. You can also accessorize a western outfit like sleeveless top and culottes or jumpsuits with a traditional Indian collar necklace. There is the option of adding an embroidered clutch or Indian juttis with your outfit.
  • Indo-Western Fusion Outfits

Here is yet another Indian style Christmas look, one that has been making rounds for some time now. Indo-western outfits like palazzo suits, lehenga suits, and fusion Anarkali suits are both sleek contemporary looks and epitome of comfort during long parties. Indo-Western Fusion Outfits However, fusion styles are not limited to these. You can virtually pair anything with anything for a cool indo-western outfit. For instance, you can pair your embroidered lehenga blouse with modern-cut pants or culottes. If you add a contrasting dupatta to this with a modern drape, you have the perfect Christmas Ethnic wear.
  • Choose Modern Silhouettes

If you are inherently comfortable in Indian dresses but wish to give your outfit a western twist, this one's for you. You can add trousers, victorian flounces, capes, abstract prints, and princess cuts to your outfit. Sport the peppy ruffled sleeves and one-shoulder ruffled necklines. Alternatively, you can wear floor-length gowns that are cinched at the waist and complete it with Indian embroidery. There is also the option of wearing the straight-cut salwar kameez or pairing the kameez with palazzos, straight pants, or jeans. You can sport plain silhouettes and style it with chunky jewelry.
  • Simplicity Is The Key

A typically western-vibe Christmas party will not go well with Indian ethnic styling and colors. Therefore, be sure to keep it simple. Instead of adding many blingy elements, choose to focus on any one that can highlight your outfit. For instance, don't mix imposing party-wear sarees with statement jewelry. Neither should you mix too many loud colors. Instead, you can either wear a sequin saree with simple makeup and jewelry or plain clothing with chunky bangles and necklaces. Alternatively, you can mix bright colors with muted neutrals or maintain the same color head to toe with embellishments and borders. For instance, you can wear a black strappy jumpsuit with a gold minimalistic Kamar bandh and a black clutch with gold chain strap.
  • Add Christmas Elements

If you can add Indian elements to western clothes, you can bet that the other way is very much possible. You can add Christmas patterns to your Kurti or kameez. For instance, you can opt for a long, straight cut Kurti without slits with holly patterns or cherry-bells prints. Alternatively, can accessorize your salwar kameez with simple Christmas-inspired jewelry. You can add Christmas elements to your maxi skirt through prints of Santa Claus, etc., and pairing it with a complementary lehenga blouse and choli and sequined bracelet.
  • Choosing The Right Color

While you can wear an Indian dress for Christmas of any color, there are only a few colors that truly represent the festival's essence. They include the red family, white, green, and plush gold. To get the authentic Christmas feel, make sure to include these colors in your outfit, even if it is the little black dress. For instance, if you are wearing a lehenga choli to the party, you can have the skirt in red color and the blouse in white.
You can also wear mixed color saree, mixing colors like red and gold. However, do not limit yourself to these colors. You can explore the red family, which includes pink and maroon. If you love your black party wear, then add a splash of gold, red, green, or pink to your black outfit. For instance, sport a baby pink plain palazzo pant with a black high-neck black crop tops.
  • Sequins And Their Magic

What is more Christmas-y than the sparkly sequins? They have been around for a long, subtly adding bling to an otherwise plain outfit. You can add sequins to your Christmas outfit through Kurtis, lehenga or saree blouses, sequin necklace or clutch, and sequined borders. For instance, you can wear a plain dress and accessorize with sequined jewelry. Alternatively, you can opt for the classic sequin sarees with a strappy blouse or plain saree with a sequined blouse like Sushmita Sen in Main Hoon Na.
  • It's All About The Layers

Christmas is chilly in most parts of the world and India. Therefore, it is time to layer up with some pretty jackets. For example, you can pair your Anarkali top with a flaring jacket if you are not that cold. Similarly, you can add a jacket over your crop top and palazzo outfit. However, if you are cold, then opt for something warmer. Choose jackets of woolen material and neutral colors to pair with bright colors.
Anarkali top with a flaring jacket
Alternatively, you can wear a full-sleeve blouse jacket over your saree. Yet another wintery Christmas-y look you can try out is adding suede into your outfit. However, if you feel a little bold, go Santa girl with medium-length boots paired with a green tube dress and white faux-fur border red jacket and black belt.
  • What Are You Up To?

Choose your Christmas wear based on what you are going to do at the party. Will you be dancing? Or are you planning on socializing? Either way, you will spend a lot of time on foot. Therefore, you need to make sure you wear footwear that you are comfortable wearing. Similarly, choose the dress that does not get too much in your way when you move around or dance if that is on the agenda. For instance, a little black dress or a bodycon dress is perfect if you are going to dance. Another option for dancers is wearing comfy pants that allow leg movement.
  • Accessorize, Baby!

Your western or Indian outfits for Christmas are incomplete without the right accessories. They can make or break the look you are aiming for. Therefore, have accessories that match your outfit and even accentuate it. For an Indian Christmas-y look, go for chunky bangles and necklaces with plain western dresses. Similarly, add a western touch to your salwar kameez with a silver-buckled leather belt. Christmas parties are one of those events that we look forward to throughout the year. It is an opportunity to showcase our sense of style outside the formal wear of office setup. Therefore, it is not unheard of to step up your fashion game with some amazing Christmas wear. Instead of spending loads of money on buying new western dresses, why not reinvent your Indian ethnic dresses this year? With the tips above, you will be surprised by how easy it is to turn traditional clothing to a Christmas outfit. Are you ready to bring your A-game to this year's Christmas party?