Valentine's Day Dress
Valentine's day is around the corner and it is the time to feel love and make others fall in love with you. Yes, you read that right, girl! We, women, need to shine like scarlet red, and blossom like a rose in this season. But, do you know how? By staying close to our ethnic roots and showing the divine women we are, by wearing Indian ethnic outfits to the day. We can impress our ‘prince charming’ by showcasing the diva they are paired with. Here are some brilliant valentines outfit ideas for you to woo your very own special man.
valentine dress for wife
And, it would not be that difficult. We have curated a list of 12 splendid Indian ethnic attires that would make your guy fall on his feet for you. If you are a woman, confused about dresses for valentine's day dinner, this is the perfect list for you. And, if you are a man, looking to gift a valentine dress for wife, you are in the right place. Read on and choose from the Valentine outfit ideas that would help you shimmer the best on your day.

Ethnic Outfits To make You Outshine Valentine’s Day

Even though ethnic outfits may not seem very ideal for Valentine’s day, we at Kreeva offer you a variety of outfits to make your date night special. You will find that some men appreciate an ethnic outfit and much prefer it. Here are some ethnic choices that can glam up your Valentine’s night very much!

1. Gown

valentine gown
A valentine gown studded with embellishments and Indian motifs is designed to make you dazzle at night. The embellishments that are inspired from Indian heritage speak of the Indian culture, and the rich tradition into which you are born. Why not wear it on your valentine’s date night? Pair with a stunning pair of shoes, and accessorize yourself with an embellished yet sophisticated handbag to complete the look. A red valentines day dress never fails and neither will this outfit idea.

2. Saree

The most elegant attire ever that would make any man fall for you is the nine yards of elegance: saree. Yes, you can wear a red or black saree to your date that flaunts your rich Indian heritage in its beautiful embroidery works. There are lots of sarees available in the market. You can choose from handloom weaved or machine weaved. You can choose from Kanjivaram, Banarasi, or Bengali sarees. Also, you can choose from satin, silk, net, georgette or cotton. Whatever it may be, every saree is elegant enough to show the diva you are. Match the saree with a contrasting blouse and liven up the evening date. Sarees are the perfect valentines day outfits, for a homely and sophisticated look!

3. Salwar Kameez

valentine's day dress
Salwar Kameez is one of the most relaxing outfits you can wear. You can buck up your look for your date night with salwar, kameez and a dupatta. What’s more womanly than a lady who is comfortable in what she wears? You can choose embellished salwar suits, embroidered salwar suits, or printed salwar suits for the day. The dupatta adds a sense of piousness to the whole outfit. The best thing about salwar suits is that they can look stunning and are breezily comfortable at the same time. Walk like a queen with your king on Valentine's day with your valentine's day dress.

4. Patiala Suit

Who said Patialas are meant to be worn only with a kameez? You can stud in those Patiala pants with a top, a Kurti, a tunic, a bolder, or a blouse. They are breezy, fun, and usually liven up the top wear. There are varieties of Patiala pants available in the market. You can choose from solid, printed, and embroidered pants. After all, every pant is designed to rock the Indian outlook you want to try it with. Pair your pants with any of the above topwear and a pair of jutis. Jutis are the royal Indian footwear from the palaces of North India and therefore will give the outfit a complete sense of Indian heritage, that would make your guy go ‘wow’ on the date. Wear patiala dresses for valentine's day dinner, and have your date ‘wow’ you in all your girl glam!

5. Kurtas And Kurtis

Kurtas And Kurtis Kurtas and Kurtis are meant for comfortable outwear. They are soulfully Indian and are the best when worn with relaxing palazzos or a pair of simple blue jeans. Simple and classy, they go together with any bottom wear. You can find various types of Kurtis available in the market. Kurtis come with different collars, sleeves and lengths. Some are flared, some are straight, while many are comfortably loose-fitting and in Anarkali style. Try a kurta or kurti according to your desires and pair them with any bottom wear you like: skirts, palazzos, Patiala pants, jeans, shararas, etc. Comfortably made valentine special dress for your date night.

6. Palazzo

Palazzo pants are the new entrant to the comfortable and stylish outfit sets. They are elongated loose pants that are breezy enough allowing air to pass in. If you’ve had a tiring day at the office, you can step into a palazzo pair and stride to your date like a carefree queen. The pants go best with kurtis, kurtas, tops, tunics and denim jackets. Add a contemporary fusion to your ethnic outfit by wearing it with a crop top, or a tunic, and make your man love his carefree lady. You can choose from the wide collections of printed palazzos, embellished palazzos to embroidered palazzos, and pair with any of the above-mentioned topwear. Palazzos can prove to be a valentine special dress, making it a popular choice among women!

7. Sharara

valentine's day dress Shararas are the trendy pants that are the talk of the town. They are elongated pants with flared bottoms that begin at the knee length and are breezy, allowing air to pass in. They reflect historic Mughal attire. So, if you are stepping into these royal pants, you will look no less than a queen. Wear these sharara pants with a short top or a tunic. Try avoiding long top wears since they will hide the classic sharara design. Step into a comfortable sharara made of cotton or silk and prefer solid colours. If you’re a man looking for a fabulous gift, shop our variety of valentine dress for wife!

8. Skirts

Another latest competitor to the comfortable and trendy costume collections is ethnic long skirts. They are elongated, loose, highly comfortable, and sufficiently breezy to allow air to move in. The pants go best with the jackets of kurtis, kurtas, tops and tunics. Make your man love his carefree woman by pairing the skirt with any of these top wears and a matching pair of stunning jutis. Skirts are cheap and are available in a variety of designs. You can choose from printed, embellished or Rajasthani embroidered skirts. Make your man go gaga over you the date night with the valentine's day dresses cocktail night!

9. Ethnic Tunic

Tunics are a design amalgamation between kurtis and tops. They are flare designed outfits that are chic and comfortable. Well, you can try wearing them for a date that needs lots of travel and carefree fun. They are comfortably breezy, peplum designer tops that will make your day. There is a wide range of choices available for you to decide from: embroidered, printed, embellished, and solids. Everything is designed to bring out the diva from the Indian beauty you are. Choose a valentine day special dress ethnic tunic from the market that fits and looks pretty on you and pair them with jeans or a Patiala pant.

10. Anarkali Suit

Anarkali Suits
Anarkali Suits are one of the most glamorous and sophisticated outfits ever designed. They provide a sheer luxury to the lady that wears them. They come with a long Anarkali kurta, matching bottoms and dupatta. They are flowy, breathtaking, and will make you look like a diva. Why not make this the valentine’s day outfit? Wear a red Anarkali suit and golden or black heels that make you stay in the limelight. Choose from the cotton or silk Anarkali suits that are available in the market and try the embellished or the ones made from net fabric. Men, you can give this valentine dress for girlfriend and end the day happily.

11. Nehru Jacket

Ever thought the legacy of our beloved ex-Prime Minister would make a fashion statement? Well, this unisex Nehru jacket is indeed a style quotient. The designers have of course given their best ideas in modifying the jackets for a feminine look. You can choose from the various types of jackets available in the market: solid, printed, embroidered and embellished. Many times, Kurtis come with Nehru jackets to complete the sophisticated look. If not, you can always buy one that matches with your outfit. Wear it along with a Kurti and matching Patiala pants or leggings to the night for a royal look. It can make a valentine day special dress, to impress the man of your dreams with a fun, chic look!

12. Designer Blouse

Designer Blouse
Lastly, we have thought of unique designer blouses that are designed for the bold and fun lady like you. They are a great fusion of the Indian heritage and bold, modern views of a woman. These designer blouses can be worn with almost anything. You can choose from the gracious designs available in the market like net, backless, high collared and off-shouldered. Wear them with sarees, palazzos or skirts for a bold and sexy look for the date night. Make sure to accessorize yourself with a matching handheld clutch and high levelled heels. You can purchase the following through online shopping for valentine's day, as you have popular items on sale for valentine’s. This comprehensive list of stunning Indian attires will hopefully make your valentine’s day a memorable one. Choose from any of the above Indian outfits and make your guy go gaga over you. Kaleva Fashions offers you a wide range of selections on all of these outfits to choose from. We have worked on retaining the Indian culture and heritage by understanding the modern woman’s needs. This romantic season, we bring you the latest valentines day outfits. Complete your online shopping for valentine's day with Kreeva.