1 Indian Wedding Lehenga
The time of year when the sun is shining at a high dose and already perspiring. Summer isn't only about soaring mercury levels and oppressively hot humidity. There are many things to be happy about, including fruit popsicles and the festive atmosphere. Above all, it's time to prepare for the summer wedding season! The concept of cautious and secure festivities has been assimilated into routines, the new normal. Nevertheless, we've learned how to make the most of extraordinary occasions, such as summer weddings, with breezy attire and lehengas suitable for small-scale weddings and the typical Big Fat events.

Lehenga choli in summers:

Many wedding guests would like to skip the summertime chaos that comes with all the external rites and festivities that are part of the wedding. However, the intense heat makes it difficult for ladies to wear the typical heavy traditional attire they favour for celebrations, such as zardozi-embroidered velvet lehengas and jacquard silk sarees. Therefore, you must investigate some cooling dresses for summer weddings to maintain presentable levels and be immune to the soaring temperatures. Wedding sarees, lehengas, festival suits like Anarkali's and Sharara suits, and ornate-contemporary clothing are the main categories of Indian wedding attire. Lehenga cholis are also always willing to fit the exuberant wedding ambiance. A lehenga is elaborate, but thanks to its airy silhouette, it can save you from sweating excessively. Lehenga cholis and lehenga outfits seem especially elegant, stately, and imperial, making them difficult to resist for an Indian wedding.

How to style lehengas in summer:

1. Choose light and sober pastel colours:

The pastel colour scheme is still a good choice for this season. Lilac, pale pink, gentle blue, and onion pink lehengas are calming answers to the intense summer sun. A pastel lehenga choli is a stylish and elegant clothing option for summer destination weddings and social occasions with a contemporary theme.

2. Layer it:

Those warm, substantial, and weighty layers differ from those warm, substantial, and weighty ones! Give in to the layering trend by wearing beautiful lehengas with a breathable jacket. If you enjoy wearing your wedding attire again, wearing an embroidered jacket or shrug over a plain lehenga choli is also a sensible option.

3. Printed lehengas for the win:

You can now put away all your prized zardozi, glittering sequins, and similarly adorned lehengas. The last thing on your mind would be skin irritability in the heat! So, choose a printed lehenga instead that will give you spotlight moments without adding bulk to your outfit. If you're interested in trend-aiding classics, stick to florals, Bandani, tie-and-dye, or Shibori, or go all out and explore with wacky item prints!

4. Choose summer-friendly fabrics:

When you want to feel pleasant and comfortable on a muggy summer wedding day, light weaves and breathable materials like cotton, cotton silk, georgette, and Chanderi will save the day. In addition to being ideal for summer, handloom cotton lehengas are also in line with the expanding trend of eco-friendly and sustainable fashion.

5. Simple embroidered lehenga:

While it is customary to decorate clothing for weddings, it would be prudent to keep your wedding lehenga's embroidery dominant to thread. Some traditional textile arts that you can wear for the occasion include lakhnavi and chikankari

6. Go for fusion lehenga:

It's perfect for exploring and innovating your wardrobe throughout every season. The modernized form of the original lehenga is a lehenga suit. These outfits, which differ from the classic lehenga with a lighter flair and a longer blouse, have taken over the bridal attire scene with their comfort-guaranteed appeal.

7. Let the dupatta shine:

Use a thick dupatta with a simple lehenga choli to instantly improve your wedding appearance. You can go overboard with an embroidered net or thick banarasi dupatta while keeping the lehenga and blouse style simple. You may enjoy your cake and eat it too this way!

8. Go for neutral tones:

We bet you'll enjoy the thought of attending a summer wedding in a white lehenga choli! Pick a sequined, patterned, or lightly embroidered white lehenga choli for stylish comfort. White is an "a la mode" answer to the summer heat. To fit your style, you can get lehengas in various neutral hues, including beige, cream, pearl, ivory, and taupe.

General tips to stay cool during the summer wedding:

1. Use a setting spray:

It's essential to consider elements that can keep your makeup fresh despite the weather if you want it to look good all day. Likewise, it's best if your hair and cosmetics stay in place for family photos.

2. Choose a shaded area:

If the ceremony is outside, consider where there will be the most shade and consider having it there rather than somewhere directly in the sun at that time.

3. Keep your hair in an updo:

Not only do you have to worry about sweating during those hot summer days, but also regarding what the humidity or wind might do to your hair. Brides are frequently advised to wear their hair up because it keeps them cool, draws attention to their neck and shoulder lines, and preserves the integrity of their look throughout the day.

Final words:

In conclusion, a lehenga choli is ideal for a traditional yet fashionable style if you attend or organize an Indian summer wedding. A versatile gown with various fabrics, colors, and styles, the lehenga choli can be tailored to your taste and preferences. Whether you choose a modest and elegant lehenga or a more intricate and extravagant one, you will look gorgeous in this classic costume. So, for your upcoming summer event, accept the beauty of Indian ethnic wear by wearing a lehenga choli.

Frequently asked questions:

1. What type of lehengas can we wear in summer?

Several types of lehengas are suitable to be worn in summers like cotton lehengas, chiffon lehengas, organza lehenga and georgette lehenga.

2. What to wear in summer at an Indian wedding?

Indian weddings are frequently lavish celebrations with many festivities, so it's crucial to dress correctly, considering the hot and muggy weather. Wear lightweight fabrics and airy clothes to stay comfortable.

3. Can I wear a velvet lehenga in summer?

Velvet is a heavy, thick fabric that can be hard to wear in hot, muggy conditions, so wearing a velvet lehenga in the summer is not advised. Since velvet is a fabric typically used in the winter and is known for being warm and heavy, it is best to stay away from it in the summer.